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Saturday, 2 February 2008
02:02:36 AM (GMT)
i got this from kat3384

Name: brittany
Nickname(s):  britt or britty
What is your name backwards? ynattirb
Age:  14
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 10/03/1993 
School/Year:  high school grade 9
Height:  5'3 im short lol hate it
Weight:  97 pounds
Ring Size:   Have no idea.. 
Shoe Size:   6
Hair Color:  sandy blonde
Zodiac Sign: libra
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  Boyfriend ^.^
Best Friends: sarah, brooke, terri, alain, ray, daylen, breanna, sam, lots more
Body Type: O
Do you care about what others think of your physical appearance?  Yeah, alot
Does anyone stalk you? yes this 31 year old man whos in jail know he used to send me
emails and id find him sneaking around my house alot too
Do you use lotion on your feet? sometimes..
Are you happy with your life? kind of
How many hours of sleep do you get every night? 3-5 im on the phone all night

Are you scared of anything at all? Yeah.
What? spiders and rats
Do you have a cell phone? Yeah.
What kind is it?  i phone
How many contacts do you have? 247
Do you label other people? maybe
Do you make fun of other people? If they wanna try and start shit then fucking right
Do you have low self-esteem?  no
Do you believe in true, selfless happiness? uh..  
Do you believe there's a someone for everyone? Yes

Have you ever... 

Bullied someone? No
Nearly died? yah when i couldnt find my cell phone
Broken the law? yea
Gotten drunk?  yah
Gotten a nose bleed?   Nope.
Wished you could get away with something? Heh..yeah. 
Thought of killing someone? Yeah..
Gone to an island? yah p.e.i
Kissed someone in the rain?  yea loved it
Helped a stranger? Yeah.

Would you Ever..
Sacrifice everything for a friend? Definately.
A lover? Yes.
Give your life for a friend? Yes. 
A lover?  Yes.
Give your life to save a stranger's? Probably. 

Do you have a burn book? maybe
Do you have bad things about people in it?perhaps   
What's your favorite Band? Tokio Hotel.. they fucking rock
Have you seen this band play? yeah i loved it
Do you play guitar hero? yea
If so are you good at it?no not rlly im better on a real guitar
Do you own any video game consoles? Yeah. 
Favorite type of movies you prefer to watch?  horror with a cute guy
Do you have a car? no my mom has an escalade and she frives me were ever i tell her
What color is it? black
Do you drive with one hand or two?   Don't drive.
Where if your not home where can people most likely find you? mall , sket park,
snowboarding hill, or my friends house

Who do talk to the most? no one they run to talk to me lol
What's your favorite color to wear? black
Do you sing in the car?  Hehe, I sure do!
Have you ever eaten sushi?  yea my dads a chef its deliciouse
What is your favorite fruit? rasberries
Do you love ramen noodles?   Yes!! o.o 
What is your favorite TV show?  hell date or life of ryan or the hills
Do you watch American Idol? -.- Nope.  
Blondes, brunettes, or redheads? Brunettes
Do things usually go 'Your way'?  yes
Have you ever called another girl a slut?  when they r 1 yes
Are you always talking about your friends behind their backs? No 

Do you like the taste of beer? not rlly but ill still drink it
Have you ever been slapped on the butt? yes every where i go especially dances...lets
just say im never dancing alone thats for sure lol
Have you ever made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Lol! Yeah  
What ¡s your favorite donut? double chocolat dipped
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? I don't know =/ Why don't u ask them yourself?
Do you like to party?  hell yah
Do you get drunk?  sometimes
Do you throw up afterwards? no im too good for that  
If you could be anywhere right now where you would be? swimming in a heated pool with
some hott guys 
Have you ever walked into a closed door you thought was open? xD Yeah!
What do you think of 'reality' TV?  okay i guess
Who do you think should be People Magazine's sexiest man of the year? ryan sheckler
damn he is fine
Who is your favorite American Idol? chris daughtry..iunno i dont watch it lol
What color is your toothbrush? purple
Who was the last girl to ride in your car? kristen shes fucking awsome
Who was the last boy to ride in your car? ryan kristens twin brother hes awsome too
Who was the last person that texted you?  daylen yay
Do you like to draw?  yeah actually im pretty good but i suck ass on the computer
Do you have a lot of pillows on your bed?  Yah i have 9 pillows and 11 stuffed
animals lol 
How many windows are in your room? 2!!! my room is huge yes
Do you ever do your homework?   no if i dont get everything done in class oh well
Have you ever received flowers from someone? yes every valentines day
What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time? iunno whatever i choose
Do you straighten your hair every day? yes who doesnt
Can you dance?  yes
Are you a virgin? Yes O.O
Have you ever lied about being a virgin? no  
What kind of music do you listen to? Rock/Alternative, Hip Hop, Pop, rap sumtimes
Do you like BBQ's? Yeah there funn
Do you swear?  Sometimes.. when im mad
Ever changed someone's life? I think so..  my moms lol
When's the last time you cried?  when i found out that my grand father was in the
hospital last night 
What do you look for in a guy?  I want him to be nice, caring, will always be there
and he has to be alil bit cute atleast
Do you consider yourself nice or mean? i can be both 
What makes you mad? My mom.. and brother joey (N)
Do your wear flip-flops? Sometimes.. whenn i go to the beach:D
Do you yell at people when you get mad at them? Yeah i yell at my mom but i feel bad
about it afterwards but my brother i dont feel bad about it lol
Where were you 6 hours ago?  At home.. duh
Are you a sports fan?  yeah
What are you going to do on your 21st birthday? I don't know. what do u think i
should do   
Have You Ever Watch A Foreign Film? no 
Two Best Friends' Name? ashley and terri
Goriest Movie You've Ever Seen? 300.
What do people call you? popular hott sexy nice perfect stuff like that lol
Do people ever pronounce/spell your name wrong? yea
Do you like cheerleaders? yea i am one
How often do you exercise?  Everyday. gota keep in shape
What are your weekend plans..hang out with my friends n do w.e i feel like doing
What's Your Middle Name?  jocelyne
Have You Ever Smoked Pot?  nope
Has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes? Yeah..all the time
What's the latest you've ever stayed up? all night
What's your favorite prank-call line? I don't kno. i dont waste my time
What is your average bowling score? 125 i suck ass
Is rap severely overrated? . . . . 
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? kind of sometimes
Do you have any secrets?  Yeah..
Do you like your handwriting? sometimes 
Do you think life has been good so far?   yea
Do you get good, satisfactory, or horrible grades in school? good   
What's your favorite pair of shoes?  my black and white skull ones
Is your room clean? average

What brand of jeans do you wear?  bongo. n apple bottom lol
Do you care about the environment? Yeah.
What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? i walked into a glass window
cuz i thought it was a door and know they have a sign there that says `this is not a
door lol
The shirt I am currently wearing is: is my pj shirt that says get off my cloud with a
care bear
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?  no that waters poluted gross
What's your favorite old school Nickelodeon show?  popeye the sailor 
Do you go to the beach at least once a week in the summer?  yea like every day
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?  Hell no.
Have you ever gotten so drunk you can't remember anything? maybe
How many colors has your hair been in your life? 3
What is the 3rd line of the song you are currently listening to?  thank u its been
another bloody monday

How often do you eat out?  once a day
What kind of camera do u have? umm a regular one duh one that takes picture
Do u have a favorite commercial? i hate commercials
What is the most expensive piece of jewelry/accessory you own? A ring that was my
grand mothers wedding ring its priceless and means the world to me 
How much was it?  priceless
Have you ever had a conversation with someone in a different language? I don't think
Do you believe in life on other planets? No.
Have you ever had lice?  Nope i take care of myself
Which friend's house do you spend the most time at? ashleys 
What side of the heart do you draw first?  The right side.
Can you dive without plugging your nose?  Yeah x]
What's your favorite purfume?  its called so...lovable
Would you rather wear Lip Gloss or Lip Stick?  Lip Gloss
Do you own a hair straightner?  Yeah x]
What ¡s the biggest problem in the world today? child abuse.
How many pillows do you sleep with?  3
What color is your best friends hair?  Black
What ¡s the worst excuse you've ever given to not go out with a guy? i g2g babysit
right know laterz
Ever used a lame excuse when dumping a guy? yah
Ever had a guy dump his girl for you? yeah but i still wont date him his gf was my
Ever been called a tease? yah
Ever honk at a hot guy walking down the street? yah. honk for hotties duh   
Are you a smart ass, dumb ass, or hard ass?  Smart Ass xD
Do you love the movie 300? no i hate it
What about Blades of Glory? i love it, its hilarious
Do you like your handwriting? yah
Ugliest color you've ever seen? umm... rusty orange yuck
Does having matching socks matter to you? no
sex.. good or bad? im still a virgin
Lamest pick-up line ever? i lost my number can  i have yours....: its used way to
often on me know i say ull find urs eventually and walk away
Worst way to die? Getting stabbed to death.
What's the most useless class in school? history!!!!!!! great nap time tho
Something you're allergic to? Blueberries 
What song are you listening to?  scream by tokio hotel
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? turqoise  
What's the weather like right now? snow/ice storm fucking sucks ass
What is your favorite quote? save a heart break a penis,n, ne1 can catch ur eye but
it takes some1 special  to catch ur heart, n, u dont have the key to my heart i
changed the locks
What do you feel like doing? Sleeping.
When cuddling, what body part do you most enjoy being touched? my lips when were
kissing duh
What's your favorite pair of shoes? my black n white vans duh
Who can make you smile even when you're in the worst mood ever? daylen hes the
sweetest thing ever im so glad i met him!
Who is your best friend and why?  terri shes funny n fun to be with ily terri
What do you love most about your significant other? the way he looks at me then
smiles oh it melts me..
Ever even been to a church? Yeah.
What is your favorite time period in history? the time wen they stopped recording it
What's one noise that really drives you crazy?  the phone it never stops ringing well
its not annoying when its daylen calling but...
Have you ever been prank called?  Nope.
Does anyone ever call you random? Lol, yeah.
Ever tripped in public? yea all the time but i dont care if they dont like it they
can shove it up there ass lol jk
Do you stutter when you talk?  Sometimes. wen im talking to daylen
Ever stalked someone at the mall? no
What was your last dream about? daylen they r always bout him
Do you watch comedy central often?  no
What is your most embarrassing moment?when my friend terri pushed me in the pyramid
of toilette paper at the store lol i got her back tho lol
What do you normally get when you go to McDonalds? a kids meal it has a toy with it
lol jk
Are you a normally happy person?  most of the time unless u make me mad
Do you miss Steve Irwin? T.T Yeah, that guy was awesome..may he rest in peace. 
Was it embarrassing when your doctor asked if you were sexually active? no i told him
i was a virgin and its none of his fucking business when im not ill inform him lol
What's the meanest prank you've ever pulled on anyone? i pushed terri in the pyramis
of toilette paper at the store muahahaha
Have you ever cried in a movie theater?  ^^; Yeah..
Are you a good sport or a sore loser? good sport i never lose
Do you force your way into conversations in which you are not involved?no everything
invovles me
Nutella: Yes or No?  no disgusting
Have you ever typed the wrong message to the wrong person? yah embaressing much lol
Can you be trusted with secrets? Yeah.
How old were you with first love?  8
Does your heart ever ache for anybody who has no family, money, etc? Yes.. 
What do you think will happen first cure for cancer or end of war in Iraq?  war the
scientists for cancer are idiots
Are you more of a cat or dog person? I'm a dog person i hate cats
Do you think its ok for your bf to go to strip clubs with friends? no anything he
wants he can get from me
When you're home alone, do you sing at the top of your lungs? Lol, I sure do 
Honestly, do you brush your teeth every night?  yes its gross if u dont and in the
Can you type fast?  yes with typos lol
How many people have you been in REAL love with? 1. daylen but...  
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?  no that would give my sibs a reason to come in
Describe your favorite pair of pajamas? pj pants that say somethings hott
Did you play with Barbie¢®¯s/G.I. Joes? no i hate those things
Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed? when i was
younger yeah know there aint nothing there if there was and it came out i would stab

Do you believe in aliens?  No
What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently? the eye
Are you a deep sleeper?  Yes
Do you tan easily?  yea
What is the best thing that has happened to you in 2006/2007?  i kissed daylen
What is the compliment you get from most people? omg ur beautiful geeze u make me
feel bad standing next to u cuz im not even close ... (makes me feel bad when they
say that)
What's your biggest fear? Being alone...
Do you live in the moment? yea
Do you have any secrets?  Yeah.
Are you confident?  sometimes
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? stitches 
Do you eat your veggies? yes u wot grow if not lol jk
If you could meet one of your online buddies right now who would it be? no one i dont
meet ppl off the net but daylen id meet him anywhere
Do long distance relationships work?  no
What kind of books do you read?  Fantasy, Romance,
Traffic/driving pet peeve?  when they wait for the stop sign to say go. grrr
On average, how many times a day does someone call you stupid/retarded/gay? never
Do you believe in Global Warming?  Yesh.
Name one food you will never even try:  cow stomach
What is your strangest paranoid fear? that when i walk down the street ima gonna get
raped : i carry a pocket knife around with me know geeze im so sad lol
What is the best form of revenge, physical or emotional? Emotional..I guess.
Ever cut yourself and had it not hurt until you looked at it?  Yeah.
Do you use sarcasm a lot? yeah with everyone lol

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