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Oekaki help emergency~ ;;Category: oekaki
Friday, 20 June 2008
05:58:59 PM (GMT)
I really need some help, my Kupikans. T_T;

Okay, so listen:

I was drawing Khero's art trade yesterday, and it took me hours. x_x I finished it,
and was really proud of the work I put into it, but my computer has wireless
internet. The internet went off right before I finished the picture.

I couldn't get it to go back on, no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to upload the
drawing so I wouldn't lose it. @_@; But I couldn't. The internet wouldn't go back on,
and it's still off. That's why I'm using this laptop to write this. I used the
almighty "printscreen" to save the drawing, and I have the drawing over there on that
computer saved. So I have the image. But I just couldn't upload the oekaki...


I kept the computer on, but it eventually got restarted by my brother. So, the oekaki
itself being uploaded = poof. T_T Gah.

So. I want to know something... :O

You can "restore" your previously drawn oekaki, I'm sure of that. But I just don't
know *when* it gives you that option. o.o Does it only restore  the next time you
go on oekaki? Or does it have to be on the same computer or something else?
Please help. T_T I really feel I should upload it, even when I do have the other
copy, because if it's not on here I feel like I didn't do my part of the art trade.
:x I dunno, I'm weird.

If I were to try to go on the oekaki on this computer, would it ask me to restore? Or
is it gone? T-T -dies-

Helps me. *o* Please~ <3

KOTORgamegirl says:   20 June 2008   986428  
i think when you log out you cant restore it anymore..
but im no expert..
id try asking hina...
X_Shiki_X says:   20 June 2008   717683  
(Sorry, this is a bit late.)
You can log out and log in without it disapearing. 
It has a timer set. After a few minuets, it's gone.
Lets say you click somewhere else accidentally.
Then you can go back and restore it.

[This is also the trick that artists use to make modified oekakis
apear on the board.]

Hope that answered your question.
saralyn247 says:   20 June 2008   482428  
Ugh... sadly, I'm pretty sure it's gone. That's happened to me a few
times too. D:
RobotLove says:   8 July 2008   998523  
If it uploaded completely (or almost complete) i think you can find
if it did or not by going to your profile and see if your oekaki
uploaded or not. If it isnt there, then its gone. If would be without
description and title. Thats why your friends havent commented
it.Because it has no title/description. But i think it wont go on the
oekaki board, im not sure.

I hope this helped (;
hina says :   9 July 2008   677539  
Aaw, I am sorry to hear that...
and it is such a lovely picture!

Anyway, it is not technically possible to restore your oekaki...
I wrote about it here:


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