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DRAW or DIE .....a sketch odyssey.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
02:09:08 AM (GMT)
Hello, world!  

It's a famous greeting amung programmers.  Anyone learning how to program will make
the computer greet the world with "Hello, world"


My name is ...Odyssey.  No.  My name is Alpha.  Not quite.  My name is Abandoned.  A
most depressing sounding nickname and I know I'll regret choosing it.  I should had
picked "SheHatesMe" or Kwan Yin...or something like that.

Anyways, I randomly came across this site... not sure what it is.  I saw the infamous
word "Oekaki" and had to join.  I need a third, 3rd, site in which I can sketch my
heart out.  I need another since the other two, 2, had a rule of 'one sketch per
day'.  This rule was...annoying.  Of course, I can't go around breaking rules...so, I
did the next best thing:  Join a 3rd, third site.

I need 3 sketch sites in order to be more flexible...  I'd made a vow, just before
Halloween, to sketch 1, ONE, picture a day......or (minor cheat) to 'average one
sketch a day'.   One the practical side...  What if I had a great running idea?  What
if it can't wait?  I need the option of more than 1 or 2 sites.

Why the vow?  Simple...  I want to be a comic book artist.  I do have some talent.  I
haven't been practicing for some time...because life got in my way.  I'm at a point
in my life that I demand to be a comic book artist....or just to be an artist!  

Ever hear of a story call..... Naruto?  It's a comic and anime.  Ignore all the
extras, colour, glitz, violence... think about the character Naruto.  He's not he
luckiest, not the strongest, not the smartest, not the best looking....  he was
abandoned, abused, neglected, insulted, assulted by his classmates and fellow
villagers.  He's was unwanted, uncared fore.......  yet, thru out all this, he stayed
optimistic.  THAT is character.  That is the type of person WE all wish we could

...thru out all the crap everyone threw at him, he held no grudge.  He never hated
the people around him.  

One more thing... he has determination!!!  

So...  what does that have to do with me?  What does the story have to do with
Kupika?  With Oekaki?  

I'd owned a drawing tablet for a long time....yeah, a loong time; but, I never used
it.  O.o!  yeah, shocking!  I hated it... I hated every moment of it.  It wasn't
ready!  It wasn't intutive.  I couldn't rotate it like I rotated paper....  I could
attach more paper onto paper, to make a bigger sheet when I discovered an idea...and
was running with it.  It was unholy.....everything about it was unholy.  My eyes were
looking at a monitor, my hands was drawing on a seperate.....thing (the tablet)!  My
tablet had to be perfectly aligned with the monitor....in order to coordinate the
cursor with the tablet......  it was an epic nightmare!!!

*sigh* ....all that.  All that...and, others....  Other artists had to cope with the
very same conditions.  they produced great art...even produced great art with lesser

I'd reallized.....something.  A moment of clarity.  A moment of embarassment...a
moment of realizing my human fraility.  I was being a brat... a whining little brat. 
I was a crap-for-brain whining little brat.  (I wasn't wrong about it 'doesn't feel
naturual'.  That's why I set my heart on buying the Wacom Cintiq 21" drawing
tablet/LCD monitor combination!)

Others.... with so much less, create so much superiour works.

Now...I stand (sit) before you, I'll show you my heart....my soul....my passion...my
anger....my GUNG FU!  



Lastly, why should I show my drawing?  Why can't I practice my tablet skills in
private?  Simple...if you made a vow...a promise to one's self, one could forget it,
it washes away like watercolour in the rain.  However, if one made a public
statement...a public promise, one must follow thru.  It's a type of 'blackmail' onto
myself.  I for myself onto a public stage (not that I expect anyone to care) in order
to get me experience, use to, 'comfortable' with critisim and/or rejection...this
will build up my ego.  This is a way to keep me getting up (picking up the pen)
everytime I get knock down....  

How's that for learning attitude from Naruto?

My goals is simple...

1,  ONE SKETCH A DAY   ...in order to get comfortable with drawing every single day
2,  SUBJECTS OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE or EXPERIENCE   ...draw what's not familar,
keeping my mind on alert...
3,  PRODUCING MANGA (comic book) PAGES   ...to enter contests, submission dept of
traditional and web publishers

TailsFromSonic says:   20 November 2007   488678  
barely read but 

Yay I love your Determination =D

Yay @ mentions of programing and sketching

I wish I could draw, I practice, but I must have bad hand-eye
coordination or something, I can't even draw straight or draw a round
circle or anything =X

YAY ^_^ 
telemagi says:   20 November 2007   894126  
Not many sites on the internet actually do encourage creativity, most
encourage consumption of swill content. 
Keep going, it is those cool oekaki images that keep me coming back
here. Do commissions for people, some people will give you the KP to
do them!
Abandoned says:   20 November 2007   857322  
Thanks to both of you, Tails from Sonic and Telemagi.  

I'm not sure I'm comfortable enough to accept commissions from people.
 I've seen other people who are so good, it puts me to shame...  I'll
be insulting better artists if I were to charge.

...but, thanks.  I'll eventually feel confident enough to take on
raynrayn says:   20 November 2007   588662  
I'll be cheering you on for that one oekaki a day thing! Your
determination is great...and you'll definetely need it with your goals
in mind! ;D Cool entry btw.
ToxicDuck says:   22 November 2007   377685  
I only found this after I subscribed, ne.
 Sketching everyday is a good thing to do. I doodle or write everyday,
whether it's on Kupika or on my math homework, hardy har har. >:D
 Good luck, you have such awesome determination. xD
DoOp says:   27 November 2007   872455  
Hello world D> HELLO GRAPHICS.

system.out.println("Hello, world!");

D: yum?
lunasan writes :   25 June 2009   495783  
Lunasans wish list:
find someone who like oekakis AND can draw


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