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Saturday, 3 May 2008
07:12:16 PM (GMT)
I stole this from mah sistar, Jasminah. <3 -typing weird today-

Okay, let's begin! When did you join Kupika?
Err, summer 2007 I think? o_o

And how many friends lists are you on?
75+ I think.

And what about blacklists?
Two. :D Knowing Kupika, though, I wish it was more. n_n

Do you have any dedicated haters?
Oh yes.

Who is the best person you've met on here?
Well, there's Ciel, Berry, Nataval, and plenty of others. They're awesome. X) Oh! And
how could I ever forget the awesome Lyncheh? She's one of my favorites. <333 Best
person ever. :D

Out of every single member, which one would you like to meet up with?
Er, sorry, but no.

Name your favourite five Kupikan artists?
Hm. I've always loved Doop's work, along with Yuyu's, Kushina's, my sister Jasmine's
and Bizzahra's. :D

What is your favourite club that you're a member of?
I only have one club -- mine -- and I love it~ <3

What is your favourite part of your avatar?
I love the pink ribbons. =^^=

Do you know who Hina is?
Kupika's overlord. :D

Are you part of the large 'Tokio Hotel' cult on Kupika?
Psh. No thanks, I'll pass. -_-;

Are you part of the even larger 'Animé&Manga' cult on Kupika?
Hm... I suppose so, but I don't fangirl over anything. XD

Have you listened to, or were you part of the 2007 Kupika Xmas song?

How did you discover Kupika?
My sister Jasmine nagged me to join for a week. XD

Are you part of the KupiBeta club?
What? :O

How many roleplay clubs are you a member of?
None. I can't stand roleplay.

How many stars are you?
Five. ;3

Do you know the secret of how to get 5 stars?
You need 11+ thumbs up on your profile, I believe.

How much KP do you have at the moment?
158. XD I need more. O_O

And finally, do you know me, Bootheghost?
I know who you are, but I don't believe we've met. -handshake- :D

I go play Star Fox or Brawl now. :D -wanders off- <3
Last edited: 3 May 2008

Mewmewkitten says:   3 May 2008   638174  
You could meet up with me, Nicole! :D
sugartastic says:   3 May 2008   686425  
And we live together, so I guess it's okay. :D
Mewmewkitten says:   3 May 2008   398434  
Yes. I was ignoring it at first. I was like -omgomgmgogmbbq who is
dis by- And ignored... D: -cough-pretends to be random with the bbq
thing-cough- But I clicked it. -meets up with you by the laptop.- :D
sugartastic says:   3 May 2008   252178  
I have no idea what you just said. c:
Lyncheh says:   4 May 2008   362934  
-Glomp tackle-
Renrenrenren is teh best~ <3
sugartastic says :   4 May 2008   645929  

Srsly. <3333

-hugs- ♥♥♥ :')


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