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odd dream i had last night...Category: (general)
Sunday, 24 December 2006
10:25:12 AM (GMT)
okay, so last night i had the WEIRDEST dream ever.
i dreamed that i was 16 (i'm only 15 now) and i was getting all dressed up. i didn't
know where i was going, but then we stopped at a building that i'd never seen before.
the inside looked kind of like a hotel i stayed at last year during a field trip. we
went into a large room where there were a lot of people sitting. everybody was
dressed up, and the front of the room had an altar. i figured we were at church. but
then a bunch of girls (all wearing the same thing) and guys (all wearing the same
thing) ran up to the front. it looked like a wedding. then my mom was like "hurry,
run to the back, it's almost time for you to come down the aisle." since it was a
dream, i didn't think about what she said, i just did it. when i got to the back, i
realized i left my shoes at home, so i ran back and took my sister's shoes. i ran
back and was about to start walking down the aisle when these funky lights came on
and everybody pushed to the edges of the room. all of these people came out of the
ceiling and started doing circus stuff. three people were on the trapeze, and one was
doing flips around the room. the one doing flips started doing backhandsprings toward
me with an evil smile. i thought she was going to try to hit me, but i just sat
there. she didn't hit me, but came really close. the "circus" continued, but i was
anxious to get on with it and get married. (i don't really know why..) i started to
run out of the room, when this guy grabbed my arm. i turned around he was taller than
me, and he had a baseball cap and sunglasses on. i recognized his voice but couldn't
figure out who it was. he was saying stuff like,"do you really want to get married?"
i replied,"yes, i do. but is that what my husband to be wants?" (i have no idea why
i'm saying this) and the guy said,"i believe he does." then i walked out the door of
the room which now looked like a gym (?) and walked to my house. it started to rain,
very lightly, but my hair got messed up. i went inside to go fix it, but my house
wasn't my house. i didn't know where i was, so i went to my neighbor's house. it
looked like their house, so i asked if i could stay there for a while. my neighbor
said sure, your mom's already here. i went and sat in the living room with them, when
my neighbor asked how the wedding was going. my mom answered. "so far, it's going
great. the circus is going a little longer than expected, but soon enough we should
get to the ceremony." then my neighbor said, "why dont you invite my daughter to the
wedding. she has a friend over, but they could both go!" i didn't see why not, so i
said sure. then i left her house and walked to sonic. it was a weird sonic, it was
bigger than usual. i sat down to order food when i saw one of my friends. she started
asking me about the guy i was going to marry, but i still didn't know who it was.
then she asked me where we were going on our honeymoon. i didn't know, and i started
to think. where WERE we going to go? i had to have a honeymoon. i mean, it's part of
getting married. i told her i had to go to the bathroom. i walked towards the back of
sonic where the bathroom usually is. instead there was this black/grey building. i
walked inside it. it was dark and creepy inside, like a haunted house. some of my
friends were in there, and they told me that i should leave because my food was
ready. they took me out some door that just appeared, and we were back at sonic. i
sat down to eat my food when those girls came and sat down with me. i looked at one
of them and her hair looked really weird. i asked her what happened to it. her
normally curly blonde hair was usually down to her shoulders and she had bangs, but
now, the bangs were gone, and her hair was no longer than half an inch. in some parts
she was bald. she said she was trying for a new, more fashionable look. i looked
around, and saw that other people had their hair like that too. then i realized i had
a tshirt on under my dress and started to try to take the shirt off without taking
the dress off. (i have no idea what any of this means, i'm just writing down what
happened) out of the corner of my eye, i saw another girl doing the same thing. i
knew who she was, but i didn't like her, so i ignored her. then somehow we were in my
school. my school has three stories and we were going up the stairs. we stopped at my
science teacher's classroom and went in. (i'm not going to say any names of the
teachers) the classroom looked completely different. it looked more like the
classrooms in middle school. then we were talking about which teachers we had and how
much homework they gave..etc. i looked out the window and there was a slide going
down to the ground. we slid down and ended up in a parking lot by sonic. some of my
family's friends were there, and their kids all started telling me how excited they
were about the wedding. i left after a few minutes and went back into that black
bulding. it was really creepy in there, it was a "haunted house". things kept popping
out at me and i was kind of scared. i was going to leave, but then i was pulled into
a costume room. there, there was some guy i recognized, but didn't know. he was
trying on different wigs. he told me soemthing about hurrying back to the wedding, it
was almost time. i left the room and walked out the last door. then someone
said,"turn around!" i did, and saw the guy i like hanging on the door, wearing a tux,
covered in blood. i screamed, and then some of my friends walked towards me. they
looked they were dressed up for halloween. they said,"this is not really him, this is
a replica. but if you do not get back to the wedding, this is what will happen to
your husband to be!" (or something along those lines) i screamed and ran away. well
now i knew who i was marrying. but i couldn't have that happen to him! i started to
run back to the wedding, when i saw another of my friends. she stopped me and gave me
a hug. she told me that everything would be okay. then i started to run again towards
the wedding...

then my cat jumped on my back and woke me up.  :[
so i'll never find out what happened.
and if you read all the way to the end, CONGRATULATIONS!
because your attention span is way longer than mine.

i don't care what you think of this, i'm just recording my dream so i can remember

AlmostFamous11 says:   24 December 2006   383982  
Wow, thats a LLLOOONNNGGG dream...........................
theCATintheHAT says:   24 December 2006   872675  
i agree...VERY LONG.
hannah_montana_fan says:   5 January 2007   456239  
that is a coooool dream and odd dream.
Belsboys4eva56 says :   6 January 2007   637734  
lol it didn't make sense at all.


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