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Thursday, 6 March 2008
05:10:52 PM (GMT)
About Me:

Name: Aron [D: I know right.]
Birthday: 5 March. It was yesterday infact :D

Birthplace: Galway. And for all the Americans out there, yes, that is in Ireland, and
no, I am not a Leprecaun.

Current location: Galway. In a house. Beside a computer. 

Eye color:  Meh, I say green, my friends say blue. 

Hair Color:  It's kind of like, puke brown? :P

Height: I don't know. 

Heritage: Irish! We Irish have a natural immunity to alcohol :D

Piercings:  None, sadly. My mom won't let me. I was fuck-shited that day so bad.

Tattoos:  None, again. 


Band/Singer: Linkin Park, they beat everything! Forever :P.. Except the Beatles. How,
you may ask, can a guy like Linkin Park and the 

Beatles, at the same time? Well, everytime something like that happens in Ireland, a
wizard did it. 

Song: Crawling, No More Sorrow, Help [The Beatles.]

Genre of Music: Em.. Were to begin.

Color(s): Black, yellow xD

TV show(s): South Park, Sponge Bob. He rocks all yer socks. 

Movie(s):  ALL HORROR, Tim Burton, ETC;

Food: Sushi, anything from the sea, thats not a scuba diver.

Store:  The food store place ._.

Number: 7. Plainly.

Drink: Capri Sun. They are way too badass for all you losers.

Clothing Brand: Vans.

Shoe Brand: DC?

Animal: Llama. Wanna know what my Xbox live tag is? Do ye? *-* Snow Llama.

Pizza topping: Depends. 

Season:  Winter, it is very peaceful.

Month: No duh, December. Free *hit. 

Holiday: Christmas :D.. Free stuff.

Flower:  My sex forbids me to answer that question. 

This or That:

Sunny or rainy:  Rainy. 

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla, chocolate makes me sneeze. ._.

Fruit or veggie: Fruit, kiwi's are the sex.

Night or day:  Night, rain, makes a good impression on my personality right *-*

Sour or sweet: Sweet? What kind of question is that.

Love or money:  Love, is all you need!

Phone or in person:  In Person..? That's retarded..

Poor & happy or rich & miserable:  Poor and Happy! I'd just money flirt my way to
victory xD

Looks or personality: Personailty.. Looks are not relavent. 

Coffee or tea: I hate both.

Hot or cold: Hot..?


Goal for this year: Kill that dam fly. 

Most missed memory: Opening my eyes for the first time. That must have been funny xD

Best physical feature:  Eyes, and, actually never mind.. *-*

First thought waking up:  Damn. I'm still living.


Do you wanna get married:  Yes, eventually. 

Do you wanna have kids:  Yup, like 2. 

If so, how many:  2! Deux, do. 

Do you wanna go to college: No *hit!

What do you want to be: I have absoloutly no idea.

Do You:

Dance in the rain:  No, I prefer to walk..

Smoke:  No, I've tried, it sucks. 

Drink:  I'm Straight Edge, but I've tried.. 

Shower daily: Everyday at 6:30 :D

Like thunderstorms: Fucking awesome. 

Curse: Fucking way too much.

Sing: From what I've heard x]

Play an instrument:  Guitar, violin. 

Think you are good looking:  Not really, no. 

Get along with your parents: They can get *ucked.

Other Questions:

Can you whistle:  Yes, of course. 

Right or left handed:  Right, both

Your bedtime:  Whenever.

Biggest fear: Death ._.

3 things you can't live without:  Friends, Music, and love. 

Color of your room: Don't ask. 

Siblings: Nah, my parents just basicly did each other and then left. 

Middle name: Jack

Pets: Dog, Molley, Cuteness incarnate. 

Nicknames: Uh. My hair is of the curly tendency, so lets not even mention it..

For or against gay marriage:  Most def for it.

Thoughts on abortion: To quote Juno: 'All Babys want to get borned!' :P

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: The moon

Do you wear contacts/glasses:  Nope.

Are you afraid of the dark: I love the dark..

They were good nacho's I just ate xD

Repost? I don't care. But if you actually read this, bravo.

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