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Chapter 1: First Day-Fall SeasonCategory: (general)
Monday, 9 June 2008
02:42:27 AM (GMT)
well its now the first day of school and which means new beginings and new
friends.But thats wat everyone thought...this year there will b  many issues which no
one understands why they do them or the things they did. All i can say is that this
school year will be wild and fun while it lasted.As each day that everyone wakes up
one by one..each day had brought many secrets and something new..many of them were
bad and some was good.Secrets had revealed themselfves and things had changed many
ppls lifes.Remeber this saying:
    "Even though many dont see wat they hear doesnt mean its not true...if u want
sumting to be done wit oneself u hav 2 do the impossible, and even if u find the
answer and it breaks u down into a million peices it means uve done sumtin that no
one else could do on their own and that what makes u unique~unknown~"

Chapter 1
as each kid had went into the school one by one as they met up wit their new teachers
and met up wit old friends adn made new friends..while some stopped being friends but
they still had did their own thing to get where they wanna be in life.Now its the
first day of school and everyone is now settled down and gettin organized."class 2-B
eh?" said Insane as she walked in to the classroom as she saw everyone seated talkin
away to their friends."and u are miss?' asked the teacher as he approached Insane wit
a clipboard lookin for her name and a answer."Im Insane Psycho is wat ppl call me
why?"as she answered and looked around the room full of students of where she was
"Insane Psycho u say?" as the teacher was checking his clipboard"ahh..i see ur name
here miss Psycho---"Insane interupted and said" call me Insane and only that ok?" she
looked at him wit a serious look on his face" Insane u sit nexto Miss Miki
and Mr.Sakimori" he said as pointed her to her seat.Insane walked to her seat and
sittied down as she felt everyone looking at her while she sat down and then the door
opened and all was queit as the principal came in. everyone had stand and bowed
before him as the pricipal talked." i would liked to say this is ur last year here at
yoshiwa middle school academy, you students have to set an example for the lower
classes of students especially the new rookies from the elementry school. i am so
glad that each and everyone one of u had made it this far in ur yrs of learning and
all i want to say is great job and keep up the good work in ur upcomin yrs" the
pricipal said as he bowed and left out the door. the class bowed back and sat bk down
into their seats and tlked away to one another.Ambie and DarDar walked upto Miki and
they started tlkin...i watched them as i started to write in my journal,As Miki and
DarDar tlked Ambie walked over to Insane as she tryed to start a conversation wit
her."hey watcha doin there?'' Ambie said as she looked at me from where i was
sittin"writtin in my journal like i always do why?" Insane replied back as she closed
her journal and lookin at Ambie."just umm how was ur summer?" Ambie
said as she sat down nexto me as we started talkin." u kno how i am im writtin
novels,dancing....u kno wat i do...why are u askin me all these questions? its early
in te skool yr and all ready ur askin so many questions..why ask them..u kno i hate
that.." i said lookin rite at her.

.Ambie looked up as i could feel something warm around me as someone's deep voice
whispered into my ear as its hands were huggin me." good morning dear lil sister"
Satoshi said as he startled me as my winter blue eyes had widen up a lil as i got up
from my chair and turned around lookin bk @ him."y r u late? where did u come from?
who brought u here?" i asked as he replied bk"dont worry ur lil head bout that,i had
to take care of some buisness my friend carried me here and explained everything to
the principal so i wouldnt get into any dont worry bout anything ok?" he
said as he poked my head and went into his seat.I looked up at him then at Ambie who
was talkin to Miki and DarDar. I sat back down into my seat and held my chest tightly
gaspin for air as i breathed in and out."DarDar come here"as i called to her as she
came upto me and sat down next to me." are u ok?" she asked lookin worried at me i
smiled assurin her that im ok and said"wats up wit Ambie? how come shes askin me so
many questions? tell me now." i said waitin for an answer." idk...shes been askin
everyone for info bout u but idk why she wont tell me"DarDar replied as her green
eyes widen up a lil watchin me"hmmmm ok i see ,ur dismissed...but tell me anything u
hear bout me ok?" i said as she nodded walkin bk to her seat" oh by the way Dar...are
u comin tonite?" i added b4 she went."yes..i am goin..its the big next of the
annivary of our first kitten club so of course ill be there" she said as she
added"wat time was it again? 8 o'clock rite?" she asked"yes it glad u
rememebr cuz ur our grand finale k so lets make it a good nite to all" i said as she
smile and nodded as she walked bk to her seat and stared out the window. i sighed as
Miki came up to me and sat down."hey wats up wit u?" she asked as she sat her pompoms
down in her lap."nothin just waitin for skool 2b ova gets rlly tireing some
after a while..wat bout u?''i replied bk to her as she just looked at me."hmm im doin
the same...i just want this damn show 2b over wit so we can just get bk on how long do u have left?"she asked."mmmm its 4yrs 2 mnths 1week and 2
days left.,i can feel myself gettin paler and weaker each lifeforce si
reachin its end and it hurts sometimes when i feel it but ill b ok.and i will also
find him and defeat him,i promised everyone that"i said wit confidently as the bell
rangedand everyone went to their next class.
the day went by pretty fast bcuz all we did was catch up wit old friends and meet out
new teachers and wat not.After skool everyone{kitten club memebers} had met up at the
big tree

they hung out and started the meeting.We went over tonite's schedule of how
tonighte's show was goin to b.We all agreed on that the show will last for one hour
and 45 mins.After that we all clean up the place and just go home.Its 3:30 pm and the
kittens just sat at the big tree and talked bout how their summers went.We all
listened to the twins(guys) argue bk and forth on who got into trouble the most as we
all laughed when some kid got beat up by some old lady.We all had fun.Around 5:00 we
all decided to goto the mall to pick out outfits for tonight.We all looked at the
sexy lingre and the cute kitten ears they had.We brought our clothes and and started
to walk to the kitten club to get ready.Its now 7:00 and everyone is just gettin done
their final touches."everyone get into places, i have an announcement to make."as
everyone got into places to hear wat i had to say.
Last edited: 11 June 2008

Rukii says :   10 June 2008   251889  
hi wats up?


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