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Prelog to a posslible Vampire Story...Category: Stories
Monday, 10 December 2007
04:08:30 PM (GMT)
Marissa stood there at the edge of the rock quarry looking down into the dark glassy
water. The warm night didn’t bring her any comfort, only the cold hard facts seem
to weight on her mind. Suddenly a chill ran up her back, she hugged herself to stay
warm. “So you plan to end it all but jumping in?” A man’s voice said from
behind her. Marissa body shook slightly, “If I ended it all, it would end.”  The
moon sat above the night sky acting like a spot light upon the two. “It would never
end, you would only torture yourself.” He said as he came closer to her.  “Marcos
it’s been 231 years, I grow tired of this world. I have seen more then other and
done more then others. I want to rest, you owe me that much.” She said as her feet
came closer to the edge of the cliff. Marcos lowered his head, “Your life would
have been much simpler if our path never crossed.”  Suddenly Marissa turned around,
her eyes glaring at Marcos, “Simpler!” She said with a harass tone. “I was only
14 year old! A mere girl! How could you say that my life would have been simpler?”
Marissa said angrily looking at him. He looked at her with a smile upon his face,
“Ah, see that look1” He said as he reached out to touch her face. Marissa slapped
his hand away before he could touch her face.  “Perhaps it was wrong of me to make
you into the vampire so young. But you reminded me of my beloved of so long ago.”
Marcos said as he looked at her. “I could have died out on the street of London or
worst could have happened. Not saying becoming the dam wasn’t low on my list. But
you did save me in way and not saying I didn’t enjoy the things we did. I just grow
tired of this world, the people, places, and things. To be hunted by those, those in
which we made. I want it to stop.” Marissa said as she came closer to Marcos. She
reached out and took his hand and placed it to her chest. As Marcos looked into
Marissa’s bluish gray eyes she said to him, “Release me from my bonds, my
Master.” He reached out with his other hand pulling Marissa close to him he held
her slender body close to his. “I will stay with you just before dawn.” Marcos
said as he held her. The night lingered on and they remember the past and shared
moments of kiss. As early twilight came she looked at him, “It’s time.” Once
again Marissa faced the edge of the quarry in her dark red dress. Marcos came up
behind her holding her close to him, “For eternity I have search for you, and for
that moment I have found you and lost you.” With that said he bite her on the neck
taking the blood that flow through her veins. Leavening just enough, only enough. He
moved away from her and then vanished into the fading night. Marissa body swayed back
and forth, ‘eternity my beloved.’ She thought as she fell forward into the dark
glassy water. The morning light embraced her as she fell, causing her body to
shimmer, glow and burst into fire.  Before her body could hit the water it exploded
into a million pieces like fireflies scattering into the wind.

THE_HUSH_SOUND44 says:   11 December 2007   429136  
whoohooo ! nice ! i like it ! =]
xXBlackxOrchidXx says :   14 December 2007   966864  
Wow! please continue with your story I want to know more.


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