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Oresama :3 Comez here, will you, omaesan?Category: (general)
Monday, 16 July 2007
01:28:42 PM (GMT)
Kay, since Oresama, made an oekaki of my poem and it turned out so prettyful, I
makes her a pattern-thingy-ma-bob :D It's HORRIBLE, THOUGH! >.< I feel shamed at my
ugly patterns -.-... Please tell me to stop doing patterns if they disgust you :3

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*begs and gravels on floor* Oi... Kami-sama, please make her like it >.< I did a
bunch during breakfast, which I skipped -.-, and went to the park to finish them off
while I took Hana out. 

I hope you like it, Oresama ;-; *silently hides under computer desk*

oresama whispers:   16 July 2007   192117  
Uwaah~~!  @0@
I love it very, very much!  :'D
You're really good at making patterns~~!  :D
I can't really make patterns...my pattern things just look weird.  :|
Skipping breakfast~?   ;0;
I hope you ate something, though, so you aren't hungry.  ;w;
Thank you so much!  >w< 
FreakehAnimeChick says:   16 July 2007   839857  
Yup, I'm having toast as we speak :D
You're welcome :D
I was thinking about an oekaki, but my oekaki's are horrid everytime I
try >.>
So I resorted to the scanner! :D
oresama whispers:   16 July 2007   927522  
Squee~~!  >w<
Aw, I bet your oekakis aren't as bad as you say!  :D
My scanner's bleh.  xD
Even when I ink in my pictures, when I scan them, they look...meh. 
One day, I'll buy myself a tablet, a better scanner, and stuff like
that!   @w@;;
...One day.  ;___; 
FreakehAnimeChick says:   16 July 2007   563842  
They are -.- Trust me. I try and make them look like Rei-chan's
oekaki's, but they end up... discombobulated >.> Mazuiko taught me
that word :D
Heehee. Good luck with that, dokutoku *giggle* ^-^
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   16 July 2007   476657  
It is beautiful! I love it. You and oresama talk a lot.
FreakehAnimeChick says:   16 July 2007   781949  
Thank you, Ashley-chan ^^ Did ya know I've spelled your name wrong
the whole time? O.O

Yes, we do XD
lilly_cut_punk says:   16 July 2007   679633  
hi my cousins name is ashley but she spells it like this ashly
lilly_cut_punk says:   16 July 2007   147356  
well not my cousins but my beast friend
FreakehAnimeChick says:   16 July 2007   444253  
Hm. I like the "Ashlee" :D

Muahaha! Ashley-chan, we're discussing your name! XD
americanbulldog says:   17 July 2007   793961  
pretty colors!!!!
oresama whispers:   17 July 2007   522649  
They're probably nice, Michi-chan!   :3
Thank you for the good luck!  ^____^

I know lots of Ashleys...but I don't know any that spell their name
"Ashely" or "Ashly".   Other than "Ashley", I've only known people
with the spellings "Ashlee" and "Ashleigh".   o3o
FreakehAnimeChick says:   17 July 2007   832161  
Heehee ^-^

:O Ashleigh is nice... XD
‹MusicDefinesLove› says :   18 July 2007   964983  
Thats weird. You guys start talking about my name^^ I feel special^^


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