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Are you DUMB!! ya that's wat I said!! Well take the Test.......Category: (general)
Saturday, 5 May 2007
09:03:03 PM (GMT)
So, do you want to take a dumbness test? Get ready, these questions take some

Question 1: A man from Germany was flying a fighter plane. Half the people are from
east Germany, half are from west. When the plane crashes, it lands on the border
between east and west Germany. Most of the survivors come from east Germany. Where
would you bury them?  
C. You wouldn't  
Question 2: A red house is made of red bricks, a blue house from blue, a yellow
house from yellow, and a black house from black. What is a greenhouse made of?  
A. Glass  
B. Green bricks  
C.Moldy wood    

Question 3: Spell silk. Say it five times. Now, what does a cow drink? (think fast,
and enter your first answer)  
A. Milk  
Question 4: There are three apples on the counter, and you take away two. How many
do you have?  
Question 5: You lift 2 ten pound weights in each hand. How many pounds is in each
B. 10  
Question 6: 3*6-(4+4)=?  
B. 5423543253  
Question 7: A month usually has 30 days. How many months have one day?  
 B.15432523523 ha ha funny numbers!  
Question 8: There is a one story house. It is totally green. The floors, the walls,
the couch, the tv, the windows, etc. What color are the stairs most likely to be?  
A. Green.  
B. Well, it depends. Probably whatever color the wood is.  
 C.No stairs! No stairs, ha ha ha ha bwa ha ha ha!   

Question 9: Your name is _________. You are driving a bus from Massachusetts to
Ohio. DO NOT use a calculator. 5 people get on, 3 get off. 9 get on, 2 get off. 16
get on, 4 get off. 20 get off, 12 get off. You get to Ohio and you are the last
person on the bus. What is the name of the bus driver?  
 A.I'm the driver *bwa ha ha*  
B. You never stated the name  
Question 10: What is the first question I asked?  
 A.The one about the Germans.  
B. There are 3 apples on the counter, and you take 2... that one.  
 C.Do you want to take a dumbness quiz?  

The REAL answers: 
1.You wouldn't
4. 2
6. 10
7. 12
8. (C) No Stairs! 
9.Im the Driver! bwa* Ha Ha*
10.Do you want to take the Dumbness Quiz?

No Count up all the answers u got right out of ten  and Comment back!!

mimzygirl7 says:   5 May 2007   293571  
Very interesting. My score was nine out of ten. I really would rather
not say the one I got wrong.
miley123123 says:   5 May 2007   427337  
cool my score was 10 out of 10 right
HotBABExx says:   5 May 2007   431732  
I missed 2 unfortunatly!! lol
‹shii-chan♥› says:   5 May 2007   532727  
hah.. I got perfect..
AceCheerGurl says:   8 May 2007   413369  

i missed one!
HotBABExx says:   8 May 2007   734816  
Lucky i missed 2!!!
puppy610 says :   26 May 2007   712859  
10 out of 10 YAY!


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