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Single as a Cheese SliceCategory: Love
Wednesday, 23 May 2007
08:20:07 AM (GMT)
A blog! That's right. Now everyone can see just how boring my life is in
excruciating detail. XD Foremost it's a way for me to complain about people I know in
real life without them seeing it, but meh. As some of you know I'm single as of
recently, my retard ex was basically just blaming all its problems on me and
seriously, who wants to deal with that shit? So it got dumped hard on its ass. Not
interested in getting back into a relationship at the moment, at least not for a few
months. I'm just tired of having to fight for the remote. Isn't everyone? 

Hmm. Time for the stuff you didn't know nor want to know about me paragraph. At the
moment I'm doing homeschool. Why? Basically, it's alright to be bisexual and female,
hell, it's encouraged - but if you're bisexual and male it's a whole different story.
You get blackeyes, bloody jaws and lose a whole lot of friends when you come out. So
anyhow, I came out this year as bisexual and my ex who I mentioned earlier was
actually a guy though I might have told some people it was a girl to save a whole lot
of explanation and shit. Well he was into the whole public affection thing, which was
basically a death wish. We got into fights... Well, not exactly fights. More a group
of homophobic cunts would come surround us and complete smash us. Unfortunetely,
nearly all of our friends are girls so there was no backup or nothing. So sick of
getting blackeyes, I dropped out and that's the history behind the homeschooling.

*Yawn.* I'm tired so I'll be going to bed now, will probably update this every now
and then if I can be bothered. Sincerely doubt anyone will actually read it, but oh
well. xox Kyle

celticspirit_teen says:   23 May 2007   198382  
must be hard to be punched from a boy. as a girl my sisters ex almost
punched me if it wasn't for my friend
baby__123 says:   23 May 2007   129985  
u shouldnt have just lein down and takin it u should have fought back
at least thats wat i would have done. and some girls can hit harder
than guys.(like me i wish i could have been there to protect u)
Batouille says:   23 May 2007   888669  
I did for three months but when it's 1 against 7 massive guys and
it's hapenning three times a week you're kind of like... Fuck this. XD
Sucks you weren't there or at least girls who were willing to hit em,
all my friends just stood around screaming and shouting. I think they
were more scary then the guys really. :P 

OMG what an asshole, why'd your sister's ex try and punch you?
falloutboyroxs says :   24 May 2007   928877  
tsk tsk tsk that really sucks........................

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