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The Little Orphan Chapter 2Category: The little orphan story
Saturday, 14 June 2008
01:48:00 PM (GMT)
"Mana, Sera! Hurry up, will you?! Your bus is waiting outside!" One of the grumpy Aunts hollered. Thirteen years had past since the night the babe named Mana appeared on the doorstep to the Orphanage. In that time, the old Aunt that took her in had passed on, and the replacement was a cranky, drill-seargent-type woman. She treated most of the orphans, save a special few, like trash, and nearly everyone hated her. Mana, now a thirteen year old, rushed out of her room. Mana had a good amount of trouble growing up normally. Everyone seemed to treat her poorly, but over the years, she's gotten used to it. She was rather short for her age; no taller then 5'1''. She had grown her greasy black hair - never chopping it, only trimming it. It grew all the way down to her behind, and was now usually worn in a very loose low ponytail, sometimes with a thick headband with ribbon bows on each end. Mana's eyes had grown to be a very deep blue. Her usual outfit was a navy blue shirt with long, loose sleeves. The collar and cuffs were white with navy blue stitched stripes. From the bottom of the collar was a small light yellow tie-shaped cloth, reaching about halfway down the shirt. Her bottoms was usually a long navy blue shirt, concealing all of her legs, only showing her feet. Near the bottom of the skirt, there was two white stripes, one thick and one thin, accenting the bottom. She sometimes wore ankle sokes, but mostly wore white knee-highs. Her shoes were usually shiny black dress shoes that buttoned on the side. Mana rushed to the thick wooden door of the orphanage, trying to get her hair into a ponytail on the way. Her roomate, Sera Adachi, soon followed behind her. Sera and Mana had become very good friends over the years, so close that they could practically be called sisters. She took care of Mana, trying to keep her safe from crabby Aunts, the other orphans, and students at school. Sera was a lot taller then Mana, especially because she was two years older then Mana; Probably about 5'8''. She also grew her pink-ish red hair long. She wore a ponytail up high and tight, with a lock sticking out in front. Sera's hazel eyes had poor vision, so she wore slick, and greatly-focused glasses. She prefers to wear dresses and often wears a long red dress with a slit to the right side and an accenting brown leather belt worn loosely and lopsided. Over her heart, she wears a brooch, with a diamond-shaped emerald in the center, and four red triangles pointing outward, one on each edge of the emerald. Sera also usually wears black boots, with 2 1/2 inch heels going up nearly to her knee. The two girls rushed to the front door to get their shoes on and try not to miss the bus. It WAS nearly the last day of school. And Mana tried to button up her left shoe, she felt somebody run into her and fall on top of her, causing her to yelp. When she looked, she saw a familiar face smile at her. "Heh...Hi Mana." "Naono, you jerk! You did that on purpose." "No, I didn't! I swear!" It was Naono Tushigara, a "fellow" orphan of hers. He was a few inches taller then her, and looked really feminine. His hair was neatly cut and kept. His eyes were a light brown, and he wore glasses with thick rims. He wore a black tee-shirt underneath a hand-me-down vest that was pre-fitted to be worn by a girl, adding to his feminine look. He wore loose orange shorts, and a watch on his left wrist. He usually carried something like his laptop - which was covered in dorky stickers- or his camera with him. Naono was one of the orphans who picked the most on Mana. Mana soon recovered and got up, leaving Naono on the floor as she got her backpack. " Oh, c'mon Mana! I said I didn't do it on purpose!" Naono complained, trying to sit up on the floor. Mana gave him a cold look as she started to walk out the door with Sera. Naono was about to protest again, when he found a threatening boot to his face, Sera's face radiated a nearly burning rage. Naono cowered quickly, getting up to get his backpack. "Sera, C'mon, we're going to be late!" Sera soon ran after her short roomate to make the honking bus. They ran on, with a grumpy greeting from the busdriver; he was obviously waiting for the school year to be over so he could have more time to himself other then driving busses. Mana and Sera made her way to the back of the bus, and got a seat as far back as they could. Mana got the window seat, which was usual for her. When the bus started moving to the next stop, Mana started staring out the window, watching the tall buildings roll by. She looked forward to the summer break. She'd be going into grade 9 next year, and Sera would be going into grade 10. Mana wasn't sure how she would last the summer with about 100 other orphans, about 75 of those orphans part of the people who treated her badly, not to mention the nasty Aunt. Before she realized it, the bus had stopped again, this time at a much nicer orphanage about six blocks away from her orphanage. A few nice-looking girls climbed onto the bus, going to sit with their various friends. The last one on was a tween with long blonde wavy hair. She looked around the bus until her brown eyes saw Mana and Sera. She ran up the bus and sat beside Sera. "Hi, you two! How're you today?" "Same as usual, Shiki. Naono has already bothered Mana," -Naono, a few seats ahead, growled.- " Aunt Lucia has screamed at us, everything is pretty normal." Sera responded. Shiki was a twelve year old orphan who has been transfered between orphanages a lot over her life. She was a very ditzy person, but it was almost like it was forced. Her usual attire started with a small, cure black headband with a lopsided bow. She had a red wool vest with a white turtle-neck underneath. She wore a short black skirt with a red accent, flowing freely from her waist halfway down her thigh. Black stockings meeting the edge of the skirt was worn tight to her legs, and she wore the same style of shoes that Mana wore. Mana found herself with little room to sit as Sera and Shiki chatted and sometimes argued among themselves. She started staring out the window again. She thought about all the other cities in the world. Mana had never left New York City, and always wanted to see wonders in other cities and countries. Niagra Falls, The Eiffel Tower, The Rocky Mountains... She wanted to see them with her own eyes. Someday, when she was old enough to take care of herself, She'd go and see those sights. School had come and gone uneventfully, and Mana and Sera were getting ready to go to bed. Sera was removing make-up in front of a mirror, and Mana was getting into a nightgown. "Hey, Sera..." "What's up, Mana?" "I've been having these dreams the last few nights, and I'm kind of worried about them." "Oh, C'mon Mana, they're just dreams." "Seriously, Sera, I think there's something wrong." Sera let out an annoyed sigh. "What are the about?" She said as she started using a make-up removal pad on her eyes. "Well, there's this guy in a prison cell, way out in some mountain range, that keeps asking me to help him escape. He looks like he is constantly whipped and the like... I think he might be real." "Stop right there." Sera said suddenly. "You think a boy in a dream really exists?" "I don't know! This seems different. I feel like he is real..." "I'm starting to believe you have some screw loose, Mana." "I told you I was worried about these dreams." "I say ignore them. Perhaps you should play your flute. That always helps when you're in a fit like this." Mana looked to the flute on her desk. It had always been there for her, and she had gotten quite good at playing it... "Alright. I'm going to sneak by Aunt Lucia into the orphanage's yard." "Alright. Don't take too long though. If she comes in here and see's you gone, we'll both get into serious trouble." Mana nodded, and walked out of the door, grabbing her ingraved flute on the way. After sneaking her way to the front yard of the orphanage, which had only large patches of grass to sit on, she found a good spot to sit. Her flute seemed to glow brightly in the moonlight, despite the new moon that shone overhead. Mana soon started improvising pieces as a warm wind started picking up. Mana enjoyed music very much, but she felt that with her flute, which wasn't made of any normal metal like steel, like most flutes, it was almost eerie how beautiful it sounded; it was almost otherworldly. She sat out there playing for at least ten minutes, and soon forgot about the boy. After 15 minutes, a light behind her went on, and she saw Aunt Lucia's silhouette behind a pair of curtains. She suddenly realized that she must've heard her, and rushed back inside. Most of the Aunts don't like her playing, but it's actually one of the few things nearly all of the orphans like about her. Miraculously, she managed to sneak by Lucia, and made it back to her room, where Sera was already in bed. Mana put her flute back on her dresser and climbed into the bottom bunk of their bunk bed. It took her awhile before she finally fell asleep after confirming that Lucia had not caught her. Mana opened her eyes in the middle of the night to realize that there was no bed in front of her. Instead, she was standing in the middle of a dark, dank cell. The air was thin, and a tiny window showed the sun was only just setting outside in the mountains. In front of her, she could a figure sitting on a wooden chained bed. It was the boy. He looked no older then 14, but about 4 inches taller then Mana from what she could guess. His hair was dry and growing long; his hair nearly reached his shoulders, and was jet black. He wore a tattered black button-up shirt, torn and worn, and many deep cuts and bruises were visible. A pendant hung from his neck. It was a cross, shaped like two S's. One standing normally, the other going across at a 90 degree turn. He wore black pants, also ripped and tattered, with deep cuts and bruises visible. Any shoes he might've been wearing were unwearable, for she saw the tattered bottoms of a pair of shoes underneath the suspended bed. He was leaning forward, so Mana couldn't see much of his face. Mana wanted to talk, but the words couldn't come out. The boy then glared up at Mana with bright, almost glowing neon eyes. He sat up, his face softening, realizing that it was her. Mana just stood there, staring at him. "You are Mana Futabatei, correct?" Mana nodded dumbly, not sure what to do. She knew she was dreaming, but she couldn't wake herself up. "Mana, you must help me escape from my captor, I beg of you." He said solemnly. Mana didn't know how to respond - if she could - but before she could have a chance to, there was a click and the cell door opened. Two very large and bruty men in heavy orange, intricutely decorated armour stood there, only seemed to take notice, or even see the boy. "Prisoner, our boss wishes to see you again. He hopes you finally reveal where it is." "I keep telling all of you, I don't know!" "You've been here for four years, Prisoner. How much longer to you want to stay here? Perhaps another round of interrogation will help you decide." One of them said powerfully as he went in and grabbed the boy's badly cut right arm. He turned to give Mana one last brief look of despair before being dragged off, and Mana losing her thoughts with her sight going blank... Mana woke up suddenly. She realized that she was sweating through the whole thing, and when she looked, it was 1:00 in the morning. She wiped her brow, looking straight up at the bottom of Sera's bunk. It took a long time to convince herself to go back to sleep.
Last edited: 28 June 2009

Mashiro says:   15 June 2008   537974  
The boy sounds hawt TwT 
Are they going to escape from the orphan later on? .o.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 June 2008   361342  
you just going to have to wait and see 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   16 June 2008   621616  
Again, great story so far.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   16 June 2008   992142  
i'm so glad people like it! it need to advertise it XD
Kirti says:   3 July 2008   884698  
(wow the boy sounds like a rather more abused Harry Potter.)

Still very good!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   3 July 2008   175517  
XD [i didn't mean it to be like an abused harry potter...O.o]

thank you!
Kirti says:   3 August 2008   734892  
hmm. those guards suredo use alot of !!!s.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   4 August 2008   936489  
they do. They're overexxagerative
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says:   24 August 2008   369357  
Wow, that was fantastic!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   25 August 2008   727144  
Thanks :D
Kirti says:   25 September 2008   146864  
I wonder why Eichiro had to keep the dream messages short at first,
but later could have full conversations?

oh well. I'm sure we find out later.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   25 September 2008   649636 have a point.

although I think he subtly mentioned it in another chapter...
Kirti says:   27 September 2008   565142  
Oh really? I'll go reread them all then!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 September 2008   111196  
Ok, you go ahead. Have fun :3
Rin_Sohma says:   7 January 2009   173365  
great! very dramatic and stuff.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 January 2009   728726  
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   357198  
Ooh, cool!

That boy sounds rather hot 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   1 May 2009   245386  
Why does everyone think that? xD
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   1 May 2009   839912  
You made him sound sexy 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   1 May 2009   259356  

I didn't mean to. D:
Kirti says:   4 July 2009   613357  
You updated it alot since I last read it.
Kirti says:   4 July 2009   654488  
I'm working on a private mind theater and was trying to write the
begining from Naono's oint of view. I'm almost done and thought to
reread this to make sure I'd gotten everything right- without checking
my Naono version matches up with your changes!

I read your miiiiiind!
Kirti says:   4 July 2009   649617  
Well, okay I didn't have him trip Mana, I had him ignore her
completly, but still!

Er, trple post. Sorry...
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   4 July 2009   552593  
Yeah, I re-did the first one too.

Seriously? O_o''
Kirti says:   5 July 2009   154531  
Yup! Though after reading yours I made mine quite a bit longer, and
added in the tripping bit. Still, it's really cool how well it
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 July 2009   369926  
Yeah. :D
Kirti says:   7 July 2009   991151  
I hvae bugen a pcejrot! <-- word scramble for your enjoyment.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 July 2009   677731  
What kind of pcejrot?
Kirti says:   7 July 2009   691317  
A writing project. (As if I don't have enough work over the summer!)

I'm working on a rather... How to put this... "scattered" Kirti's Mind
Theater in a differnt tab also. I'm not very far into it, I'm only
just starting, but it should be posted before midnight. Not very
textually based I'm afraid, with a time jump and several prespective
changes. But this one'll be set to Public. Gasp.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   7 July 2009   287977  

I can't wait to see. :]


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