Sexual Harrassment isn't funny, even if you're little shit friends all
laugh like it is when you do something.
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Sexual Harrassment isn't funny, even if you're little shit friends all
laugh like it is when you do something.
Category: A rant about what me and other people go through.
Sunday, 25 May 2008
09:41:37 PM (GMT)
I'm not the only one who has been through this, I'm sure of it. Almost every girl,
even boys, have dealt with some miserable shit stain on the underpants of society who
gets off by sexually harrassing those around him, because his friends get a kick out
of it. It doesn't make you cool, if just lands you in a whole mess of trouble in the
You see, for the past year, I've been dealing with this group of kids. Evan told me
to ignore them, but I just couldn't. It all started when I had stayed after school
for my friend and her club meeting. One of the admittedly cuter members of the club
had come over to sit by me while the others were on the other side of the room (We
were actually in the cafeteria), and the teacher was talking to some of the other
kids. He found it fit to grab my arm and bite down on it, and I winced, because it
had hurt. The boy had fangs like a wolf. He grinned at me, before leaning in towards
me and saying, "You know, that noise really got me hard."
Now, what the fuck am I supposed to say to that? 'Oh, I'm sorry'? For the love of
Christ! So I just sat there, staring at him, before I looked away and tried to avoid
him. He asked me if I didn't believe him, and said he would prove it. I tried to say
'I'll take your word for it' but he had grabbed my hand and placed it on the crotch
of his pants. He began to move my hand around, practically making me give him a
handjob, before he stood up and winked at me, and wandered off. I didn't really know
what to do.
So the bastard comes back a few minutes later with his friends, and I'm trying to act
like nothing happened. Of course, he can't just let that be. One of them said, "Dude,
you seem to have some major action going on in your nether regions" and he responded,
"Yeah, Elizabeth just gave me a handjob a few minutes ago." And I was shocked. I was
so fucking pissed beyond belief! The others wouldn't believe me, because that little
shit face had came in his pants or something, and stuffed his hand in his pants and
pulled it out, and he had semen or whatever on his index finger. So they all started
asking if I could give them oral, and were laughing like everything was funny beyond
I stormed off, and sat behind the wall, waiting for my friend's mom to pick us up.
That little bastard followed me, and started asking if he could stick his hand down
my shirt. I told him no, and he glared at me before pushing against me and saying,
"It's rape time" and attempting to tug on my shirt. I freaked out, and he pulled
away, grinning. He said he was just Joking. I don't care if that's what it was, it
had me pissed.
So the next day, he goes and tells his girlfriend. She comes up to me, screaming at
me and calling me a dirty whore. I tried to explain the story, but she wouldn't pay
attention. She just kept screaming at me. 
After they broke up, I became good friends with her, but still, it had hurt me that
he had been telling everybody some story that made it sound as if I had jumped at
him, when he had been doing all of this to me. I felt dirty and disgusting, and for
weeks, I couldn't look my parents in the face.
Matters were made worse when his friend joined in, and would come up to me in the
hallway, slam me into the lockers (Nearly breaking my spine in the process) and grind
into me, and say all of these lewd things. Whenever he wanted to pass me a note, he
would slip it down my shirt. And everybody around would laugh like it was funny,
except Katherine, who was his ex girlfriend, and was pissed. She never did anything
to stop them from messing with me, but her and three other friends of mine were angry
beyond belief with the entire situation. They didn't stop when my friends confronted
them, they just denied it and made me sound like a liar.
 I hate them.
I really, really do hate them.

kattany3 says:   25 May 2008   148871  
Omg man. serously guys who do that are good for nothing.i blame the
parents for they didnt raise them right.
feh says:   25 May 2008   898794  
You can't blame the parents.
Many of today's serial killers and rapists had loving parents, it's
just, they chose to walk the path they now walk.
But I agree. They're not good for anything.
BriannaLK says:   26 May 2008   837253  
disgusting. i would have prolly done what u did....or kick them in
the face.cuz thats just how i m
feh says:   26 May 2008   488887  
I couldn't really do much at the time, because I wasn't sure of what
I could do aside from avoid them, which didn't work out for me.
i_am_not_emo says:   26 May 2008   166551  
Those idiots are disgusting.  Something similar to that happened to
me, but not as bad as it happened to you.  Basically, rumors about me
were spreading, calling me somewhat of a slut, even though none of
them were true.  Some boys also began to harass me, along with passing
me a note that said, "I want to she-bang (which I'm guessing means
fuck) you hard"; I stabbed a hole through it.  Seriously, why do guys
like to torment us for no reason?!  It makes me sick.
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   26 May 2008   411252  
I currently have the sam problem in 5th period at my school. This
dude Lamont keeps making these sex noises and tries to touch me in
places he isn't supposed to touch. I HATE IT. He has a girlfriend, her
name is Yennifer. I am her close friend too! I told her and all she
said "Oh. He is Just Playing". No, he ain't. he almost touched my
breast and starts looking at them. It really bothers me. And, the
teacher doesn't even notice! And we are in front of the class. I
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   26 May 2008   112473  
feh says:   26 May 2008   194198  
They think that it's all just a joke, and apparently, they've never
heard of the whole 'no means no' thing. If you wear a certain outfit,
act a certain way, they think you'ure vying for their attention, and
they end up messing with you. They don't care about the consequences,
as long as they get whatever they want. Be careful, yours could get to
my magnitude.

Something similar happened to me in 4th Period gym. I had been sitting
by one of my best friend's boyfriends and my other friend's boyfriend,
and the gym teacher, a woman, was sitting right next to us. The one
grabbed my hand and hooked his other arm around my waist, and started
doing something to my hand so I made noises that made me sound like a
slut, while the other undid my bra. I was crying for the teacher, and
she didn't even give a damn. Society pisses me off.
‹A role to play› whispers:   27 May 2008   163431  
Peope are sick. Really really sick. That's why I'm scared to grow up.
I hope that you have a better day and that those sickos suffer.
feh says :   27 May 2008   315364  
I hope it, too. :/

Next entry: "I'm treating somebody who did nothing wrong to me like shit! Take
that, society!"
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