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Sunday, 12 August 2007
02:14:37 AM (GMT)

My fingertips gently run down my stomach; it tickles but excites me. My
fingers find their way under my panties, where the peach fuzz begins, 
stubbly one way but so smooth the other.  My mind wants to send my 
fingers to find my clit, but my hand is stronger and brings my fingers 
to my knee and back up the inside of my thigh continuing across my clit 
- making me gasp with the pleasure - I then continue down the other 
thigh and then back up.  This time I pause at my clit brushing gently.  
I spread my fingers; starting at the top, I follow my lips down to my 
asshole.  I can feel the juices starting to lubricate my pussy, and 
want to plunge my fingers deep inside but I force myself to wait. 

I decided to remove my panties so that I could explore my pussy easier. 
I found a comfortable spot with my legs spread eagle.  I bring a tit to 
my mouth to suck on. My nipple is smooth and really doesn't have a 
taste but is hard, and is responding to the sucking. My right hand 
fingers closed lying upon the lips of my closed love hole; pressing 
down and making circles; the part that feels the best is when the 
pressure of my fingers reaches the end of my slit.  My pussy, waiting 
to be finger-fucked hard and fast. 

I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to get my fingers wet and feel
the warmth.  My fingers are cold when I insert them so that is a bonus 
pleasure.  I enter my pointer and middle finger - hurting a first until 
I get inside.  Wetness and warmth, smooth yet bumpy is how it feels; 
pleasure as I push and pull my fingers in and out of my vagina I move 
slowly at first giving myself time to adjust and enjoy this moment.  My 
fingers quickly covered with my own love oil.  I remove my fingers and 
find my clit oh yes, that I enjoy very much-wet fingers on my clit as I 
pull my lips back giving my fingers more room to taunt and tease my 
swollen clit.  I can't take too much of this I put pressure on that 
special spot.  Pressure, and fast circles brings me to my first orgasm. 
I couldn't hold back as clit playing is my weakness and makes me cum 

But I am not ready to be done so I swiftly readjust those two fingers
back into my even wetter and hotter pussy.  None of this slow love 
making bit now I want hard, bone slamming finger fucking.  This time I 
try and add one more finger.  It hurts but once my lips wrap around 
that extra finger I start to enjoy it.  I move my fingers in and out of 
my pussy rapidly.  I stuff a tit into my mouth, and find my clit again 
with the other hand.  It is so sensitive from the previous playing.  My 
moans become louder and my back is arched so that I can move my hips 
meeting the thrusts of my wet fingers. 

My pussy so wet that I can hear the juices as I enter and exit.  I can
feel the pressure building.  I drop the tit that is in my mouth, throw 
my head back, push my hips as far forward as they can go, put extra 
pressure on my clit, oh yes I am ready, my womanly muscles constricting 
around my fingers and then relaxing, I can feel the juices coming my 
quiet moans turn into continuous loud outbursts. Yesssssss, I scream as 
I am reaching my plateau. 

My love juice is overflowing from it's container feeling it running down
the outside as my muscles keep squeezing making sure that it is all 
out; as my fingers slide out once and for all I just have to lay there 
for a moment catching my breath and letting the weakness pass.

heihei says:   13 August 2008   329293  
wooow this story is so sexy i'd love to help you to get this again
blondie3 says:   17 August 2008   666152  
fine by me sexy
Griffz says:   2 September 2008   349591  
mmhmmm  :]]
blondie3 says :   14 September 2008   474565  
what you like?

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