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Tuesday, 19 December 2017
02:25:15 AM (GMT)
Rob a decently attractive young man is on his way to visit a long distance friend of
his he hasn't seen in quite a while Tori a beautiful little gal with in his opinion
so of the arguably cutest eyes he'd ever seen he was going to be staying with her for
about two weeks since he was using up all his vacation time. He changed the song on
his radio thinking he had to be close now as he had been driving for a few hours when
he stopped for gas one last time he saw that she had texted him saying how excited
she was to see him again after so long and the feeling was mutual for him he smiled
and wrapped things up there getting back into the car and taking off about a half
hour later he was pulling into her drive way he always did respect that she could
afford such a nice place he got out and went up knocking on her door which swung open
almost immediately like she had been waiting for him she was all grins and giggles as
she flung her small but wonderfully curvy body onto him in a big hug wrapping her
legs around his waist as well he felt himself blush a bit as he tightly hugged her
back swaying back and forth with her in his arms they stayed like that for a while
until she finally slid down and backed up smiling brightly at him and he matched
asking each other how they'd been like good friends do she helped him carry in his
bags and told him to follow her upstairs with them and he did she took them into her
room which confused him a little "Tori isn't this your room?" He asked her laughing a
bit she only grinned at him "it's just you Rob you can stay in my bed I trust you!"
She said back and giggled like it really was no problem to her he felt himself smile
again she was just too adorable sometimes he agreed and set his things down even
though he was okay with staying on her couch that's kinda what he expected to begin
with but this was better her bed was big and looked nice. After this they went on a
bit of a house tour she showed him where everything was or anything he needed would
be finally stopping and sitting on her couch she patted the spot next to her and he
sat she leaned on him right away "so how's the dating life?" She asked him and he let
out a sigh "no better than last time" he told her trying to sound playful "well
that's just to bad..that it's so relatable" she told him making a face and he
couldn't help but laugh a little she just knew how to make him feel better about
pretty much anything they sat and talked for a long time before she finally suggested
something to eat but said she didn't wanna cook so they ordered in sitting at her
table eating and talking she looked at her food then back up at him "hey Rob.. have
you ever thought about us I don't know maybe getting together?.." this took him a bit
off guard since it was so out of the blue he couldn't really tell if she was joking
or not so he smiled "I mean it had crossed my mind before but you're my Tori my best
friend" he told her and she seemed to like this answer "you're such a goober Rob" she
told him with a giggle and they went back to eating afterward they went back out and
started watching a movie until it was really late she fell asleep leaning on him and
he blushed a little smiling to himself thinking again about her question earlier and
when they were like this he could definitely see them working out as a couple but
again she was his best friend. When the movie ended he carefully stood up and picked
her up off the couch and carried her upstairs she was so light and stayed asleep
until he set her down she smiled up at him "did you carry me up here?" She asked in a
cute sleepy voice he nodded "yes I did" she rubbed her eyes a bit "well that was nice
of you but do you mind if I change into something to sleep in?" She asked and he said
he didn't mind he was going to do the same himself so he grabbed his clothes and went
into her bathroom changing into some loose fitting shorts and a soft t-shirt she told
him "noo peeking!" From her room and he chuckled to himself waiting until she told
him it was okay to come in she under her blanket with her arms on top of it smiling
at him he could see she'd put on a spaghetti strapped tank top but not the shirt
itself he came over and crawled in with her turning onto his side to face her as she
did the same in the faint glow of her table lamp she moved in and cuddled up under
his chin he felt his cheeks get warm as she intertwined her bare little legs with his
own he hugged her closing his eyes and was laying there like that for a little while
nearly asleep when he felt her move her head back he didn't open his eyes to check
but did when he felt her lips on his own and her grip and him get tighter but shaky
she held her kiss on him for what was probably only a few moments but felt like
forever he looked at her when she finally pulled away and stared at him with those
eyes of hers he was going to say something but she kissed him again more firmly this
time and he returned it giving into it he pulled her against him more feeling her
breasts press agains his chest she wasn't wearing a bra he felt her tongue sneak into
the kiss and he met it it was getting heavier now she pushed herself onto him more
she was leading on top and he slid his hand up lacing his fingers into her hair he
felt her hand on his side slide down a bit as they kissed then she made her move
reaching all the way down grabbing his dick through his shorts he inhaled sharply he
was already halfway hard for her she pulled away breathing a bit deep her cheeks
probably as red as his own "I've thought so long about this Rob.." she told him
stroking him slowly as he got harder "I didn't know you felt this way about me
though" he said back sliding his own hand back down her narrow little back she pulled
the waist of his shorts down his cock springing free she gasped and grinned
"wow...thats big.. "she muttered in a sexy breathy tone and grabbed it her little
hand running up and down it feeling so good "do you want this Rob? " she asked him
and he answered by pulling her into another deep kiss she started stroking him a bit
faster he couldn't help but make soft sounds of pleasure he slide his free hand down
her back and grabbed her shapely little ass in her tiny short shorts he couldn't feel
any panties as he slid his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy
through her shorts she gasped and bit his lip then pulled away going under the
blanket moving down to his dick her perfect little ass peeking out from under the
blanket at him he moved the little bit of shorts covering her to the side and rubbed
her pussy directly now she made sexy noises under the blanket then stopped when she
licked his cock nice and slow from bottom to tip he let his head fall back as she
started sucking the head of it swirling her tongue around it she was good that was
for sure she then swallowed Half his cock bobbing her head quickly it was amazing
feeling he slid his fingers inside her and felt her squeak around his cock as he
started to finger her nice and hard she matched his speed making him make his own
sounds of enjoyment until she pulled his cock from her mouth and laid her head on his
hip licking the base moaning she was gonna cum so he sped up more until her hips
started bucking and she squirted cum around his fingers her pussy getting unreal
tight she did he didn't think his cock was even gonna fit in something so tight she
moved so his fingers came out and then turned around and sucked on them as she peeked
out from under the blanket at him his cock was throbbing with excitement she threw
the blanket back and pulled her top off those sexy tits bouncing free he sat up and
took off his own clothes as she fell onto her back and took her shorts off opening
her legs looking up at him "Fuck me Daddy! Do it! I can't wait any longer!" She said
her pussy dripping wet as he quickly moved in between her legs lining up his cock by
rubbing the head up and down between her amazing looking pussy lips before starting
to push inside her she moaned out loudly "Oooh Daddddy!" He couldn't help but get
more excited he started moving right away at a nice quick pace she wrapped her legs
around him as she took his cock he grabbed her tits pinching her nipples as he fucked
her hearing a nice wet slap each time he went all the way in she was writhing and
moaning as she took all of it like she loved it he was biting his lip and fighting
his urge to cum already he was right it was much to tight for his cock but there was
no way he was taking it out of her soon he was at full speed fucking her wildly as
she screamed and moaned for more he was at his limits he was gonna cum "oh fuck Tori
I'm gonna cum!" He almost yelled out her pussy clamped down even tighter on him and
she locked her ankles around him bucking her hips against him as hard as she could
"Do it Daddy cum! Cum in me!" She screamed and he did he slammed his whole cock into
her and felt his cum shoot out harder than it ever had she arched her back up
screaming as her pussy quivered and sprayed out around him he dropped to his hands
above her still pulsing out big waves of his hot thick seed inside of her she had her
eyes closed tight moaning as she felt him fill her up until they were both finally
done but were still very sensitive she opened her eyes staring at him "oh Daddy..."
she mumbled them leaned up and kissed him he kissed back he was in disbelief that
they just did that that they just fucked like wild animals and even more that he came
inside her they kept kissing for a long time before she rolled them and got on top
"let's go again Daddy" she said with her hands on his chest he smiled up at her 
They fucked again and again until neither of them could go anymore and not once did
she let him pull out and it wasn't just that night either they did this every night
until he had to go he didn't want to at this point and neither did she they kissed
for a long time at her door until he finally had to leave he felt both joy and
sadness as he drove away watching her in his mirror the whole time 
About a month or so after this he got a text from her saying she had something to
tell him 
She was sitting in her bathroom her phone in one hand and a pregnancy test in the
other she grinned "Oh Daddy..."

‹rugrats16› says:   19 December 2017   595029  
Lol I love this story its just as great as the last one 
bebe1234 says:   27 April 2018   593333  
Please make a part 2 to this
princessdani says:   11 May 2018   495011  
4/10 but I want to see a part 2 lol
bebe1234 says:   11 May 2018   482285  
It's about me so i love it no matter what
princessdani says:   12 May 2018   984136  
What?? I want one about me lol 
bebe1234 says:   13 May 2018   460228  
Lol he is my master
princessdani says:   13 May 2018   852202  
Oh, that's...a little weird but a kink is a kink 
bebe1234 says:   13 May 2018   306439  
Lmao yeah
princessdani says:   13 May 2018   931106  
Are you also into him getting you preggo or... 
bebe1234 says:   13 May 2018   564744  
lol he is only my master online and if its only online in rp i dont
mind at all
princessdani says:   13 May 2018   308297  
Ahh I feel you. Same, same except not with getting pregnant but other
things lol 
bebe1234 says :   13 May 2018   306165  
Lmao alright

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