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Mayhem in Midtown Manhattan 3Category: (general)
Wednesday, 13 February 2008
10:03:45 PM (GMT)
This is the third part to my story, Hope u enjoy it ^_^ 

I did not move and I heard them getting closer and closer. I panicked then I knew I
had no choice. I had to go in the ally. It was either that or to stay out here with
these people. I am so scared but I to trust. I started to walk; I went into the ally
way and nothing happened yet. I just kept on walking and then I heard footsteps
behind me. My heart started pounding harder and harder. I am really terrified now; I
heard more footsteps following me. I start walking faster and faster. I started
running and I say the end of the ally way but then the opening was blocked by a gang.
I stopped and looked both ways, I was trapped. I could not run anywhere, so I just
stood there and thought of what to do. They started coming towards me and I kept
walking backwards until I hit the wall. I ducked then everything went blank ….. 

An hour later I woke up. I was on a bed and I sat up straight. My head was foggy and
I could not remember much about what happened from the ally way. 

                  “Oh good your ok and awake.” Someone said.

                  “Um … yeah, where am I?” I asked.

                  “At my house.” They answered.

I got up from the bed and started walking. I left the bedroom and went to the living

                  “Sit down.” The voice told me.

I sat down on the couch and looked around to my surprise it was the taxi driver and
he brought me something to eat. 

                  “You must be hungry here.” He said. 

                  “Thanks.” I replied “I didn’t get a chance to ask you this
the first time  we met.” 

                  “Ok. Ask away.” He said. 

                  “What’s your name?” I asked. 

                  “Martin, my name is Martin.” He answered. “You?” 

                  “It’s Keva.” I responded. “So, what happened?”

                  “You mean in the alley way?” Martin asked.

                  “Yeah in the alley way.” I answered. 

                  “Well actually, I followed you after you left.” Martin said.
“I knew you would get into trouble.” 

                  “Yeah, well thanks …… If you hadn’t then I don’t know
what would have happened.” I said. 

                  “No problem.” He said sighing.

There was a long silence. I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. I didn’t
want to say anything stupid to him. All that came out of my mouth was, 

                  “After you followed me what did you do?” 

                  “That was a stupid question.” I thought to myself.

                  “After I followed you I ….” He said.

                  “Oh my God! You’re bleeding!” I interrupted him. 

                  “Yeah, I know.” He said. 

                  “Let me help you.” I said getting up and walking toward him. 

                  “Um … No I can do it. I don’t need help.” He replied.

                  “Are you sure?” I ask.

                  “Yes I’m sure.” He responded.

                  “Look, here, let me help you.” I request. “There, that
wasn’t so bad now was it?”  

He nodded and said no. 

                  “How did it happen?” I asked quietly.

                  “As I was saying, after I followed you there were lots of gangs
following you. When you ducked I think you fainted or got hit in the head or
something.” He answered. 

                  “I think I did.” I said laughing.

                  “After that I got into a fight with them and one of them stabbed
me.” He continued. 

                  “Wow …. Why did he do it, did he do it for me or what was it
for?” I asked myself. “Why go through all that for someone you don’t know.” 

I kept questioning myself and was not really paying attention to what he was saying
and then I lost in my thoughts ……

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