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Dead bored in IL.Category: Everyday Shit
Thursday, 25 December 2008
06:47:08 AM (GMT)
Weeeeell, it's X-mas eve so I'm staying up for Santie Claws!!! ^_^

NOT! *sigh* Wish he did excist. Damn that third grader who told me otherwise!
Never fully believed in him though.....always knew it was m'parents.
But,annnnnnyway I've decided that I will not sleep tonight.
So what else to do then write 'bout random stuff on kupika?

Where to start? Opp! Will you look at that? 12:01! Merry Christmas!
I'm here far away from Te-I mean the state I live in,expected to make merry 
with family I haven't seen since my Grandpa Guy's death(six years ago)and 
I'm bored out of my witts! Not really.....It's coming along nicely but I thought 
we'd go to Springfild! Where I lived back in the day! I miss IL. ,but still if I
moved, I wouldn't have met Chels, I wouldn't have started to think for my self,
I'd be a prep(the slightly evil kind),and be living a happy lie.
Oh! And I wouldn't like love anime! In kinder,even though I loved Pikachu(well
maybe I would of liked it) 
my class's outcast was Shaun a Digimon lover. Poor kid....stupid selfish 5-year-old
me! I laughed at his
expence many,many times.   

Only reason I was humbled was because when we moved I was the new kid.
Now don't get me wrong! I'm good at adatpting,but I was five and didn't know how.
(Now adays I like being the new kid.^^) And then I met Chelsea lol at first she hated

me. But here we are 7+ years later.....And although at times we seem like a couple
we're not.
We are like Turk and JD from scrubs.

But last night *getting very exicited* I watched Edward Sissorhands for the first
time in my life!
IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
And just when I thought I couldn't admire Tim Burton more than I already did.......
I was sad,yet satisfited to see that Edward and Kim didn't get a happy ending.
Nonetheless no matter how many films  like that are made people don't get the point.
The point of different or not we are all equal and should be treated as such.
Even I don't get it. Well I do, but I don't make a difference.
Present time. I am nasty (once more) to the social outcast.
But, Thomus(that's the boy) is a creep.
As in, he will turn into a killer of some kind.
As in, he's on  his way to be mentally unwell.
He certainly has the right backround for it,small town,social outcast,family issues.
And he won't leave me alone.
*sigh* At lunch he tries sitting with us an-
Oh dear God! Chelsea this is not serious.

Point is I love Edward Sissorhands!!!!! ^^
Merry X-mas
Last edited: 10 June 2010

Akiba23 says:   25 December 2008   551958 this how I get rid of guilt?
I think....I think I should type about Kily's love life in stead of
reflecting on MY life.
foreverchacha says:   25 December 2008   627453  
I almost had a heart attack. D:

Don't kid about boys, okay? I know some fucking insane ones that would
love somebody as cute as you.
Akiba23 says:   25 December 2008   469126  
I'm not cute,but he is (as I said)a creep.
Besides, he's mostly left me alone since I ignore his mere excistence.
i_likes_L says:   6 January 2009   374753  
I like Edward Scissorhands too
Akiba23 says :   6 January 2009   359229  
Omg! u never told mes!

but 2 b fair I didn't know about it.....


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