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wild party. this is a insane story of latisha.Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 December 2007
07:20:07 PM (GMT)
Hi i'm latisha. and this is a insane story. when it was my first time having a
slumber party. i invited over a lot of girls! about 12 or 13 girls. all the girls
were all hyper! they were  out of control! so i tried my best to calm them down.
maybe a scary story would calm them down. when i tried to tell a scary story, my
little cousin ran right up to me and lefted my shirt up! everyone saw my bra! it was
insaneble. then i quickly ran to the kitchen and made juice without sugar. i thought
it would calm them down. when i quickly ran into my room. i saw my room messed up.
and everyone was every where! i was so shocked. it looked like a wild party in my
room! then my cousin ran right under me then i falled over. i accidently falled on my
little cousin, she started to cry. and i spilled all the juice on floor! i picked up
my cousin. and i ran to the kitchen again. i grabbed some band-aids for her. then i
heard alot of banging. i  ran into my room again to see all the racket. i saw all my
friends pellow fighting! i tried to tell them to stop. then i got hitted on the face
by a pellow. i saw everything cold black. i didn't know what's happing to me! maybe i
was gonna be knocked out? then 15 minutes i woke up. i saw a huge big mess! i totally
screamed my head off! and everyone were gone! were could they be? so i ran everywhere
to see were are they. then i heard loud music!it was coming from my moms and dads
room! i ran in there as fast as i could! then i saw all my friends dancing and
singing. i tried to warn them to stop. then i went to the kitchen again. and i
grabbed some raw sushi off the fridge. it smelled like a dirty old sock! so i ran up
to the room again. and gave them all the sushi. they ate it all up next it was a bad
idea. then they started throwing up everywhere! ever disgusting! then i felt sick, i
almost felt like puking too! then i heard a car slam right outside. when i looked i
saw my parents! they were getting the food and stuff off the car. so i told all the
girls to help me clean up! they wouldn't listen! then my  parents walked inside i
heard the door slam and i heard my mom screamed! i quickly dashed to my parents and
they told me i was grounded! what? i couldn't be grounded from throwing up a slumber
party? so yea yea i wasn't allowed to throw up any slumber parties any more. but that
party was totally out of control! that aren't how you call a slumber party right?????

colagirl4 says:   30 December 2007   948177  
omg!that is such a bad slumber party.FELL SO BAD 4 U
Is_Latisha_There says:   30 December 2007   523999  
i know, it was like the WORSEST NIGHTMARE I EVER HAD!
‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   31 December 2007   391662  
OMG That sucks!!!!!!
Is_Latisha_There says:   31 December 2007   113324  
yea i know. that arent how you call a slumber party!
malcolm101 asks:   1 January 2008   236564  
why are there so much girls?                                         
              now that's a lot of girls i'm i right
Is_Latisha_There says :   1 January 2008   591489  
hey, why do u check my diaries and stuff? i said there's no boys
allowed! lol j/k


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