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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 15Category: cry
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
05:13:17 PM (GMT)
While sitting on the couch Cindy turned off the TV and sat on Jacobs lap and said 

Cindy: We are going up stairs to give you a makeover.

Jacob: OK lets go then. 

Cindy stood up, she took Jacobs hand and brought him to her room. She sat him in his
chair in the bathroom.  She took black hair dye and put it in his hair. She sat there
waiting 20 minuets. After the long wait she rinse it out. She smile at the jet black
hair. She messed it up then she said she was done. She got her car keys and took him
to her car. The drove to hot topic and they got him a lot of black clothes and skinny
jeans. She got him a messenger bag and pins. She paid for it and she took him to a
makeup store. She got him plenty of eye linger. The went home. She took him up stairs
again and strip him to his boxers. He put a black faded skinny jeans on him and a
black shirt on with a cool band on it. She put eyeliner on his eyes and she put on
black vans on his feet and she direct him to the mirror and to open his eyes. Jacob
open his eyes. He smiled as he saw the new him. He hugged Cindy and said thank you.

That night when ever one was sleeping Cindy took her razor and cut her right arm this
time. She had tears in eyes. She heard a knock on the door. She got and said hold on.
She put the blade away wrap her arm up and put her goodie over her pj top. Jacob came
in and smiled at her and said 

Jacob: Want to go get a ice cream with me? 

Cindy: Sure here is the keys I will be done in a minuet.

Jacob nod and head out the door. Cindy cleaned up her arm and cleaned the blood up on
the bathroom floor. She flush the toilet paper down the toilet. She pulled her hoodie
sleeves down and head down stairs. She got in here car in the driver seat and back
out the drive way to the coffee shop down the road. Jacob notice she didn’t use her
left arm that much. When they went into the coffee shop and got a ice cream and hot
cocoa they sat at a table. The talked and shared there ice cream. Jacob an her paid
the bill and then they left to go home. When they go home Jacob crawled in bed with
Cindy. When she was finally asleep he pulled up her sleeve and he saw the cuts. He
was so mad. He sat and pulled her up by her wrist. Cindy woke up from the pain and

Cindy: What are you doing to me? 

Jacob: Why Cindy why did you do this! 

Cindy: Don’t yell your going to wake up your parents.

Jacob got up and walked out the room and slam the door and headed out side.  Cindy
got up and ran after him. When he was pulling out the drive way she ran after the
car. Jacob stopped and got out. He looked at Cindy mad and angry and said 

Jacob: Go back inside right now! I need to go on a drive. 

Cindy: Jacob please don’t leave me please I’m sorry.

Jacob took her by her wrist and put her in the car. He drove back home and he got
out. He picked up Cindy and walked her back to her room. He throw on the bed and he
locked the door. Cindy got up and backed up to the wall. Jacob started screaming 

Jacob: Explain to right why you cut you self! 

Cindy: It felt good it made the pain go away. 

Jacob: Are you that stupid to cut your self! 

Cindy: Baby I’m sorry. Please don’t yell at me and let go to sleep. 

Jacob: Fine love muffin we will sleep but I’m going back to my room. 

Jacob walked out of the room and into his own. Cindy cut her self again and fell
asleep. She got up early the next morning and she got dress in a long sleeve shirt
and a pair of skinny jeans. She did her makeup. She ate half her bagel and Jacob
watched her move slowly like a zombie. He watched her pick up her bag. She hugged his
parents bye and walked to her car. He notice it was to early to go to school but
didn’t say anything. Cindy sat and her car and as she started her car and tried to
back up but she put her head on the steering wheel and she cried all her tears coming
out and her makeup get messy and going down her face. She sat there for a hour too
Jacob came out. He heard her sobbing and crying. He went to her car and open the
door. He lifted her head up. He saw black streaks coming from her eyes and she was
crying. He brought her into the house to wash up. He hugged her and said sorry and he
was just mad and he still loved her. He put her makeup on her again and he got in her
car and drove her to school. As they walked in school everyone was shocked in the
change of Jacob. 

The popular group leader wasn’t there with there group. Cory came up to them and
said hi and walked with them to there locker. Tamika, and Mindy joined them and they
walked to breakfast together.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   30 December 2008   531343  
That is so awesome!!
Write more, please?
‹Emma Bear› says:   30 December 2008   285244  
I will
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   31 December 2008   622398  
ya! continue soon plz!
‹Emma Bear› says :   31 December 2008   579585  
I will


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