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Sunday, 9 March 2008
11:25:38 AM (GMT)
Okay, so this is an actual story thingy that I've started, but I'm not very far. I'm
not going to post the whole thing on here, but I want some people to read it and tell
me what they think. It's called Dream Story because I've had two dreams that were
similar, and they both turned into a scene in this story. This is the first chapter.


“Come on Sofia, it’s going to rain!” Blake shouted as he glanced at the sky.
The clouds were dark and ominous, and the news had said that there would be light
showers throughout the day. “I don’t want to be soaked to the bone by the time we
get to school.”

“Hold on just a minute, I’m tying my shoes.” When Sofia had tied her shoes, she
stood up. As she grabbed her backpack, she said, “I’m ready, let’s go.” 
It was around seven twenty-five in the morning on Blake and Sofia’s first day of
school. Their parents had had to leave early, and told them to be out of the house by
seven thirty.

Blake was a tall boy of 15, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His sister Sofia was
9 and looked just like him, except that she had bright blue eyes. Their mom was a
professor at the local University and their dad was a lawyer at a big firm in the

As Blake walked out onto the front steps, thunder boomed off in the distance. He felt
Sofia brush against him as she went to get their bikes. After he locked the door he
got on his bike and chased after his sister, who had taken off without him. 

About ten minutes later they were locking up their bikes beside their schools. They
both walked between the schools, but turned in opposite directions once they got to
the end of the school. Sofia turned right, towards the playground that was behind her
school. Blake turned left, towards the football field. Kids weren’t allowed into
the buildings until the first bell rang, so they hung around behind the schools until

As Blake walked up to the football field, he saw his friend Conner talking to a girl
he didn’t know. She was a tall, lean African-American with her head covered in tiny
braids, which were shaking with laughter. 

“Oh, hey Blake,” Conner said when he saw Blake approaching him. “This is Alicia
Kennedy, she just moved in next door to me. Alicia, this is my friend, Blake

Blake was going to says something back, but suddenly a football came flying out of
nowhere. He caught it before it hit him on the head, and sent it soaring back in the
direction that it had come from. 

“What was that?” Alicia asked.

“You mean the football? You don’t know about football?” Blake asked, wondering
how someone could not know about football. 

“Oh that’s a football. I’ve never seen one up close before. Where I come from
we don’t play football, we play soccer.”

“Okay, well maybe you can explain some things for me…”

For the next ten minutes they discussed the many points of soccer. Thankfully, the
clouds held and didn’t shed a drop. When the bell rang, everyone on the football
field surged towards the door. Blake glanced towards the playground, and stopped in
his tracks. The Elementary School was supposed to let their students in five minutes
before the High School, but still he saw his sister walking around on the

Blake called out to his sister, but she ignored him. She was walking towards the
corner of the playground, where a man he didn’t recognize was standing. 

The man was tall, more than six feet, and had dark red hair. He was wearing something
that looked like long brown robes, so long that they brushed the ground.

Suddenly, there was a flash of neon green light. There was a rectangle of light on
the ground, similar to a door, and Sofia was walking towards it. Blake called out to
her again, and then started running towards her. The man was walking with Sofia now,
and they were both heading towards the door. By the time that Blake was half-way
across the field that separated the football field and the playground, they were at
the door. 

Blake paused, knowing that he could do nothing from where he was. He watched as Sofia
and the man pause at the door for a moment, and then continue on. They walked through
the doorway, but they were slowly fading, growing harder and harder to see. Then,
just when Blake had lost track of where they were, there was another flash of green
light, and the doorway disappeared along with Sofia and the mysterious man.

Blake couldn’t believe it. There’s no way on earth that that just happened.
It’s physically impossible for something like that to happen. Normal people don’t
just disappear right through some door that wasn’t there a minute before.

Blake turned around to see if anyone else had seen what he had just saw. He saw
Conner and Alicia at the edge of the football field, staring at him. He started to
run towards them, and when he was close enough he called out, “Did you just see
what I think I saw?”

They both nodded, and Alicia moaned loudly. Conner glanced at his watch and said,
“I know that we all aren’t really sure of what happened, but I’m sure of one
thing. I really don’t want to be late on the first day of school. Come to my house
after school, and we’ll talk then.”

Blake and Alicia agreed, and then all three of them ran to the building, making it in
just before the bell rang.

As Blake walked to his first period class, he couldn’t help but think that this was
probably the absolute worst way to start the first day of school.


Like I said, please read and it and let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

Link_13 says :   22 April 2009   447611  
I think that this is a cool way to start a book! I will have to let
you read one of mine sometime.


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