~I'll Hang on Until it Ends, I'll Hang on {FOREVER}~ (chpt. 1-Sold
for Marriage
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~I'll Hang on Until it Ends, I'll Hang on {FOREVER}~ (chpt. 1-Sold
for Marriage
Category: (general)
Friday, 31 October 2008
10:56:46 AM (GMT)
I stood there, as nervous as I could possibly be. My heart beat got faster and
  "160! Do I hear 175? 175? 175! Do I hear 190? 190!" That went on forever. I had a
pounding headache, from that stupid auctioneer. I pulled on my chains, but it was no
use. I closed my eyes and dropped my head.
  "SOLD for $1900!" I quickly opened my eyes and looked for my buyer. I was suprised.
I had no idea I was worth that much. I saw him. He was rather tall, and seemed to be
around thirty or fourty. He had dirty blonde hair and was wearing a suit. He grinned
at me. 
  I closed my eyes as tight as I could and whispered, "It's all a dream. None of this
is real. When I open my eyes, I will be safe in my bed." I wanted so much for that to
be true but when I opened my eyes, I was still there. 
  "Bring her to my car and take of the chains." He ordered two men. As they were
asked, one took of my-the chains. Then was my chance. I could escape. I stared to
run, but I didn't go anywhere. I looked down. Both of the men had easily lifted me,
and I was at least a foot above the ground. 
  "NO!" I screamed, kicking the air. I struggled to get free, but they were strong.
They dragged me to my buyer's car, and I started to cry. I regretted running away
from my foster home. It was awful there, but I had no idea what this guy wanted me
for. Before I knew it, I was forced into the car.
  "If you even think of trying to get out..." That's all I heard before the door
slammed shut. I began to bite my finger. I'm not sure why I did that. It's a strange
habit, I do it whenever I get nervous. I looked around the car, bitting my finger,
until I felt a liquid stream down my arm. I was completely shocked. I was so nervous
I bit through the skin. I cried in pain, confusion, and sadness. I heard a door open
and wiped my tears with my bloody hand. It was my buyer. I thought he would drive,
but he sat beside me and another man sat in the driver's seat.
  "Straight home." My buyer commanded.
  "Yes sir." He started the car and we were soon moving. I looked out the window for
a while, then looked to my left to see my buyer studying me.
  "What?" I asked, sort of in a rude way.
  "Don't dare talk in that manor!" He snapped, then took a breath to calm him down.
  "How old are you, child?"
  "Fourteen." I turned away.
  "Don't look away when being spoken to!" I turned back. He acted like he was king of
the world. "What is your name?"
  "Good. Allison, do you know why you are here?"
  "Because the world hates me?"
  "Probably." I scowled. "But do you know why I bought you?"
  "You are going to marry my son."
  You may think all this is bad, but its just the beginning

missvampiric says:   31 October 2008   521118  
if there is any spelling/grammer mistakes, or it just sucks, please
tell me =D
i wont take offence. i need this!!
mahrush2 says:   31 October 2008   497684  
I liked buh borin p.s my sis liked it (pinkypincessz)
missvampiric says :   7 November 2008   217543  
kk thank you 


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