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Fly High 3 Chapter 1Category: fantasy story
Friday, 9 November 2007
10:13:04 AM (GMT)
"Arghh! Where is that stupid thing!" Hollie kicked a few boxes, knelt onto the
floor, brought her knees to her chin and cried. "MUM!"
"What is it?" I asked. Rushing in. I looked at Hollie with tears running down her
cheeks. She had a smile on her face. "What's so funny?"
"You." She replied. "You kinda look ridculous, looking all hard, but when you're at
your most soft." I smiled. Hollie was just like Seth, she had amazing features
abundant to his. And his eyes. Like him she also had a sense of humor. I rubbed the
huge bump that was infront of me.
"I'm a 32 year old pregnant woman! With 4 kids. I think I was at my softest when you
arrived, Hollie"
"Girls." She corrected me.
"What is it your looking for?"
"The amulet you gave me on my 13th birthday." She sobbed. "It's so pretty and
"The one with the blue liquid essence and and blue feather?"
"That one."
"That's in my jewlery box!" I flustered. "I need a lie down." I paused. "I'm going
back to bed, it's." I checked the time. "5 am!"
"Mom, go on, i'll get some sleep too."
"Morning." I kissed her cheek and wobbled back to my room.

"What was wrong with Hollie?" My gorgeous husband, Kaydon asked, stroking my hair.
"Lost her amulet."
"The one you gave her for her birthday?"
"That one! I think it's 'cause it's first day of Year 10 or something."
"New school." Kaydon added.
"New school."
"The lucky charm." He smiled and slipped his hand round onto the bump. "A baby boy is
all I ask for."
"What if it's a girl?" I asked him. He chuckled.
"Then, we'll keep trying for a baby boy." He kissed my neck. "It could take.
"No, this is our last baby. It's too much. We have Hollie, Ania, Starra and Jayda."
"But we'll keep going."
"Yes!" Here we go again, we started out morning row. We heard a thump from next
"OI, I'M WARNING YOU TWO! SHUT UP!" Ania's voice floated, loudly, into our room.

"Mom, you've gotta come with me today." Hollie popped up.
"Why?" I was making breakfast, it was 7 in the morning.
"My new teacher, Mr .R. Smith, would like to meet you."
"R Smith?" I asked.
"Is it familiar?"
"Yes, but I can't remeber why."
Kaydon walked into the kitchen. "Mmmmn, bacon and eggs, my favie."
"And toast too." I said. "What are those?" I nodded to a hundred white envelopes in
his hands.
"Well, let's see. Bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, you're
running out of time? What the hell?" He tossed that one away. "Bill, bill, bill,
Letter for Chika Pollien."
"Oooh, gimme!" I snatched it off him and tore it open. It was my occasional letter
from my parents:
Dear Chika, 
Thank you ever so much for blessing us with grandchildren and bringing us back
together, your father has a heart problem, but it can be cured.
Good luck at labour.
"Love you mom." I kissed the letter. I looked up, Starra and Kayda was looking at me.
Hollie had her mouth hanging open and Ania stopped halfway up the stairs from
straighteneing her hair. "Good luck at school." And I turned away.

Gaming_Actress says:   9 November 2007   294976  
YEAY! You used my ideaaa, who go me!
Heavenly_Angle09 asks:   9 November 2007   222447  
Can you write another chapter? PLEASE IM IN LOVEE
AnimeFanOVGY says:   10 November 2007   146129  
not today, maybe tomorrow, i'm busy. right not, thanks for reading
RobinScorpio says:   16 November 2007   851888  
AnimeFanOVGY says:   28 November 2007   776857  
Chika had Ania and was married to Kaydon when Chloe visted them in the
last book. Just to get confusion outta the way. And YES they lived
with Chika's mom!
AnimeFanOVGY says :   29 February 2008   761146  
Has ayone noticed (And i put this in on purpose) Kaydon's kids nam'es
end in A but Hollie is seths, so her name is totally different... I'm
surpised no one mentioned that or did it seem to obvious to be true?


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