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just a topic that is bothering me.Category: Jonas brothers fans, please ignore
Sunday, 16 November 2008
09:30:13 PM (GMT)
okay, I would like to start off with, If you are a Jonas Brothers fan, please dont
read this.
I am just saying what is on my mind..

okay, Nick Jonas has diabetes.
ovious he is the only one suffering.
I think it is horrible that he has his fans suporting him.
everyone acts as of that he is the only one!
I am sick of it.
My aunt has diabetes. and she isnt having strangers come up to her or feel sorry for
she also isnt writing songs about it.
I am sorry, this is what I think.

‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   16 November 2008   383826  
hey i totally agree
big woop he has dibeties 
get over it hes sick
i have 4 ppl in my family who has it 
we dont make a big deal about it

p.s. my daddy helped make a plant for dibeties drug thingy lol
‹<3 Alison› shouts:   16 November 2008   376913  
he doesnt need publisity
Freddy83 says:   16 November 2008   231481  
I just got tired of hearing it!
most of their fans are probally suporting them because they feel pity
‹Jessicaaa-› says:   16 November 2008   316635  
well I'm not exactly i Jonas brothers fan but ..
hes probably writing songs about his diabetes by just expressing his
feelings about it and it probably helps him get through his trouble of
and sure hes not the only 1 tht has diabetes but hes also famous.
ur aunt isn't famous is she ?
i don't think so ... and he does more then a regular person with
diabetes does.
so just think about it.
Music_Is_My_Passion says:   17 November 2008   825172  
I agree.
My dad, aunt, grandma, and deceiced uncle have diabetes,
and nobody felt sorry for them.
It is rather annoying for people to constantly talk about that.
why should all the people know about it?
Isn't that his own personal business?
Why do we all have to hear that he's diabetic?
It doesn't affect us at all.
It shouldn't matter to us.
So, in conclusion,
I agree with you 100%.
It is bullshit.
Freddy83 says:   17 November 2008   658795  
THANK YOU! Music_Is_My_Passion.
and for Jessica,
momo09 says:   18 November 2008   941333  
I agree, my little cousins were saying how 'amazing' he is for
dealing with it, and when I pointed out our grandmother had it and
they basically ignored her :|

Their response- Yeah well he's famous!
I can respect that, but I think being an fragile, old woman deserves
concern as well ^^;
Freddy83 says:   18 November 2008   982641  
I mean. it is his personal buisness...
why would he want the world to know?
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   18 November 2008   546996  
Yeah, just like I probably have ADD. >_<
Are you going to feel bad for me for a mental disorder?
No. And just because someone is world-widely known, doesn't mean he
should be treated differently.
Famous people and the Media can equally disgust me when it comes to
them, because they're famous they automatically think they're special
and don't have to abid the law.
Freddy83 says:   18 November 2008   795656  
I know!!!
this is the message I was tring to get through to people
ACloveJoBros says:   18 November 2008   363648  
ok i know im a fan of the Jonas Brothers!!!! but i have to say that
ive been a supporter of dibeates for 10 yrs!!! Thats b/c my
grandmother has it and i know what he and his famliy r going though
b/c ive gone thougt it with my grandmother!!!! Thats all im saying!!
you all have you right to your opions!!!
Cassandikinzxx says:   20 November 2008   168517  
That is true! D:
Not fair.
Cassandikinzxx says:   20 November 2008   154685  
Oh, and good luck to your aunt. Even though I don't know her, I'll
still pray for her and anyone else who has diabeties. (:
‹ruthie .› says:   20 November 2008   396425  
I don't have much experience but I would have thought it was good for
young people to see that diabetic people can follow their dreams and
lead fulfilling lives.
Freddy83 says :   23 March 2009   457892  
I love how you read it, even though I told you not to.
and thanks for keeping my aunt in your prayers. 
and young childern already know about it!


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