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Why isn't it workingCategory: Stress
Monday, 23 April 2007
08:19:50 PM (GMT)
Hi. My FIRST journal entry. So... yeah I don't get the e-mail they are suppossed to
Anyway. I am only a star member. Only be force. Today I found out I have been
claimed. Can you believe that. For all ya'll out there that don't know what claim
means, I will tell you. It's like if you have a boyfriend (or someone you consider a
boyfriend and tell everyone he is your boyfriend) but, he says that you arn't his
girlfriend, they he ISN'T claiming you. So I have this boy (I know him, we argue a
lot.)that is claiming me. Okay first of all I am not a piece of land or some old
family heirloom. One can not just claim me. Now second I do not, i repeat (retype?) I
DO NOT LIKE HIM. So I guess I will just handel this at school tomarrow. I wonder if
am body is really going to read this or, if it is just going to drift off into
nothing. Doing nothing. Just a waste of my time.............. Oh, just got a new
book. The name is my Sister's Keeper. I got my friend Shojo Beat for
her B-Day. I still have to get my mom a Mother's Day president.......(dumb
moment. I am looking at a music viedo and typing and doing polictical history
homework, so I am getting off track) I ment present. I will probably get her a Carrie
Underwood CD. "You were everything I wanted......All I wanted was your love love
lo-lo-lo-love........Hated the strong word but, I reallyreallyreally don't like
you........Now I think a little difrently.......Now that it's over........Brought you
aroud" Tha's the song I am currently singing. Can you guess the title? I hope so, I
tried to make it as simple a hard can get. Me and my friend were talking about the tv
show So you want to be (I mean) Are you faster smarter than a 5th
grader. Is hould really stop trying to multi-tasking I make a million and one
mistakes. We were saying how when you get older you either get really dumber....or
those questions are not really 5th grade questions. I mean come on now some of those
questions are not really taught in 5th grade.

Lovesick says :   11 October 2007   357266  
uh-huh.. great, id like to watch that show too.. only i cant and
..well dont lol. so i guess ill b typing later goota scoot out.. right
bout now. eh.. i hate hoemwork. mi hands are full gotta run!! *dashes
to post comment and logs out!!*


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