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Sunday, 20 January 2008
08:00:12 PM (GMT)
100 Truths 
001. Full name?  Celeste Skyla Quick Swindell Davis
002. Nickname?  Celeste Lestie Celestie-poo Sky
003. Single or taken?  taken
004. Zodiac sign?  libra
005. Male or female?  female
006. Elementary?  A.S.K
007. Middle?  Eldred
008. High?  Eldred
009. Eye color?  Changes
010. Hair color?  Orginally???
011. Long or short hair?  long
012. Shoe size?  8 1/2
013. Asthma?  yessum
014. Health freak?  nah
015. Height?  5' 4"
016. Do you have a crush on someone? lolz ofcourse
017. Do you like yourself?  not at all
018. Have piercings?  yesum getting more
019. Tattoos?  no getting some
020. Righty or lefty?  right wishes i was left
021. Sexual orientation?  i really dont know!  
022. School clique?  dont really have one

023. First piercing? ears
024. First best friend?  Sarah
025. First movie?  uhhhhhhh
026. First sport you joined?  Track
027. First pet?  Fish
028. First concert?  2 grade was in it lmfao
029. First crush?  idk!
030. First kiss?  Damein (day care center went out when we got older)
031. First love? uhm
032. First broken heart?  never really had it 
033. First stitches?  when i was a baby mii dad dropped me!
034. First broken bone?  never broke one
035. First grade teacher?  ugh uhh
036. First car?  Mustang (mom sold it)
037. First cell phone?  verizon through it at my brother 

Right Now: 
038. Im eating?  nothing
039. Im drinking? pineapple soda
040. Im listening to?  the game
041. Im workin on?  nadda
042. Im waiting on? love
043. Im wearing?  clothes
044. Im worried about? nothing
045. Im loving?  ugh nothing
046. Im missing? life
047. Im anticipating? eh

First thing that comes to mind: 
048. Kids? I want one soo bad
049. Marriage?  sooner or later
050. Career? Lawyer therapist 
051. Pickle?  yummy
052. Penny?  ew
053. Stop?  dont wanna
054. Donut?  FAT!
055. QuizPox.com?  wtf
056. Myspace.com?  mii life?
057. Debt?  safe
058. College? HARVARD!
059. Cupid?  going to beat him down
060. 777?  lucky

061. Lips or eyes?  eyes
062. Hugs or kisses?  kisses
063. Shorter or taller?  taller
064. Romantic or spontaneous? spontaneous  
065. Stomach or arms?  stomach!
066. Sensitive or loud?  LOUD!
067. Hook-up or relationship?  relationship
068. Older or younger? older
069. Richer or Poorer?  doesnt matter
070. Smart or witty?  wits!
071. Shy or outgoing? outgoing!
072. High maintenance or plain?  dont care
073. Glasses or contacts?  what do i care
074. Taurus or Gemini?  Gemini
075. Lots of friends or no friends? either one

076. Kissed a stranger?  yes
077. Lost your glasses or contacts? dont have either 
078. Lost your cell phone?  constantly
079. Broken any bones?  no
080. Broken someones heart?  ima heartbreaker!
081. Been arrested?  yes
082. Seen a hooker?  some of my best friends
083. Been to a funeral?  yeah.
084. Been to Las Vegas?  NEVER I NEED TO GO!
085. Bought off Ebay?  no
086. Cheated?  yes
087. Picked your nose and ate it? o god baby barf 
088. God?  no
089. Yourself?  sometimes
090. Miracles?  no
091. Love at first sight?  I cant say that i do being the fact that ive never seen a
man ive imeadately fallen in love with.
092. Heaven?  no
093. Santa?  SANTA! no
094. Fairies?  no
095. Kissing on the first date?  YEAH!
096. Angels?  no

097. Is there someone you want to be with right now?  yeah.
098. Is Superman really better than Batman?  NO WAY i frickin love batman!
099. Have you dated more than 1 person at the same time? you mean cheating? 
100. Do you believe in God? again? no

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