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Friday, 12 December 2008
09:39:28 AM (GMT)
Okay. I am sick and tired of all the crap that goes on where I live. I live in
Naples, Italy, one of the dirtiest cities in the world.

Like the water. It's not drinkable. You're not supposed to drink it, or you might get
sick. In some places it's so bad that it's dangerous even to bathe in it, and the
families that live there have to more. I don't know anyone personally who has had to
move, but a lot of families have had to move because of the water.
There's two places you can get your house water from here. Either from a well or from
the city. Neither is really safe. The well water is bad because of all the bacteria
the ground soaks up from the trash that gets buried. It seeps into the ground water,
and then into the well. City water is the water that is provided by the city. It's
not all that safe, though, because of the illegal tapping into the clean pipes
contaminates the 'clean' water and makes it dirty.
We thought that the house we're renting was on city water, but then our landlord came
and told us in early November or late October that in December we would be on city
water. Boy, did that freak my parents out. They brush their teeth with bottled water
now, but I only dod it when I remember to, which isn't all that often. {Read,,,, &}

And then there's all the freakin' trash. There's not a lot of trash on the Autostrada
(the Italian word for the big streets here that are like Interstates or Highways) but
once you take an exit it's all over the place. Like right when you get off at my
exit, there's a big stadium in front of you. There's a parking lot between you and
the stadium, and it's always got a few nice-sized piles going. Lately there's been a
'military presence' there, which ammounts to two or three truckloads of Italian
soldiers standing around holding ther Uzi's and talking. At the round-about (traffic
circle, I think is the proper term for it) there's sometimes Caribinieri or Polizia
or more Italian military people who pull over suspicious looking cars (not that I see
too many cars pulled over).

And the air. And the garbage. They take the garbage and either burn it or bury
somewhere. But when they burn it, it air gets so bad that you can tell that it's bad
when you breathe it. It SUCKS. {Read}

And IT"S STILL NOT SAFE! There haven't been any shootings this month so far, but in
September and October there were a lot of shootings on the streets. No Americans were
hit (I don't know about any Italians), but Africans were hit. It's crazy here. 

And the freakin' weather. It's absolutely boiling in the summer, and it's cold in the
winter. I don't know whether this is true or not, but at my friend's sleepover one of
the other girls said that she heard that last November was the coldest November in
Naples on record. And it might snow. In Naples. It snowed a couple of years ago in
Caserta, which is a bit away from Naples and up higher, but still, it might snow.
It's scary just to imagine what the roads would be like if the Italians had to drive
in snow (no offense meant to an Italians reading this, it's just that people don't
usually drive well in snow when they don't have much experience with it).  [/rant]

And there are no words to describe this: 
Or this:

All I have to say about this is that this is NORMAL.

mrskullkid says:   12 December 2008   634468  
...Some could say with that evidence that it's pretty hard to live in

But cool, I guess?
Link_13 says:   13 December 2008   724615  
OMG!!!! I can't believe what goes on over there!!!! :-o
callie11 says :   13 December 2008   983857  
I sorta forgot all the good things that happen here. Yesterday I was
just really tired of all this stuff.

But we've got this really nice landlord named Osvaldo, and he's really
freaked out because of all the stories of the Americans having to move
out. He's really sweet, though, and we're going to have dinner with
him and his fiance` on Tuesday. THAT should prove to be intesting. 


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