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Saturday, 10 May 2008
10:49:27 AM (GMT)
so some people might already that i have my little stories tat i call skitzos
basicly because its me talking to myself or rather diffrent parts of myself i usualy
use it when im bored or when i wanna let someone know how i feel. it was originaly o
ly accesible on myspace but im thinking about putting some on here if thats okay i
just wanna make it acccsible to ALL my friends heres preview and theese are only a
couple that i did recently....


Raven: hello and welcome some of you may be woundering why is leah/raven posting
theese stupid things?

Leah: Well we have the reasons why!

MM: Others might be woundering why should i care?

DA: We have reasons for that too!

~charecter intro~
Hello I am george Leah/Ravens Bisexual imaginary friend Leah/Raven made me to show
off her smart allicy bi side! 

Hello im Raven/Leah's daughter she adopted me on kupi and she uses me to show off her
calm and sweet and commen scence type side!

Karou: im karou and raven//leah adopted me on kupi just like my sis and bro who you
will meet shortly Raven/leah uses me to show of her playfull boyish side.

im Damo...Raven/Leah uses me to show off her quiet and intelligent side.

Im eclipse im a demon cat that came from my momy lunar and solar raven/leah uses me
for basicly talking about her own self behind her back confussing isnt it?

Solar: hello i am eclipose's father i am demonic through and through and raven/leah
uses me to have conversations with my daughter about her and thats about it....

MM: hellow im.....i cant say but Raven uses me well she doesnt use me she talks to me
i am her metor or atleast i wish i were she wont except it yet but soon she shall
untill then i am her step mom...

DA: im....i cant say either but Raven doesnt use me either i am like a step father to
her i keep MM away so that she doesnt get caught up in her web of lies but i am
dating that girl ((MM)) so i still let her from time to time...

Raven: hello im raven and Leah uses me to express her inner feelings.

Leah: hi im leah and raven uses me to express her outer feeling what she uses to hide
what/who she realy is or how she realy feels!

hello im lucy and im basicly taking the place of damo while hes gone to colledge but
with a bit of childish fun in the!

Rei: hi im rei i am the child part of raven/leah she uses me to explain how she would
deal with things if she wanted to....

mina and minako: 
((are still baby but are basicly for amusement porpuses only))

Raven: Question #1 why should i reade theese stupid things?

Leah: because sometimes it shows how i feel about a situation and what i might do to
change it, other times it tells about what went on today or whats goin on in my life
and sometimes it leaves clues and hints to what i wish someone would ask me

George: Question #2 how do we tell if your hinting

Raven: usualy ill leaving you guessing there was one where i said kill him no dont
kill him and people thought it to be amusement when in actuality it was me...

kimiko: #3 Why do you do theese

Leah: bordem...entertainment...practice.... and to express feeling realy.

Rei: why shouldnt i read theese

Raven: some hints are directed twards cetain people and sometimes i dont wann show it
other times i wish to keep things secret and wanted it to be on the shush
shush....sometimes its cause im bored!

there you have it!


*~*~*~*~*~* ANY QUESTIONS? *~*~*~*~*~*

Raven and Leah: leave a comment and ill be sure to answer them soon *wink* 


~~this ones from this morning~~
leah: todays topic is random shit because raven/leah is bored xD

raven: bored bored bored bored bored bored bor-


leah: i never said you could return

kimiko: but you brought us in on the last one so now we shall stay!

raven: fuck >_> 

mina and minako: MOMMY! *runs to leah/raven*

leah: oh yeah it was your demonic b-day recently wasnt it?

mina and minako: yes!

rei: it was mine to mom

lucy:and mine

kimiko: mine as well

george: it was also karous and damos 

raven: do you all have a demonic b-day together?

george: yeah they do because guess what stupid person wanted it that way?

leah: RAVEN DID XD! 

george: leah did to

raven and leah: damn

raven:so how old are you guys?

kimiko: im now lets see 16

rei: im....10

lucy: im 11

mina and minako: and were 5

george: damo and karou are around 23 now and solar and eclipse dont age so theres no
way to tell at this point.

MM: im still as old as yesterday

DA: and im as old as her.

rei: sigh* well i have to many kids >_> lets start training mina and minako :D

mina and minako: wha?

leah: come on you two shall becom assasins mina i want you to go with kimiko and
train in home echinomics then at precicly 4 'o clock you will go to george and learn
geography and then at 7' o clock you will come back with me and we shall learn lots
of stratagies by playing chess because i have noone to play with xD

raven: minako i want you to come with me and i shall teach you language of any kind
you choose...then at 4'o clock you will go to kimiko and learn weponary at 7 'ocklock
you will go to george and learn defenceive techniches.

kimiko and goerge: how long have you been planning this? 

leah: scince biltmore!

raven: Oh and i need to do something else *puts blind fold over minaand puts earplugs
in minako* you mina work on your hearing *talks slowly and spells out words in sighn
language* and you minako work on your sight...

mm: this wont work raven

leah: yes it shall!

DA: why blind folds and earplugs?

leah: because 1 of two things can happen minako could have 20 20 vision or it could
mess up her vission and she could have great hearing and vis versa with mina either
way it works out.

MM: and why home ecinomics?

raven: simply said if i die or if my plans go accordingly one of them needs to know
how to do shit and clean up the mess the other makes.

DA: what about language?

leah: well they could go all around the world :D

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