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Friday, 12 September 2008
08:13:54 PM (GMT)
20 People

list twenty people in your life, without names, and describe what you really think about them

1. you are my closest friend. not the best, not the smartest, and not the prettiest, but the closest. I will and do tell you everything, and I am completely, 100% myself around you and you let me see the real you, which I appreciate. I love you like a sister and always will. when it's silent in the car, it doesn't feel awkward. it feels like we are relishing each other's company. you can come to me and talk to me about anything you want. I will be waiting.
2. you are still my best friend, but I feel we are holding on to the friendship just because we've known eachother for such a long time. i still love you, but we need to revamp our relationship. I know you feel it too, because you try and "gossip" with me because you think that's all i do anymore...but you don't understand that's why I love you so much-you don't need to get caught up in all that crap.
3. i am so jealous of you, yet still your best friend because you are so modest. you don't realize how beautiful you are, or if you do you have a good way of hiding it. you are the cutest, weirdest kid i've ever met and hope you can stay my friend. you and i never talk bad about other people-we somehow always manage to avoid it. the funny thing is when i'm with you talking trash doesn't even cross my mind-you are that good of an influence on me. i love you!
4. you are so nice, and really funny but for some reason I feel like we can't get close...like, you seem to be into the friendship but I just can't get myself to act myself around you. i know you care about me too much because i honestly don't care that much about you. i really am trying to, and maybe all we need is time. i just don't want you to waist your good cheer on me.
5. where did my feelings for you go? i used to love you so much-the slightest touch gave me enough happiness to run on for weeks. now it seems like you've turned into this jerk who is mean and rude and ugly...honsetly when you "forgot" my name i almost cried right then&&there. i have no idea what happened. do you even miss the way it used to be? do you ever miss me, even a little bit? do you ever think about what could've happened, the way things could've gone? probably not. whatever.
6. You remind me so much of myself. I can see us eating sugary foods and staying upp until the wee hours of the morning watching flavor of love while simoltaneously on myspace. i have this icky feeling that something is going to keep us at the "friendly, but not friends" stage though...i really hope i'm wrong. really.
7. ok i feel like you used to like me so much but ever since you found out i'm not religious you just completely lost interest in me. I mean, yeah, it's good that you know now I guess so you don't like me for something i'm not...but still. why judge? i'm really sorry i don't go to church and i'm really sorry i said that most people are christian. but it's a fact! i have no idea how that even offended you. i have the right to be offended-you bombing me with "religion" questions in english class...god.
8. we used to be really good friends and now what? you hate me because i switched my schedule around and i'm not in the same class with you anymore? and you bring it up EVERY FUCKING TIME I see you? what is your deal? like, shut up! I'm sorry, but i switched to be in the photography class i wanted, not to get away from you or to "ditch" you! but you are such a bitch about it that I just don't know what to do about our "friendship."
9. I know you like me, but please stop. You honestly scare me soo much...you have no idea. i can't stop seeing you, so please just stop talking to me...please.
10. I have no clue why i like you so much...i think it's just because i liked you in fourth grade and now i only see you once a year. i know you said you hate blondes and are obviously in love with my best friend (see #2) but you'll see. you once told me I was beautiful...maybe this year you'll see it again.
11. i am so totally in awe of you. i don't know how so much perfection fits into size 1 hollister shorts...but it does. you are the absolute eptiome of a beautiful teenager. and your smart and nice too...which makes it even worse.
12. are you really a weirdo? honestly i don't where my sense of hot guys come from...but you are so cute to me. oh my gosh. and you are a nerd. oh my god i'm so sorry i sound like a super bitch but i just don't understand how someone with a face and guitar like that ended up with that group of guys...maybe it means you're really sensitive and good at looking past people's flaws? god i hope so. i hope we can become "friends."
13. i don't know why you still bother me. you were me first "boyfriend," yeah whatever, i dumped you in like a day because you're gross and you still creep me out. WHY DID I SAY YES? anyway, why did you transfer into my english class? gross! and you have a new girlfriend too...just please stop staring at me. please stop cutting me off.please stop saying disgusting things around me. can we stop all contact? if you don't i might have to have a chat with your little girlfriend.
14. i honestly don't like you. i tolerate you because my other friends do...but you are a fucking two-faced lesbian pothead. you tell us all the bad crap you hear people talking about me but then I see you walking with them and you won't even acknowledge me when I walk by...? Yeah, I know you're telling them what I said about them. so whatever. maybe i'm at fault too but still. you will never have my full stamp of approval.
15. you are the greatest guy ever. i could never go out with you because you kind of creep me out [just a little ] but you are the easiest guy to talk to in the entire world. i can tell you anything and you're just like, "ok..." i love it. me and my friends love calling you late at night to have sexual education Q&A. it's exciting. never change.<3
16. I feel like i've changed you. i hardly know you but you tell me eveythiing about your life. I know you don't like me because you've already told me your "type", but you don't intimdate me anymore and I feel like you respect me for that or something. when you apoligized to me that one day for being rude or something, I was like "wha-..?" i honestly don't think you've apologized to many people in your lifetime, esescially since every other word out of your mouth is usually "fuck" or "shithead" attached to some sort of insult. so thanks.
17.We used to be so close...nothing came inbetween us. now i feel like a straight year of nothing but fights have made us forget how to be friends. i hope we can go back to being friends. i really, really do.
18. why do i keep thinking i can make you like me? it's so obvious you're in love with that emo girl in our class...but we'd be perfect together. even our names sound great together. it was meant to be, but whatever. i've gotten over worse things before.
19.we were never that good of friends to begin with. but it still doesn't make loosing you any easier.

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