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Thursday, 7 August 2008
11:08:32 PM (GMT)
I have a small case of writers block, so it may take longer for these next few
chapters to come out.
People were begging to wake up. I shook Ricky awake, and carefully woke Ly-Ann up. I
busied myself by getting Rick some water, while Erin tried to find out what happened.
Neither said anything about Fawn or Saphron, they said something strange though. They
both said it was a nightmare, but what was strange was the fact that the tormentor
was the same. It would have been better had it been a well known killer or evil
villian from a show, but it was someone no one knew about. The Shadow that lurks In
silence. I shuddered at the thought, even the name sounded menacing.
  The nurse let us stay, only because she had moved Rick and Ly-Ann to another room.
She was getting tired of their insane ways. I, on the other hand, was happy. It took
less then a two days to get our friends back. 
 "It's like magic that they recovered so easily!" Said Aubrey, as we set up a little
welcome back party in our dorm.
 "Or witchcraft." I heard Erin mutter. Seirra looked at her strangly, as did Aubrey.
I heard it because i was basically on top of her trying to clean up a little. But
Seirra and Aubry were on the other side of the room. I guessed it was a vamp/ wolf
 "what do you mean, a witchcraft thing?" Erin just shook her head. I was surprised at
the speed, even thoguh I already knew about it, that Aubrey had her hands around
Erins neck.
  "Tell me right now. You filthy leech!" Seirra gasped at her crude word to vampire.
I gasped becasue Aubrey was threatening to kill Erin. 
  "D-Dog! Stuiped Mutt!" Erin gurgled out. I was sure as hell happy Ly-Ann wasn't
here, because, those taunts, would have landed a very dead Erin.(I had learned that,
even though vamps and wolves are immortal, they can kill each other. Vamps can kill a
wolf, and vise-versa)
  "TELL ME!" I knew Aubrey would never kill Erin, and not just because i was thought
she couldn't, because I truly think she could, but because Aubrey was kind and
carefree. (or careless, but that doesn't matter right now) I found myself trying,
very vainly, to keep Seirra off of Aubrey. 
  "AUBREY! STOP!" I shouted. Aubrey looked at me, and the fire in her eyes became
less feirce, or deadly, or both. But they still held fire. She dropped Erin, and she
fell to the ground, limply. I let Seirra go to help Erin, and then asked if she could
get a water bottle for Erin, because I didn't trust them to keep peace while I was
  "Well, Erin, are ya gonna tell me?!"
  "No. I'm not." SHe looked at me, thanking me in her weird way, "Katy knows just as
much as I do. So, tell her Katy."
  I was scared, Seirra had caught the end of the line, and Aubrey was glaring at me.
"I just found out," I lied and looked at Erin, hoping she would send me a mind
message of what to say. I was happy when it came up as, only cause you saved my
life. Tell em that Saphron is a witch and made them sick, then took their powers.
I related the mesage back to them. And they nodded. Though I knew Seirra and Aubrey
both could tell that wasn't it, but they didn't mind it for the time being, bcause
they had enough to think about. 
 We all jumped when Fawn came in and stared at the party decorations. I glowered from
my little hiding cornor, and looked over to see Erin having the same look.
  "Ly-Anns... being released..." Seirra said, I looked at her, and I saw her eyes pop
out of ehr head, Metaphorically speaking, she rushed over to turn the lights off and
hide over by us, for our surprise party, thingy, majig. When it was still soemwhat
loud, Seirra whispered, "Fawn." in my ear.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   7 August 2008   547481  
Awesome! You take a long time to update! Update soon, though! this
story rocks!


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