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Family PotraitCategory: Horror Story
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
02:22:16 PM (GMT)
That portrait stays there, not moving, just me, Jarod and Rose looking on with our
parents looking happy.
"Keely!" Sharnie shreiked, we was in the middle of watching Return of the
"Sush! This bit's good." I whispered. At that moment the really bute guy had his
brains busted out of his head.
"Gross." Rose scoffed, taking a handful of popcorn. I was hooked.
"Rose turn it off please..." Alessia moaned.
"Fine!" She got up crawled to our t.v. turned it off, and switched on the lights, the
door handle moved. We all stopped and began to hold each other.
"Girls." My mum poked her head through the door, we all screamed. "Bed time."
"Night mom." Me and Rose kissed her cheek.
"Night Leigh." Alessia said.
"Night Mrs O'Donnell." Sharnie croaked. My mum closed the door. We all got up out of
our sleeping bags.
"Ales." I began she faced me. "Is it true you fancy my brother Jarod?"
"Yeah." She flicked her auburn hair behind her. I tugged at my hair, it was short and
"Ewwww." Me and Rose began to dance like morons.
"Why don't you two show us your dance that you're doing for the talent show." Sharnie
piped up.
"Sure." We nodded. I went straight to the cd player and palyed Misery Business
by Paramore.
We got into our starting positions as the song began we did our cartwheels and spins.
After we all feel asleep.
"Keely." Rose whispered.
"What?" I asked.
"You knocked the portrait."
"Yeah oooh. Mom siad that if we move that picture somethign bad will happen to us."
"And you beleive her."
"Well..." She stopped, we both lay still, something was moving about in the room and
it wasn't friendly....

Promise says :   10 July 2007   315569  
That was cool story, but I didn't find it scary...unless it is a true
story then it is so scary! 


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