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EMOTIONALY HURTCategory: The guy I like hurt me in a way no one can imagine
Tuesday, 1 May 2007
09:25:32 PM (GMT)
I know that I always talk about this guy Keenan that I have a major crush on, well
know I hate his guts. It's amazing isn't it. It all started out on last friday in
P.E. the( the 18 of April). I told my friend to tell Keenan that i had a crush on
him. When I got back to school on Monday i asked the friend if she told himbut she
said she forgot to. I was a little disappointed but my friend Deana said that she
told himso I was relieved. I have P.E. with the friend that told him I like him and
The guy i like. Since we had star testing on tuesday the 1st and wednesday the 2nd of
may, we had a run day( that's when all the P.E. classes have to run a certain run
that the teachers tell us to dowhen we have P.E.). Being the good friend that Loran
is she admitted that she did tell Keenan that I like him and this is what she said:
                          "Umm... Ok. I did tell Keenan that you liked him," and she
paused looking downat her feet," but... he said,' hey loran give me three dollars and
i'll go out with her( her meanig me) for 3 weeks." 
                             I wanted to scream as loud as I could and start beating
the crap out of him for saying that. I'm not a hoe so I don't know why he said that.
He mad me so angry that i started running really fast for the mile run( the mile run
is 4 laps around this field that our school has) and i got number 7. My time was
8.11(8mins. 11secs.)
                             After the bell rang, I had to go to my history class. I
couldn't stop thinkingaoout what he said so when I was walking i was about to cry. I
tryed holding it back but when my history teacher told me to sit up I don't why but I
busted out crying. At the end of class I had to stay back so I could catch up on some
work and help my friend with a project. My friend Deana always mets me in the classes
I have berfoe brunch and lunch so she was there in class with me cuz she was
finishing stuff, too. I told her what he said and she said, He's such a jerk. I'll
get him for you in math." 
                               I laughed and waited till math. She got him back and
he kept saying," I didn't do anything wrong!!"
            He knew what he did because Deana always hits him so, he knew 4 sure what
he did. I wanted to pound his face into a desk or do something. 

I wanted to scream at him so bad at him and tell him how bad he made me feel but....I
just let it go. I noticed today that when I get hurt, I cry the first day and then go
angry and full of revenge. I was doing testing today and all I could think about was
how i was going to get him back but  I'll save it for tomorrow.
                                  Well people I have to go plan how I'm going to get
Keenan back.

                                                               LOVE, PEACE, AND HAIR

P.S. KEENAN won't get killed, he'll just get sent to the hospital with a staleto in
his forehead(L.O.L)

carebear_94 says:   1 May 2007   251772  
yay first to comment. K sorry. I feel really bad for U.I know u like
him and all but try not to show him how upset u are. try to move on
and he'll be jelouse sooner or later of  the way he acted. Oh and make
sure to get good revenge. And look at the bright side at least U got a
good time for running. lol. ya Keenan sounds like a real jerk. Hope U
aren't to upset. If u need any advice for anything just send me a
letter or a message, and that goes for anyone out there.  lol.
‹shii-chan♥› says:   1 May 2007   938943  
ohh.. so sorry... that guy's acting like a jerk...
mail me or gimme a letter if u need anything... like, maybe advice??
coz my crush was an ultra JERK too.. well, he got what he deserved, I
guess.. no girl wants to go out with him now..
pinklemonadegirl520 says :   2 May 2007   186811  
gahh. i totally kno how u feel!!!
-patpat- its okay :
but u go out there and get him, girl!
and tell me wat happens!! oh yeh,  u can ask me for advice anytime


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