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Poison heart : a Joey Ramone story chapter 3Category: Joey Ramone fanficton 3
Thursday, 14 December 2006
07:09:59 PM (GMT)
"Jaime," a voice calls, "jaime wake up, its me Jack..."
jaime feels something cold touch her face and she opens her eyes.
"What," she shakes her head, trying to clear her vision, "where am i?"
"your here at CBGB." Jack smiles down at her
"oh god," she tries to sit up and rubs her head, "what happened? was i drunk?"
"no," jack puls her to her feet, "you sorta got hit by a car."
"what," jaime pushes him away and tests her legs, "you can't be serious."
"ya, thats what happened," he looks at her, "don't you remember?"
"no," she stops and looks at him, "Jack," she speeks very slowly, "how long was i
out of it..."
"about an hour, why?" he looks at her quisically.
"oh my god," she yells and hit herself in the head, "i missed them; i have been
waiting all week for this and i missed them, god, this SUCKS!!!"
"Who," jack jumps back, suprised at her outburst, "who did you miss?"
"The Ramones!" she yells back," i missed the Ramones! i can't belive this!"
she yells in frustration as she falls back onto the -employee lounge- couch.
"nothing is going to ever work for me," she mumbles as she lay on the pillows.
she sighs as someone starts to knock on the door.
"may i come in," someone yells.
"yah sure," jack looks at the door.
the door opens and a shortish man with a bowl hair cut walks in.
"hey," jack looks at the man suprised, "you guys alright."
"yah, "the man answers, we just wanted to see if she was
alright. but i guess i should come back later."
the man starts to leave, but Jack  stops him, 
"hold on," he smiles, "she's fine, just let me talk to her for a minute."
"who is that," jaime growls as jack sits down on the couch.
"im suprised you don't know" jack smirks.
"stop playing games," jaime sits up and frowns, "nows not the  best time."
he laughs a little.
"you really dont know who it is?"
"no!" she looks at him, "just tell me!"
"it's dee dee ramone," jack looks at jaime.
"are you serious?" jaime looks at him shocked, "its really him? but how..."
jack opens his mouth to answer, but before he can the man walks over and sit on the
couch beside them.
"i think i can answer that," dee  dee smiles at jaime, "while we where driving here,
monte sorta let go of the wheel to get onto Dee, and it ran into you. at first we
though you were dead, but john said you wernt so we brought you back here," he
starts to talk faster, "but we didn't know you worked here, and we didn't know where
to take you."
"hold on," jaime stops him, mid sentence, "just tell me one thing, are you all
he nods and she looks back at jack who is smiling at her.
she then looks back at dee dee and starts to fall back onto the couch.
"oh my god," she lays there for a minute, "i got hit by the Ramones. is that good or
bad?" she sits back up and looks at jack.
but before he can answer her, she jumps up.
"oh my god!" she yells as joey and jack both jump up, shoked, "Kell is gonna murder
"Who's kell?" dee dee looks at her
"our new boss," jack answers as jaime runs toward the door.
"C'mon jack," jaime calls back, "we gotta go!!!"
she fumbles for the doornob and rushes out. but in her haist she slides and runs
into the opposite wall. 
she yelps and falls down.
"is she always that clumsy?" dee dee looks at Jack
"most of the time." he laughs
he and dee dee then walk over and start to help her up.

Cheerleader says:   14 December 2006   783718  
Hey did you make that story up cause it good!!
sicosquierl says:   14 December 2006   781733  
ya, i did, thanks!!!!!!
moonstar says:   17 December 2006   453154  
Totally love the creativity!!! =D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   7 March 2007   455698  
That was funny at the end ^________^


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