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get 2 know me bettah xDCategory: Questions you want to know xD
Friday, 20 June 2008
01:32:40 PM (GMT)
(On a weekday)
What time do you wake up? 715 at the most x] x]
Do you hit the snooze button? tehhe.. yah. 
Do you shower in the morning or evening? morning hun. 
What body part do you wash first? my hair rofl
Do you condition everyday? yeeeeboii <3
Do you brush your teeth in the shower? noo xP
Do you wash your face everyday? yeez
What time does your school start? 910. xD
How do you get to school? walk usually with Ashley
Who's the first person you see at school? rAndom peeps.
How many times do you stop at your locker? itsnot like i count rofl.. xD
How many books are in your locker? like um .. like five!! not no more.. school's out
braahh xD
Who's your favorite teacher? ms.chense
What's your favorite class? gym tehee LOL
What's your hardest class? GEO -______- " " 
Who do you see after school first? usually Kayaa
How do you get home? walk with the same peepz
What do you do first when you get home? eat xD
When do you usually do your homework? right after! wen im too lazy i dont do it at
all rofl. 
What homework do you usually have? geo.. /
Do you do any of your homework in school? pft yeeeboiiii  
Which class? all rofl.
Do you check your myspace when you get home? yeeeh
What are your parents doing when you get home from school? work xD
Who greets you when you get home? my puppy ;]<3
For dinner, is it home made or take out? both xD
How often do you have fast food? not often bleeh.
What time do you go to bed? usually 1130 xD xD
Do you fall asleep easily? yehh tehee 
Do you fall asleep with the TV on? noo.
What's your night time routine? ummmm.. change? sleep? xP
Do you usually dream? yehpperz <3
In color or black and white? color?! :P LOL
Good or bad dreams? both 

How many comments do you have? like..umm.. like 100 sumethin? xD
Friends? prob. like 200 something tehee..
Who's first on your top? Ashley and Nate xD  
How many comments do you get in a day? like at least two xD
Why did you make a myspace? coz i wanna xP
Do you go on it everyday? of course. xP

How many bras do you own? ROFL ROFL!!! uMM.. y dont you go count  lol, like umm a
lot. tehe.
Lipstick or lipgloss? lipgloss babee
Have you ever been a cheerleader? yee .
Does your boyfriend kiss your forehead? Im single.. my ex used to chyeaaboi
Why does everyone find that cute? coz it iz :P
Do you even have a boyfriend? nopeerz xD
Do you like high heel? flats are in xP <3
Do you like dresses? yeehboii xD
Do you have really short layers? yehh xox 
Do you have really big sunglasses? yeeboii .
Do you have a really big purse? yeeh yeh xD
Skinny or flarred jeans? skinny 

Who sits to your right in 4th class? danyi
What's your favorite beverage? water xD
Do you love your school? its alright xP
What don't you love about your school? bcuz.. 
What did you dream about last night? iforgot.. 
Can you cut your own hair? nope !
When's the next time you'll clean your room? never LOL LOL!!
Do you love your brothers/sisters? of course xD
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? 2 piercings.. i want more xDxD
Do you like rap? ew no. xD
What's your middle name? Ann
Do you have all of your grandparents? noperz . 
Great grandparents? no
What are you doing after this? write another one yeh boii , xoxo 

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