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Saturday, 27 October 2007
06:28:57 PM (GMT)
We Want To Know Your... 

Name: maddy!
Birthday: Apirl 15!
Location: New York!
Hair Color: Dark Brown!
Hair Style: idk!
Eye Color: Dark Brown!
Do you wear Glasses or Contacts: Glasses!
Zodiac Sign: idk!

Your Favorite... 

Color: Black! and Red!
Bands: My Chemical Romance!...
Singer: christena A.!
Food: pasta!
Drink: Pepsi!
Ice Cream Flavor:Rockyrode!
Song:Teenagers by My Chemical Romance !
Gum: Stride:classcel!
Month: december!
Day of the week: friday!!
Board Game: Monopoly!
Show: idk!
Female Name(s): maddy,madeleine,sakura!
Male Name(s): dont have any!
Store(s): Target!
Book: goosebumps and harry!
Animal: wolf!
Do You/Have You Ever...
Had the Flu: Yes!
Seen a Concert: Yes!
Been forced to see a concert: no!
Been in the newspaper: no!
Sang horribly on purpose: YES!
Cut Class: No!
Made straight A's: All the time!
Made straight F's: Never have!
Broken a bone: No!
Gotten Stitches: No!
Given Blood & Fainted: No!
One or the Other

Rock or Rap: Rock!
TV or Radio: radio!
Cat or Dog: Dog!
Jeans or Shorts: Shorts!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Choclate!
Crayons or Markers: markers!  
Black & White or Color: black!
Book or Magazine: book!
Plane or Car: plane!
Gold or Silver: Gold! 
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi!  
Random Questions 

Ever had a pet fish: Yes!  
Do you have an iPod:Yes!
Do you own a pair of Checkered Vans: Yes!
Have You Seen the orignal Texas Chainsaw Massacre: No!
What is your current CD in your CD Player: miley cyrus!
What song are you playing at the moment: headstrong!
Would You Ever Jump From A Plane:  if i had a parachute!
What College Team Do You Go For: i don't watch college games!
Can You play an Instrument: Yes my gutair
Whats your Favorite Madonna song: idk!
Do you have an 8-Track Player: Nope!
Are you into comedy, action, or drama: Comedy and action!  
Have you ever Shaken Up A Soda, Open It, and Drank It Anyway: Yes!
Have You Made Up A Fake Holiday: Yes!
Have You Ever Been To Australia: No!
Do You Know What Triskadekaphobia is: idk!



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