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Hell YesCategory: Survey
Wednesday, 26 November 2008
05:13:05 PM (GMT)
Is your hair up? 
- Nahh. It never is.

Is your phone right beside you?
- It's in my pocket, having sex with a dollar.

Do you have a bf/ gf?
- Nope.

Do you wish you were somewhere else?
- Yeah, man. I wanna go shopping.

Do you have plans for tonight?
- I just wanna chill tonight, mann.

Are you wearing makeup?
- No. Where's the goddamn eyeliner?

Are you wearing chapstick?
- You should've asked me that last night. CC: Cherry and strawberry are the best.

Are you cold?

Are you tired?
- Sorta.

Are you excited?
- Nope, not really.

Are you watching t.v.?
- No.

Are you wearing pajamas?
- No, man! Skinny jeans, purple tee, and boots. ;]]

Who's the last person you IMed?
- I think it was Esther...Or was it Token? Maybe Bebe.

Who's the last person that called you?
- My...-checks phone-...I dunno who this dude is. 999-999-9999.


Anything you regret?
- Hell yes!
Ever lied?
- We're all do in this world, dear.

Ever stuck gum under a desk?
- No. C:

Ever spit at someone? 
- No.

Ever kick something living?
- Hell yes.

Ever had your nails done?
- Nahh. Don't care much 'bout my nails.

Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?
- o.o No.



Had any plans last week?
- No. -racks brain- I don't remember.

Who did you see most last week?
- My friend Kelly.

Was last week interesting? 
- Not really. Actually- Yes. :]]


Have you cussed?
- DUH! I always do!

Have you yelled at someone? 
- Yes.

Have you gotten mad at someone? 
- C: Yes! I was about to punch him in the face, as a matter of fact.

Have you cried? 
- No.

Have you called more than 3 people?
- No.

Have you IMed more than 3 people?
- Not yet. Too lazy to start up Skype and AIM.

Have you eaten anything gross?
- Nope. All I ate today was Chex Mix and gum.

Q. First thing you did this morning?
- Get waken up by my mom. =3=

Q. Last thing you ate?
- I'm, like, eating gum right now.

Q. What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks? 
- Uh...Christmas vaca?

Q. What's annoying you right now? 
- Nothing, really. Except this gum.

Q. What's the last movie you saw? 
- In the theaters? I think it was Madagascar 2. Elsewhere, was a Wrinkle In Time.

Q. Do you believe in long distance relationships?
- Yeah. C:

Q Where is the last place you went?
- Home. Where I am. Now.

Q: Who is the last person you called?
- I dunno. I'm too lazy to check.

Q: Been cheated on?
- No.

Q: Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? 
- I dunno.

Q: Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity): 
- Creativity. Which is why I hate it when people copy me. ;_;

Q: Do you wish on stars?
- I used to. C;

Q: Does it work?
- Sometimes.

Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them of?
- Sometimes.

Q: When did you last cry? 
- I dunno.

Q: Do you like your handwriting? 
- Yeah. C:

Q: Are you a friendly person? 
- Yes, yes I am.

Q: Are you keeping a secret from the world? 
- C: Maybe.

Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night? 
- Mine?

Q: What color shirt are you wearing? 
- Purple!

Q: Do you have any pets? 
- Noo.

Q: What is the color of your bedsheets? 
- Purple. C:

Q: What were you doing at 9 last night? 
- Homework. -grumbles-

Q: last person you talked to?
- Talked to? IRL? My friend, Kelly. C:

Q: When is the last time you saw your dad? 
- Two years ago.

Q: Look to your left: 
- I see the reflection of the overhead Christmas lights in the mirror!

Q: Ever cried yourself to sleep? 
- Mhm.

Q: Ever cried on your friends shoulder? 
- No. They cry on MINE. xD

Q: Song that makes you cry? 
- Nickelback- Savin' Me. D':

Q: Are you a normally happy person? 
- Sure. C:

Q: Is your self-esteem low? 

Q: What color are your eyes? 
- Browwwn.

Q: Long or Short Hair? 

Q: Current Music? 
- Usher feat. Will.I.Am- What's Your Name
Hell Yes.


‹Miharu-chan› says:   28 November 2008   489497  
xD "Having sex with a dollar" - that cracked me up for real. :P
Conspiring says :   28 November 2008   383724  

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