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How i diedCategory: (general)
Sunday, 8 April 2007
12:15:37 PM (GMT)
It was a beautiful summer day and i was playing outside with my friend. My dad fired
up the grill and we had the most delicous hamburgers. So juciy and tender... sorry.
Anyway that night i was going to sleep as i normaly did. I heard the front door being
kicked in. I didn't know what to do. So i hid huddled under the covers and waited. He
came into my room and when he saw me he pulled out his gun. Right before he shot me i
screamed. He shot me in the arm first them straght in the heart. A few minutes later
i woke up and saw my body under the covers. I new i was dead, but why didn't i just
go to heaven?.. i'll never no. I heard the police coming and i wanted to see what
they did, one of them senced my presance. Her exact words were, "She's still in this
room." When everybody left i ran downstairs and saw my mom and dad packing there
bags. I wanted to run up to them and tell them not to. But something was holding me
back. A month later some old hags moved in. As far as i know... they never found my
killer. This people don't know that i'm here but i pull some pranks every now and
then. I always stay in the basment  and read books (that i've read 100 times), i
watch t.v. and hang on the computer when there gone, and i play with there dog. When
i go outside i go straght to the ocean, (where i last saw my parents). Sometimes i
swear that i see my parents on the beach, but i can't tell, They'll soon be at there
death bed and i'll never see them again.
Last edited: 13 June 2007

puppyprincess says:   8 April 2007   712656  
Thats really sad.
x_niki_x says:   9 April 2007   656566  
Ur a sad sad person dont even reply!!!!!!!!
Jane_Doe_Soul says:   12 April 2007   954734  
um.. ok?
My_Chemical_Romance_MCR says:   13 April 2007   126775  
I know why you didn't go to heaven...

Spirits don't go to heaven or hell until they have finished there
duties on have unfinished duties so tahts why you haven't
gone up to heaven yet. Once you finish your duties you will go to
heaven like you should.
xoxbabyangel says:   14 April 2007   551423  
How sad
Jane_Doe_Soul says:   14 April 2007   536241  
i don't no what my duties are
neveragainxx says:   26 May 2007   474767  
Umm.. you aren't dead.
Jane_Doe_Soul says:   13 June 2007   676865  
yeah i am, why would you think i would lie?
colagirl4 says:   13 June 2007   713342  
You are not stop lying
Jane_Doe_Soul says :   13 June 2007   773237  
why would i lie? i'm just a tarnished soul


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