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Tuesday, 20 May 2008
12:33:58 PM (GMT)
Hi. I'm going to write about myself in detail here so my profile doesn't get huge
and puts people off reading it! Some things I say here I will have already said on my

My name is LongShot. I don't wish to disclose personal information so I won't reveal
my name, address ect. I chose the name because, well... I've had it for as long as I
can remember and it sticks in my mind. So I won't be forgetting it!

I like so many things. So, I'll organise them into neat paragraphs to make it easier
to read.



I love Doctor Who. Sometimes, after a great episode, I ramble on and on about it! So
if you talk to me on a Saturday night, after 7 'o clock, I think I'll be pretty
hyper! I'd probably spell things wrong and repeat things and go on and on and keep
asking if you watched it! Ha ha.

I also watch Torchwood. If anybody knows it. I don't think it is as popular as Doctor
Who. I only watch it because Captain Jack is in it. Now that it has ended for a
while... Can't wait for it to come back on!

The Simpsons. I'm only writing about this because I mentioned it on an Q&A earlier. I
don't watch it as much as Doctor Who and Torchwood and I aren't as hyper about it
either. But it's still good.

Okay, on to the soaps. I only watch two: Hollyoaks and Eastenders. Out of them both,
the winner is Eastenders.

I don't really watch any anime.. Sorry...



I like all sorts of books. I like Harry Potter, for example. I can sit and read J.K.
Rowling all day! Ha ha

I love writing aswell. I write a lot. Some of it isn't half-bad, either!



I'm forever on the computer. Sometimes revising, others on games. Now I have Kupika
to go on! Hopefully I won't be bored now! hat's good! I hate being bored!


That's it for the likes. Now on to the dislikes!


Loosing on games. If I loose I will hunt you down and kill you! Nah, just kidding! Ha
ha ha


I don't really have any dislikes... So I'll move on.

Now... I'm single. But not looking for any sort of relationship on the internet.
Please don't ask me to go out with you! I won't say 'yes' becuase I don't want to
have a relationship over the web, and I won't say 'no' because I'd hate to hurt a
person. Kinda puts me in a tricky position!

I think I've covered most things. So that'll be it. I think I've rambled on a bit,
and if you've read all that you're definitly worth of a friend!



BethWantstoHaveALongUsername says:   20 May 2008   862193  
I ♥ the Simpsons :D

But what's a Doctor Who? :/
LongShot says :   20 May 2008   999796  

It is like the best TV programme ever!

Ha ha


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