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Friday, 16 March 2007
02:15:41 PM (GMT)
hi everybody,
                     i wanted 2 tell you about the things kids do now for exc i went
swimming with my friends the other saterday & then i saw a girl & a boy they waz
about 10 years old & they wre smoking.
omg can you believe that smoking at age 10 & one of my friends shes 12 (im not saying
her name) she has lost her virginity oready
im not being funny but that is a bit well i think you know wot i mean
& then i went  2 my best friends 13 birthday party a couple of weeks ago & some of
the boyz thier were doing drugs & drinking at the same time can u believe that 2. i
so all im saying is wot do u think about that im not being funny or nothing but its
just foolish aint it.

if u have any comments about this plz say

& if yr doing that stuff underage or doing drugs plz say 2 cause i wanna kno 


candieflosss says:   16 March 2007   523151  
i agree i wud h8 to smoke i tryed 1 be4 it was disgustin and i woz
coufin for abut half an hour (ok im exagerattin a lil bit)
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   16 March 2007   154524  
10 yrs old??? in my country there was this gerl who is pregnant...
and she was 9 yrs old.... jeez... she did it wif a guy. I'm 10 tis
yr... i really hope i wouldn't do anything!!!!!
Clauds says:   15 April 2007   539824  
9 years old! Well i aint till im bout 20 hopefully drugs and smoking
are wrong it kills u ! They are just doing it for attention! Drinking
it's okay if ur over 10 but under is just so worng but if ur 10 u may
have like a few sips if its a special occasion eg. wedding but a whole
glass is wrong!
Aiyana says:   16 April 2007   683858  
EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Smoking at age 10?! Having an AFFAIR at age
12?! I'm sorry, but I don't know why you'd have friends like that.
Kinda...unbelievable. By the way, I pledge to NEVER EVER smoke, drink,
or do drugs. Hooray me!
Lovesick says:   11 October 2007   837188  
wow!~ its just amazing how kids are so...unattended!! i mean how do
parents let there 12 year old lose their virginity?!! and smoking and
drugs? where the hell did they get there hands on drugs?!!! i pledge
never to smoke, drink uncontrolablly, or do drugs, i also wish not to
lose my virginity till im 21! im making good progress cuz i havent
done any of the above yet!! yiippeee!!!
Lilrockin2 says:   20 October 2007   265732  
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Skateboardgirlxx says:   9 June 2008   879653  
Dude this isn't a new thing for me in my class everyone and i mean
EVERYONE smokes, dose drugs and stuff liek that it is so grose. but
sorry to say but i do drugs too,, and smoke and drink. its hard not to
give into peer pressure. remembe rkids stay strong when people tell u 
to take a puff of a smoke or dope. DONT DO IT !!! I regret everything
i have done in the past but i cant stop my body is addicted to it. plz
make the right choice and dont do it.
thanx. katey.
‹Nessa_is_here_smile› says:   15 April 2009   698328  
My brother Ryan thinks it is so cool to drink he is 13 
just caz I tried drinking and smoking and let me tell you dont ever
‹Xilovehimx› says :   26 October 2009   656499  
It's life.


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