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Monday, 24 September 2007
04:45:52 AM (GMT)
Kk so like... my other friend did this so I'm going to, too. XD I had like, more
people that added me as a friend than people I actually ADDED as friends. :3 So
like... If you've added me, and I haven't added you, let me know! =^-^= So I can add
you back, kk? <33 Don't be afraid to message me, I try to reply to everyone and new
friends are always welcome! =^^= ♥

So yeah~! X3

Lately I had a stomach flu which hurt pretty bad. T-T; It's just going away, but it
was terrible. D: That's why I haven't been drawing. :O Here's some lists of things I
need to draw:

♥ Spongebob (human) as suggested by someone, which is a good idea! ^^ I already
drew him human before in one of my sketchbooks and it's really fun! :D
♥ UmJammer Lammy (Lammy) -- sketch or normal?
♥ Lammy and Parappa -- duet ~
♥ My avatar, I haven't drawn myself yet XD;
♥ Some other fifth thing (to even this list out lawl)

Also... I need to know how to draw Lammy. For some reason, I want to draw her as a
nice sketch with maybe some watercolors or airbrushing. It seems a pretty thing to
draw like that. Lammy is all shy and nice and I think something pretty and
soft-colored like that will fit her. :D But, if I do watercolor, I'll have to get my
sister Doo to help me, she's better at that kinna stuff than I am T_T;

I think this is the formula she uses for drawing like that... or, actually, my PLAN
as to how to do it if I attempt this:

1. 2px pen outline
2. Select watercolor brush in tool menu
3. ????

Hahaha... yes I definitely need help D:
I'mma playing Mario RPG. :D It's so fun *-* I never knew Square collaborated with
Nintendo on a game, that's awesome... :O My brother tried to make me play Conker's
Bad Fur Day on the N64 emulator but I don't want to play it. O_o; I remember seeing
him play it when I was younger and it was... weird.

I was playing Mario Kart 64 which I've played FORREVVER with my frother and sister
Doo earlier. :D Naturally Doo and I both suck at the Yoshi level -- I fell off the
cliff like ten times. I was like "OSNAPPLE I FELL AGAIN!!!1one!" and Doo was all "itz
ok imma comin in 1st lol! OSNAPS I FELL 2 liek omg!!o1neeoen!!!" and then I kicked my
brother's butt at it cos I am getting better at games. ;D I always suck really,
really bad when it comes to games -- especially my favorite, Parappa -- but now! :O

Like today I was playing Parappa and I usually can barely keep it at "bad" since I do
so terrible the meter is always at "awful", but all my practicing and skillz0rs led
me to be so good now that I freestyle and get the highest on the meter ("cool") which
means that my master doesn't need to help me rap, I do so good they get all like
"OSNAP IT'S GETTIN HOT IN HERRREEE!" and they let me rap by myself ^^

But enough. I RAMBLE. D: -goes drink soda- ^-^

Looooves and cookies ~~ ♥,
Ren-ren ^_^ ♥

Mewmewkitten says:   24 September 2007   481886  
You no love me D:
‹underage› says:   24 September 2007   615599  
Do you know the head-start cheat for Mario Kart 64?
You press A when it says "2" and you get a head start. ^^
Poor you. ;___;
I hope you get well soon!
Good luck on your oekakis!
"Let the mouse be with you!" XD
danielle1010225_2nd says :   27 September 2007   189425  
I added you becuase we had a conersation about I think south park and
and what not. . . . . but then it ended  =[


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