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Tuesday, 30 October 2007
11:14:43 PM (GMT)

1. I was right next to you
2. I kissed you: id prolly laugh with my wierdness xD
3. I lived next door to you: id go over to your house every day to bug yew!
4. I started smoking: I wouldnt let you hurt yourself like that!
5. I was hospitalized: I'd prolly cryy. ;_;
6. I was drunk: I would take care of you, and then smack you for letting yourself get
drunk :D
8. I asked you to leave: I'd respect your reasons and leave :D
9. I asked you out: idunno...

What do you think about my?
10. Personality:  your personality is amazing, and i love yew ferr it :D
11. Eyes: idunno, and it doesntmatter. I BET THEYRE PRETTY.
12. Hair: idunno... xD
13. Body: idunno... xDD

Would you?
14. Be my friend? i allreddy amm, i luffs yew! xDD
15. Keep a secret if i told you one? Of course.
16. Kiss me? Maybe on the cheek if i was hyper or had coffee. xD
17. Go on a date with me? If you had one with a guy, id double with you with some
other guy or follow you to make sure yew did okaii :D
18. Keep in touch? OFCOURSE.
19. Date me?idontthinkso.
20. Have sex with me? nupe O.o

Have you ever?
21. Lied to make me feel better? no, if i wanted to make you feel better, id tell the
truth and only the truth. then if it hurt you, id make you feel better from that. :D
22. Wanted to kiss me? not relleh. O.o
23. Wanted to bite me? noo, but i wanted to bite the assface whats-his-name who hurt
your feelings that one time.
24. Kept something important from me? i dont think so...
25. Wanted to cuddle with me? CUDDLEZ >w< 

26. Who are you? I am claire, the hugwhore. and ILY CAMILLIE :DD xD

27. Are we friends? of course.

28. When and how did we meet? i lost track of time, and i just randomly started
talking to yew! :D

29. Describe me in one word: Amazing. :D

30. What was your first impression? A fun, shyish, good person. :D

31. What reminds you of me? HUGS.

32. If you could give me anything what would it be? A real life hug that could make
something bad in your life better.

33. How well do you know me? Pretty well, i would say.

34. When's the last time you saw me? Well, i talked to you like 5 minutes ago. xD

35. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? Um... sort of. i had to log off
before i could tel yew! :OO

36. Are you gonna post this so you can see what I say about you? SURE. I HADNT

You must answer all these questions and send them back to me, please dont hold
be complety honest...
Y= Yes
N = No
M= Maybe

Would/will you?
[Y] Come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?
 [n]Fight me?
[M] kiss me?
[m] Let me kiss you?
[y] Watch a movie with me?
[y] Go out to dinner with me?
[y] Sing car karaoke with me?
[y] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[y] Hold my hand? (haha. people think holding hands is akward. i think thats stupid.
[y] Let me make you breakfast?
[y] Help me with homework?
[y] Tickle me? (LOL TICKLE FIGHTZ xD)
[M] Let me tickle you?
[Y] Instant message me?
[Y] Greet me in public?
[Y] Hang out with me?
[Y] Bring me around your friends?
[Y] Be down with me no matter what? (that means like hang out right? xDD)

Do you?
[Y] Think I'm cute? (CUTEHZ xD)
 [n]Think I'm serious? (hehenonseriousBUDDIES.)
[Y] Think I'm a good person
[?] Think I'm conceided?
 [n]Want to kiss me?
[Y] Want to cuddle with me?
 [n]Want to hook up with me?
[YYY] Love me?

Am I?
[Y] Smart?
[Y] Cute?
[YY] Funny? 
[] Sexy? (O.o)
[Y] Cool?
[LOL] Romantic?
[M] A freak?
[YERR.] Gangsta?
[Y] Loveable?
[Y] Adorable?
[Y] Trustworthy
[SURE] Compassionate?
[Y] Great to be with?
[]M Attractive?
[M] Well known?

Have you ever?
 [n]Thought about hooking up with me?
 [n]Found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[Y] Wished I were there?
 [n]Had a crush on me?
[Y] Wanted my number?
[Y] Had a dream about me? ( yew were a lollipop princess and i was coffee queen in
sweet land and we battled against the saltygross foods!!)
[Y] Been distracted by me? (yerr funner than homework ill tellyathat.)
[YYY] Looked at my page more than ten times?

Are you?
[YYY] Happy you know me?
[Y] Thinking about me? (derr.)
[M] Wanting to call me to talk about these things? (THAT WOULD BE COOL IF I HADDZ
[?] Going to repost

Camilleh says:   30 October 2007   278212  
I sneaking on now....hehe.
clairexHURRICANExx says :   31 October 2007   677681  
YAYY *pokes your heart* SQUISHH :D

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