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I unno its a survey that I wunna fill outCategory: surveys
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
02:11:30 AM (GMT)
1. Name:Nina 2. Middle Name: Alberta 3. State: Michigan 4. Place of Birth: uhh....hospital? 5 Male or Female: female 6. Hometown: Tokyo 7. Bus: Number? 35 8. School: Uh...not really gunna tell you 9. Occupation: Student that skates down the railings and gets in trouble all the time :D 10. Initials: NAC (I get made fun of for that) 11. Screen Name: HamHamNina? Your Appearance: 12. Hair Color: Brown cause Lena wont let me dye it D: (lol I put Nina first) 14. Eye color: Yellow (I wear colored contacts so I wont look like a freak) 15. Best Feature: None? 16. Height: 5'0 5'1 give or take..? 17. Braces?: Nope 18. Glasses?: Yauss 19. Freckles?: Never looked 20. Diploma?: Not yet Your Firsts: 21. First kiss: Nevar 22. First best friends: Tomo Demi? 23. First Award: For not getting in trouble for a month 24. First Sport You Joined: Soccer 25. First thing you did today: Woke up in the freezing cold (the thermo-thing was on 27 D: ) 26. First Real vacation: To Hawaii 83 27. First thing you said today: IM COLD >:C 28. First Love: Nevar had one Favorites: 29. Movie: Pokemon Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet 30. TV Show: Hamtaro 31. Color: Purple 32. Rapper: Rap is eww 33. Place to get groceries: Wallie World!! 34. Food: Carrotss 35. Season: Autumn 36. Candy: Candy Cane 37. Sports: Baseball 38. Restaurant: Burgah King cause dey have AWESOME toys and I saw Ronald McGigyas so no McDonalds 39. Friends: Tomo Demi, Lena Yyuji, Kailee Brown, Serena Lovato, Maria Coyata, Nikki Dangel, Madison Elave, Artemis "Holly" Garnuvi, (I guess I'll list the triplets) Cupcake Lovato, Zingerz Lovato, and Peanut Lovato. 40. Store: Ttaarrggeett (as faved by Tomo) 41. School Subject: Recess 42. Animal: Hamster 43. Book: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox 44. Magazine: SHONEN JUMP!!!! Currently: 45.Doing before you started this survey: Listening to music 46. Feeling: Sad D: 47. Wearing: LOL RED RANGER shirt 48. Crying about: The pain in my back after hitting the door and falling on one of Peanut's toys 49. Eating : Nothing 50. Drinking: Sprite 51. Dreaming: About this one place that keeps occuring frenquitly in my dreams :D 52. Typing: My answers to this 53. Listening to: Kaoru- Kurukururin 54. Thinking about: Stuff :D 55. Wanting: Some cereal Future: 57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Being dragged to Wallies in a blizzard 58. Kids: Uhh... 59. Want to be Married: Uhh...... 60. Career in Mind: Cartoonist or Manga Artist Which is Better with the Opposite Gender: 61. Sport: Footballie 62. Shirt: ON >__< 63. Hair color: Doesnt matter 64. Hair length: Doesnt matter either 65. Eye color: DOESNT MATTER PEOPLE >_< 66. Measurements: What do you mean by that??? O_e 67. Cute or sexy: 2nd one is gross. Cute I guess. 68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes 69. Hugs or Kisses: Uh...never had a kiss....hugz?? 70. Short or Tall: doesnt matter again 71. Easygoing or serious: A little of both 72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Uh.....whats Spontaneous? Uh... 73. Good or Bad: Good. 74. Sensitive or Loud: Doesnt really matter 75. Hook-up or Relationship: Dunno 76. Dating Forever or Marriage: Uh..... 77. Love or Something Else: Uuhh........ Have You Ever: 78. Kissed a STRANGER: No 79. Had major surgery: Yes...on my knee... 80. Gone commando: Yes 81. Ran Away From Home: Yes 82. Broken a bone: YES....my ankle 83. Got an X-ray: Yep 84. Been on a cruise: Yup! Tomo barfed all over Lena!! HOW COULD I FORGET?! :D :D 85. Broken Someone's Heart: No 86. Dumped someone: No 87. Cried When Someone Died: Yes 88. Cried At School: Yes Do You Believe In: 89. God: Yes 90. Miracles: Yes 91. Love at First Sight: Well I think Zero does but I dont 92. Ghosts: Yes 93. Aliens: Probably.... 94. Soul Mates: Dunno.... 95. Heaven: Yes 96. Hell: Yes 97. Answered prayers: Yes 98. Kissing on The First Date: Never been on one so I dunno. 99. Horoscopes: Like Virgo and Tauros? I adopted the belief from Mads. Answer Truthfully: 100. Is there someone you wish you had?: Uhh..... o__o dunno

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Last edited: 24 December 2008

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