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Retarded lyrics Omg so funnny!Category: (general)
Saturday, 5 July 2008
04:00:46 PM (GMT)
Dr. John
How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around? lyrics
Now you say you ainít never met my wife, you ainít never seen her befo,í
Say you ainít been hanginí rouní my crib; well hereís somethiní I wanna knowÖ
I wanna know what in the worlí is goiní down,

How come my dog donít bark when you come around?

I got the baddest dog, heíll bite anybody.
He bit my little brother, took a chunk out of my olí sweet liíl mother.
He bit the mailman Ė he sees him every day; he takes one look at you, he wanna jump
up and play.
Now I ainít got a clue as to what you puttiní down, but

How come my dog donít bark when you come around?

My dogís dangerous; tried to set people straight;
I even bought a ďBAD DOGĒ sign aní hung it on the gate.
Here you come trippiní up Ďbout a quarter of nine
Fulla dat Night Train wine, tryiní to slide past the signÖ

My dog been noddiní off, ainít payiní you no mind.
Thatís my dog, when I come home he donít sleep THAT sound!

How come my dog donít bark when you come around?

I still donít like it, I donít dig it one damn bit,
The way you aní my dogís so tight, somethiní donít fit!
I slipped through the alley, I called my dog,
Said, ďget off your rusty duster, move a little faster to your olí master, you old
cayute, you.Ē

He took one look at me, aní he growled aní he ran straight to you.
Now somebodyís been confusiní my poí hound.
An I wanna know whatís goiní down.

How come my dog donít bark when you come around?

(Clarinet Solo)

Maybe I better call up Jacoby & Myers, aní you can take the fifth, amendment, that
You better stand up foí your rights, Ďcause you might not be standin' too long.
Iím gonna stop all this confusion. Iím goní fire that hound., shoot that dog down.
Then Iím gonna get busy mutilatin, strangulatiní operatiní, aní crematiní my Olí Lady
down at the cremation station.
Then Iím gonna torch that, too, and come right on after you!

You can give you heart aní soul to charity; all the rest gonna belong to me.

Iím goiní straight down to dat barber supply shop, get me a pearl handle, double
edge, hollow ground, super blue blade, adjustable, stainless steel, honed edge, both
blades on the same side so when I cut you once, you gonna bleed twice, goiní aní
cominí. Aní if you doní believe me, shake yoí head; itíll be singiní ďI ainít got no

ĎCause one night I did a little FBI Double-O-Seven-type investigatiní. You aní my Ol'
Lady thought I was gone, but I wasnít gone. Datís why I have to separate you from
your ground. An the only souní you gonna hear when you six feet in the ground:

How come my dog didnít bark when you came around?

‹Mad‚ô•Hatter‚ô•Love› says:   5 July 2008   487474  
omg funny funny
‹ŠÉ¶J—Ē—ē—ēőĻ—Ē —ŹőĪŌČ—Ź—ēŠÉ¶› says:   7 July 2008   872473  
Ha!ha!ha!ha! That song is so crazy!!! Where'd u find that Jazzie?
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   9 July 2008   662949  
MJade89cent says :   4 September 2008   147727  
I heard this on the radio with my dad. My mom in New Orleans used to
live down the steet from the singer!


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