TEEN STORIES: Getting To Know You - Chapter 4 (Some sexual
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in category Teen Stories, Love Stories

TEEN STORIES: Getting To Know You - Chapter 4 (Some sexual
Category: Teen Stories, Love Stories
Tuesday, 10 April 2007
05:20:17 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4, here you go guys, =]

If any of you guys have any requests on stories you'd like me to write, or if you'd
like me to continue this one, send me a letter 

thanks x x


The summer days had left the pavements desert dry, with only the small weeds falling
out of the small cracks of the dull grey concrete to brighten the day.  Although I
was a little bit proud of my fight with Victoria 'Bitch'cock, I felt a feeling of
dread pouring over me making me shudder on my journey back. What should I tell my
parents? 'Pah' I thought, who cares? 
  I trudged home, avoiding the bus with my head lowered away from the sun when I
bumped head first into a tall figure, I lifted my head to apologise when I saw him.
The vision. I opened my mouth wide in amazement, then becoming conscious of what I
was doing slammed my mouth shut attempting to pull a smile. 

           ' Sorry, I should really look where I am going,' I said blushing

           ' Don't worry' he said in his beautifully smooth voice, a little deeper
then I had imagined. ' You're next door right?' he said the corner of his mouth
lifting into a smile.

           ' Yes' I stuttered, ' I sometimes see you-' I stopped myself, Do you want
him to think you're a stalker? I argued with myself, Then shut up!. This left a
somewhat awkward silence into our conversation, as I was about to walk away I felt a
hand grab my wrist, quite forcefully.

           ' I see you too.' he said his mouth moving into a full out grin, his
slightly pointed teeth were quite becoming and made his smile slightly wolfish and

    As we went our seperate ways I tried to force myself not to look back. 'Be cool'
I told myself, but my eyes had a life of their own and I looked back to my beautiful
boy, seeing my dazed expression he shouted back after me, 

            ' By the way, I'm James. James Dunningway.' 

            ' Astrid' I cried a little too eagerly ' Astrid De Loewe!'

      It was over, in a few seconds. I jumped on my bed and lay on my front in
exhaustion covering my face. A few more encounters with him, I thought, and I might
go crazy! That night dinner was surprisingly pleasant. Mother seemed in a good mood,
and we even had a semi-civil conversation. 
           ' So, how about that holiday, to Greece' said my father breaking the

       Seeing my shocked expression my mother smiled,

        ' Sounds like a good idea, actually.' 

   I couldn't believe It, a holiday? Our family, things were looking up, but my mind
kept drifiting back to Milene. What would I do without her? It seemed all so sudden,
all these things happening at once.

       'Concerning your bad behaviour' said my father in an authoritive manner,
addressing me, ' You'll be grounded for one week, and no more funny business ,Okay?
      'Okay' I answered dully, 'OH!' I cried, just realising that I might miss
Milene's going away party, 'You can't do that! I have Milene's party, I might not see
her again after that!' 
      ' Oh, Don't be stupid' said my mother in a cruel tone, ' You'll see her in

    Then, all I'd done, everything I had been so proud about turned to pot. I
couldn't see Milene. It was all over for me. I slammed my glass down on the table and
without saying a word slipped out of the room and went to my room to cry. Why did it
seem like all bad things came at once? This wasn't fair, but underneath It all I
knew, It was all my own doings.  That night I got ready for bed in a hurry,
anticipating my 'goodnight' staring competition with 'James'! Oh, what music that
name was to my ears. Jumping to the window my heart sank, where was he? All that was
left was an empty window. No beautiful boy, no nothing. What happened to our  evening
'meetings' if I could even call it that?
  Sitting down on my bed slightly disappointed I decided to throw in the towel and
close my curtains when I saw the two pair of chocolate brown eyes pressing into me.
My stomach tightened and the butterflies in my stomach began to dance uncontrollably.
There he was, again.Waiting for me.  We watched eachother for a long while, enjoying
eachother's appearances. I watched him look me up and down following every single
curve of my body. He watched me look at his muscular shoulders and lead down into his
white baggy crisp school shirt. This watching contest became an addiction, I felt
aroused by every movement of him, my hips weakening slightly. I then decided to do
something completely out of the ordinary. For me at least. 

    I touched the top of my shirt, and slowly unbuttoned the first letting my shirt
hang a little looser, then continuing to the second. I then waited for some kind of
responce. Without a reaction, nor a pause he began to unbutton his own without
stopping. Slowly but surely. My eyes wandered as each new part of him was exposed.
His beautifully brown chest, followed by his perfectly defined hips. I was looking at
an angel, It had to be. Feeling nervous at first, after looking and checking for any
parental spying, I undid my own buttons, slowly loosening my shirt until I had only
my white laced bra to keep my modesty. I saw his deep brown eyes widen ever so
slightly with excitment as he watched my exposed form, and slowly pushed my shirt
down exposing my lightly tanned shoulders. After what seemed a lifetime, I walked to
the window, attempting to slowly close the curtains, as he mouthed ' Night'. I
smiled. He had to be mine. Whatever I had to do, he was becoming my obsession.

‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   10 April 2007   622567  
ooooohhh..............bubbly!!!!  do continue!!!!!!!!!
Dragonfly01 says:   10 April 2007   286552  
i agreewith sk8erhottie05 !!!
can you right more like today ( april 10, 2007 )

Mokosakai says:   10 April 2007   895486  
comingtosave says:   9 June 2007   981181  
ohlalala! continue ^__-
geturownlife says:   21 June 2007   112879  
you have to contue.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   11 August 2007   426768  
i be luvin it


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