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New Moon (part 2)Category: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Sunday, 14 September 2008
11:45:38 PM (GMT)
  So I was left in the boring classroom, puzzeling over some things.
1. New Moon left Werewolves without there special gifts
2. This discluded Ly-Ann... I wondered if it was just because it was her natural
strength, but I wasn't sure.
3. Did this affect Vampires?
4. Who was this Cele character...
5. What was a hybrid?
6. What affect did she have on everyone (especially Peter)
  So I thought restlessly, ignoring my teacher as she droned on and on about some
book we were supposed to read (key word supposed.)  So, after class I jumped as the
very agitated Ly-Ann grabbed my arm and hauled me away.
  'Why'd you attck her?"
 I sighed and then slumped down the wall. "Ly-Ann. How do you do it?"
  "How did you forgive me?"
  "For what...?"
  "Oh... Why?"
  "Because. Put one and one together. Brandy just told me that Gregg wasn't meant for
me. But instead, he was destined to be with Aubrey. How.... Teach me."
  "It's a little different... This IS destinies were talking about. What you did,
that was just flat out cheating. ANYWAY.... It's my nature, jsut as I know that
Aubrey will eventually forgive you. It's our nature." Was how she concluded it. She
held out a hand and I smiled up at her, but she only nodded.
  "Soooo.... Gregg was the reason?"
  "Yeah. Sooo... am I pardoned."
  "By me? Yes. By Aubrey and teh pack. Heck no"
  I sighed, it was what I deserved. The walk to the dorm was painfully silent. I
looked at Ly-Ann, who was looking down, so all I had to do was peek under her hair
and look up to see her. - I know, it's sad that I'm that short- was looking worried.
  "What's wrong..."
  "What Peter said today. That I was... not right. Taht this was the first time. I
mean... Look at Cele." SHe shook her head,a dn I decided that I wouldn't press the
case,a dn instead, brought up something that had me in wondermenThe dainty, spirited,
midget herself*: Cele.
  "Whats up with her?"
  "Oh. Well... SHe was my support when bad things happened. I dunno, we connect.
Believe it or not, she's in her... second to last year. ALong with Peter. Oh, yeah.
There, like, this." AT that, Ly-Ann took the time to cross her fingers and laughed.
"Pete and Cele that is. ANYWAY.....  Yeah, she's always really smily and always
quoteing her favorite movies, much of which are Disney." She shook her head, and then
I realized we were at the door to The Land Of The BEast.
  "Why here?"
  "Meeting." and then she shoved me in the door.

*Ok... your allowed to bust me for calling you that....

xxGigglesnortXX23 says:   15 September 2008   546641  
"I AM NOT A MIDGET!!" *pulls out samurai sword, yells in squeaky
voice* "FEAR MEEEE!"
MeepingMeep says:   15 September 2008   592223  
LOL, you sorta are.... JK. But I said you could bust me, so bust on.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   17 September 2008   412984  
THis was awesome! I missed a lot when my lights were off!


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