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Dreams 2 part 3Category: Dreamy Story
Saturday, 6 January 2007
07:40:29 AM (GMT)
"Passion!" I heard a woman scream. i was running down a long corridor, screaming i
twisted round and saw a slitheen after me, i whizzed round again and saw a dalek. i
was trapped, i ran into the class room walking backwards, a cold hand clamped onto my
"You will be upgraded." It said in a cold harsh voice, i was in my science class.
everyone was a cyberman! i screamed and in slow motion everything went dizzy. "You
are the human known as Passion." It recorded. brushing hair out of my eyes i
"I am cyberman formerly known as Ashlea." It said. i screamed.
"Ashlea! No you can't be! i'm getting outta here!" i spun him round and he let go, or
she, she was my sister after all.
I ran out of the room and past the dalek, it zapped me but it missed i turned round
the bend and slipped i saw a woman in the shadows. she kept screaming
"Passion" like before the slitheen came up and its long claw came rushing down...
i gained life i gasped, there was Ashlea hangign over with Skate behind her.
"Jeez Pazz, what wrong, you nearly died!" Ashlea said she was white i was sure she
was gonna faint.
"Um ow, my head." i rubbed it.
"You banged it falling down no doubt." Ashlea remarked.
"Ashlea i had a dream."
"Well done Pazz."
"You was there."
"You was a cyberman."
"Wow intrest-what!?" 
"Oh kay, too much Doctor Who."
"Ok." i felt a hand on my shoulder, i spun round and Ashlea was holding some milk in
her other hand.
"You're not lying are you?" She asked, i shook my head.
"But the strangest thing ever was that a woman was there in the shadows screaming
"Oh, what like the woman in your other dreams." Ashlea looked serious.
"Yeah, but i couldn't see her either, and when ever she screams my name i die."
"Jeez, this is serious, we need to tell mum." Ashlea spun roudn and downed her milk
in one and rushed me out the door.
"Hi i need to speak to Mrs Bolton?" Ashlea asked.
"Um sure, do you have an appointment?" Charli asked, Charli's the receptionist at my
mum's phycastrists clinc.
"Do we need one to see our mum?" Ashlea asked, she was getting annoyed.
"Uh she's your mum?" Charli asked, eye brows raised.
"Well go sit there with all the other 'children' of  Rae." Children, what other
children? we turned and there was tons of kids lined up waving at us.
"This is it! Me and Passion have to go see Rae now!" 
"Passion?"  mum stumbled out of her office.
"Mum!" i yelled and hugged her. Ashlea gave her that 'told ya she was our mum' look.
"Mum!" Yelled all the kids lined up. 
"Give me a break." Ashlea said spinning on the spot.
"Looks like Ashlea really cares for you." Mum whispered in my ear and i smiled.
Ashlea was my older sister, and older i mean older she's 28.
"Mum!" I saw Brett, Crash and Lea walk in.
"Oh all of my beautiful kids are here!" Mum said outstretched arms for the boys. {age
line up: Ashlea-28 Brett-14 Lea-13 Me-12 Crash-7}
Ashlea walked up. "Mum, Passion's having strange dreams."
Mum ushered me and Ashlea into the office.
"Ok Passion whats up?" Mum asked.
"Well i'm having dreams that i'm runnign down the same corridor but being chased by
different things and theres this woman screaming my name but she's always in the
shadow and when i get to the corner she's in i die."
"Hmm, have you pressured into anythinglately?"
"Sex, drugs, alcohol?"
"Eww mum, Passion wouldn't do that!" Ashlea said.
"I'm asking Passion."
"Any secrets that are killing you?"
"Well yes? but you're meaning?"
"You've told the father your pregnant, you're lying bout your age somewhere?"
"My father?"
"No the father!"
"Oh, and no i told Skate i loved him, when i'm supposed to be in love with Skandar
which i am but i'm not sure he's intrested."
"Mum, this is awkward what's this got to do with her dreams?" Ashlea asked.
"How long have you been seeing Skandar, Passion?"
"3 weeks."
"And when did your dreams start?"
"3 weeks."
"Oh, well doesn't prove anything!" Ashlea said, she was going beetroot red.
"Aha, so when you went out with Skandar, your secret was pressured into being let
out. Skate got jealous and you got angry so you told him?"
"Oh well break up with Skandar." mum said simply.
"What! Are you insane i can't dump a childhood crush!"
"Well you're gonna keep having these dreams then."
"Argh!" I stormed out.
"Well that was nicely handled!" Ashlea yelled at mum and stormed out after me.
"Passion?" i was sobbing.
"Oh Ashlea i don't know what to do! I love Skandar but i don't want these dreams
"Shush, Passion, Passion it's ok." and she hugged me. I wished Ashlea was my mother,
she's so kind to me. She had a baby once but she put it up for adoption when she was
16, the same time i was born. she said if she kept the baby we would be twins but i
would be an aunty. imagine having an aunty the same age as you?
"Oh Ashlea!" i cried harder.
"Whats up?" Brett asked, putting his arm around me.
"Mum said she should dump Skandar to stop these dreams."
"Ouch." Ashlea motioned Brett to go away.
"Passion i'm going to tell you something that'll change your life." Ashlea said, she
looked totally serious, so i listened. "I'm not your real sister, I'm your-"

To Be Continued...
Who is Ashlea?
Will Passion dump Skandar?
Who is the woman in her dreams?
Why is there a massive age gap between Passion and Ashlea?

Belsboys4eva56 says:   6 January 2007   466546  
this is the biggest secret kept in the story, keep reading folks!
mojo84 says:   16 February 2007   795659  
elouai's doll
maker 3
mojo84 says:   16 February 2007   217665  
Belsboys4eva56 says :   13 July 2007   181815  
uh yh


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