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Aplecragg Village - Chapter XCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 December 2008
12:09:37 PM (GMT)
Jinx and Lars woke up late in the morning by a passing boat. They started off
towards the market. It was busier than usual. 
“What’s going on?” Jinx asked someone.
“Look’s like an auction. All I can see is painting’s though.” Lars answered,
trying to see through the crowd.
“Oh well, we should get shopping for some new clothes.”
“We got all day! Why the rush?” 
“We should get it out the way, that’s all.” Jinx shrugged. They started walking
through the crowd.
Suddenly, Jinx stopped and pointed towards the auction.
“Oh my gosh! Look! That’s the painting I was going to get you!” A small, ugly
hobgoblin held up a large painting of a pale sunset. It was as Jinx had described it
the other night. Magical.
They carried on walking after watching it being sold to an old wispy lady who cackled
after she found out that she had finally won it.
It wasn’t long before a thin, messy woman walked up to them.
“Have you seen my daughter?” And she showed a black and white picture of a little
girl. Lars analysed the photograph. The girl was tall, blue eyes, brown hair and
wasn’t that tanned. Soon, Jinx answered;
“I’m sorry, we haven’t. We’ll let you know if we do…” But the woman
didn’t listen to the rest as she scuttled off into the crowd, pulling her blanket
over her brown, straggly hair.
“Poor woman, just another parent who has lost their child in the wild, weird
world.” Jinx muttered as they carried on walking. Lars gave her a little, friendly
“That sounded so cheesy!” And they pushed their way through the crowd.

Tafesnare woke a drowsy Laveda.
“Today’s the big day. I’ve got a great surprise for you! We’re gonna pamper
you rotten.” 
“Oh, you don’t have to do that, the celebration will be enough for me…”
“What!?” Tafesnare interrupted. “This is your extra special welcoming to my
world and you just want to go to the festival? But I’ve booked a real nice spa for
“There’s spa’s here?” Laveda asked surprised.
“Well, it’s more like an apothecary’s place with a couple of tubs to bathe in.
But it’s really expansive and I’ve already got you a place.”
“Well, why don’t you go then? I’ll wait here for you to come back?”
“I would, but my skin doesn’t take too kindly to all the crèmes and lotions,
it’s quite sensitive. That’s why I wanted you to go, but if you don’t want to I
can always just call them up and cancel. I mean, all I wanted was to let you feel
better…” And Tafesnare got up off the bed. Laveda suddenly felt guilty. Tafesnare
had brought her a thoughtful gift and she had just chucked it back in her face. And
it was to help her get ready for the celebration. I’m sure her mother wouldn’t
mind her taking a trip to the spa. It would give her something else to talk about her
when she got back home tomorrow. 
“Tafesnare! Wait! I’ll go, but I’ll have to pay you back some how.” 
Tafesnare smiled. “You will, at the festival. It simply wouldn’t be the same if
you weren’t there.” And she grabbed Laveda some clothes, food and they were off.
They walked through the market. Laveda was really missing her family now. She
hadn’t seem them for…what was it now? Two, three days? It was the longest she’d
been away from them. The only time she’d been away from them. She kept seeing her
mother in her head. It was extremely busy in the market, an auction was on. Some
paintings or something. They looked great, brilliant, perfect. The colours entwined
like magic as scenes were displayed by a hobgoblin. The man who was collecting the
money off the customers looked familiar as well. She couldn’t quite put her finger
when she saw him though. Her mind was going blank. She looked around the crowd as
Tafesnare guided her through the crowd. Someone caught her eye. A woman, small and
straggly, at the edge of the market. She had beige clothes on with a shrug on the
top. Brown messy hair tied into, what was, a bun but had been blown out by the wind.
Laveda could have sworn it was someone she knew but she didn’t get the chance to
have a proper look as two creatures bumped into them. Tafesnare dropped her money and
crouched to pick it up as quickly as she could before someone else took it. A human
crouched down beside her to help her pick up the money. Laveda just watched, she
looked at the other creature that was staring at her. 
She was beautiful. Short, brown fur with brown hair, which had highlights that caught
the light and shone. She had deep, brown eyes and weird markings all over her. 
“Here you go.” The man said as Tafesnare snatched the money out of his hand. She
grabbed Laveda and stalked off.
“A thank-you would’ve been nice.” She heard the man say.
“She looked familiar, don’t you think Lars?” And their voices were drowned out
by the sound of crowd.
She looked back at Tafesnare who seemed at lot more agitated. “You can never be too
careful round here, Laveda. Someone who looks nice and acts friendly could really be
a horrible, nasty creature. You’ve got to have your wits about you.”

Keely sat, watching the crowds in the market as Dante was collecting the money off
the customers. She sighed. She was still thinking about her trip to Lilally-Grass.
Leaving behind her home, her hometown. Everything. And she didn’t even know what it
was like in Lilally-Grass. What if it was worse than Aplecragg Village? Would they
come back? 
Suddenly, Dante came up to her. “You look bored. How about you go get our savings
from ‘The Bank’?”
“Yeah, okay.” And she got up and started making her way through the crowd. She
carried on down a few streets until it was silent and empty. She looked behind her.
No one. She walked down a little, damp alley and removed a brick from the wall. She
took out a bag and put the brick back. She turned around and jumped. Thorn stood
there, leaning on the wall.
“Are you going somewhere KK?”
“It’s Keely...”
“I can always call you KeeKee.” He interrupted and smiled.
“KK’s fine.” She thought aloud.
“So, where are you going?” He repeated.
“No where.” And she carried on walking.
“So, why have you taken your savings?” He asked nodding to the bag. 
“We’re going on a spending spree, that’s all.” Thorn laughed. 
“Worse excuse I’ve ever heard!” She stopped in front of him, clutching the bag
to her chest.
“Look, I’ve got no more time for these silly, little games that will lead to
nothing. Dante and me are leaving tonight to Lila-. To another town,” She decided
not to tell him where she was going. “So, you’re just going to find another
little doll to play with. Goodbye Thorn.” He was taken back by the sudden
aggression and looked as if he was going to cry. Keely felt a wash of guilt sweep
through her. She walked off back to the market.
“Keely! Wait!” He caught up with her with ease. “I know I’m not the best
person to get along with but…”
“No,” She interrupted. “I love Dante.”
“Do you?” He asked. She was surprised by the question. Did she love Dante? She
had never had doubts before but when he told her they were moving she didn’t want
to, not with him anyway. 
“Don’t tell me that meant nothing to you on the bridge.” 
Memories of last night flashed through her mind. She felt the trill of the night air
intoxicating her lungs but she also scared. It was a feeling that she didn’t want
to have again. Of course she was in love with Dante. Had been when she first seen him
on the market. She wasn’t going to throw it all away because of some silly, little
games. She took a deep breath.
“It didn’t,” She lied. “You don’t mean nothing to me. Never have, never
will. I love Dante and we’re moving tonight. No more lies, no more games. This is
life, Thorn. Something that you simply don’t understand if you think that we have a
chance. Goodbye Thorn.” His face glazed over as he let her go. 
“Fine. Have a nice trip.” And he stalked off into the shadows and she made her
way back to the market, holding back tears as the flood of guilt came back.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   1 December 2008   721564  
I don't know how many times I've said that, but still... awesome. ^^
‹Emafie› says :   1 December 2008   853979  
haha, I don't know either :P
Thx for the comment, ^^


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