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Laugh it out and burn worriesCategory: (general)
Friday, 15 April 2016
06:51:43 AM (GMT)
Laughter is the therapy which will help you to be more productive. There is science
behind this fact. You will feel happy then all the brain chemicals will be working
and you are more enthusiastic to complete the work.  Laughter is the much needed
thing in the corporate cultures. The board meetings and the   daily deadlines can
burn out the employees. It can cause mental exhaustion in the individual hence
letting go the enthusiasm in the trash bin. It is important the level of laughter in
the stressful environment. The stressful environment present in the office can
certainly take atoll on the well being of the person. Laugh it out and burn the
worries with the blow of the laughter.  Let’s take a look on the advantages of  

•	Laughing it loud can help you feel better.  It gives the immense energy to the
individual. You feel the same energy as you feel when you are going through deep
breathing process. The laughter actually clears out the stress from the head and
levels the head on the top gear. You will feel the high throughout as the work place
stress is revamped tap the alertness and enthusiasm. 

•	 When the team of the people is laughing out than certainly it helps to dissolve
the ego clashes. This in turn helps to build better relationship with your
colleagues.  Working together gives out the faun and the hence the colleagues can get
to know the obstacles of each other to complete the project.  Opposite to this having
   right attitude towards will help the person to complete the work faster.  Straight
faces at work can be demeaning and can cause distress on the onlookers’ face.

•	 Smile gives the life to the individual. It’s like a boomerang you get the
energy back within few minutes tame.  So simple when you are in stress you feel
better instantly. Try it right now it will recharge the batteries and you will get
the alertness back in your kitty. Remaining upset for a longer time will add a grain
on your face. The grin and the down side smile will linger on the face and the in the
mind. So smile at the opportunity to feel better.

•	 Laughter brings out the hidden quality of the person. Especially the creativity
is revamped under the influence of the laughter.  The simple logic behind this is the
stress and anxiety pushes the brain in to mental exhaustion. However   smiles on the
face will help to boost the creativity. Happy mind can think better .Out of the box
thinking   is boosted because you feel the better at heart.

•	Lighten up the load with laughter. The predication of the mind after taking a
look on the work   is stressful.  However if the work is started with good note of
smile then certainly it is on the mind is on the lighter side and you are able to
work faster and mistake free. More Information visit: -

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