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1000 questions Part 3Category: (general)
Thursday, 24 March 2016
10:13:01 PM (GMT)
How Bad Can I Make You Look? 799. Do you wash your hands frequently? Yes 800. Do you wet the bed? No 801. What age did you stop? I never started. 802. Is that age older than you are now? uhm..? 803. Do you lie a lot? No 804. Do you forget to brush your teeth frequently? No 805. Brush your hair? Do I forget? Nahh 806. Do you use deoderant? Yes. 807. Do you masturbate? No 808. How often? Never 809. Are you an alcoholic? No 810. A druggie? No 811. Do you drink illegally? .... 812. Do you wear underwear? Yes. 813. Do you change your underwear frequently? Yes 814. Are you a coward? No 815. A loser? No 816. An idiot? A little... 817. Do you chatspeak? Barely 818. Are you a bad friend? No 819. Are you untrustworthy? No 820. Unreliable? Sometimes 821. Do you pick your nose? No 822. Are you imperfect? Yes 823. Do you think you are perfect? Not at all 824. Ugly? Not really…? 825. Do you have bad hair? Kinda 826. A big nose? No 827. Are you shallow? Not really 828. Greedy? No 829. Do you tell people you love them just to get what you want? No 830. Do you have any talents? Yes! 831. Do you burp often? lol yes 832. Are you good at it? eh 833. Are you impolite? No 834. Disrespectful? A little 835. Sadistic? no 836. Are you a pansy? Nope 837. Are you a conformist? No? 838. Do you buy your non-conformist clothing at Hot Topic like all of your non-conformist friends? Uhm? 839. Do you feel that every band you used to like before they became successful has sold out? No? 840. Are you a fan of George W. Bush? I don't care 841. Do you have buck teeth? No 842. Acne? sometimes 843. Mental illnesses? maybe 844. Are you fake? no 845. Do you wear makeup, a push-up bra, lifts in your shoes or dye your hair? No 846. If yes, do you want to reconsider your answer to 844? No 847. Does your breath smell? No? 848. Do you have a strong body odor? No 849. Does the amount of perfume or cologne your wear constitute a strong body odor? No 850. Do you have bad teeth? They're perfect 851. Are the good teeth you have technically 'your' teeth? Yep. No braces. 852. Do you have a bull ring through your nose? No 853. Are you overweight? No 854. Are you lying? Nope 855. Do you realize that there is a difference between an 'athletic' body build and slightly overweight? Yeah 856. Are you anorexic? No 857. Bulimic? No 858. Do you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body? lol no 859. Would your parents say that you have a piercing in an inappropriate spot on your body? No 860. Do you have a tatoo on your lower back right above your waistline? Tattoo? And no 861. Is it a tribal design, butterfly or oriental symbol? None 862. If yes, do you want to reconsider your answer to 837? No 863. Do you have a tattoo in an inappropriate spot on your body? No 864. Is it in a spot that is going to sag in 15 years? noo... 865. Are you a wannabe? No 866. Do you get bad grades? Nothing lower than a C 867. What's your IQ level? Idk 868. Are you a bad guesser? I don't know 869. Are you slow? No? 870. Do you just not realize that you are slow? I don't know 871. Are you bad at reading people? Kinda 872. Are you too nice for your own good? Sometimes 873. Do you have a lot of friends? I guess 874. Do your 'friends' agree with you? I guess 875. Do you give in easily? Nope 876. Are you stubborn? Yes 877. Did you give the same answer for 875 and 876? No 878. If so, do you want to reconsider your answer to 869? no 879. Are you annoying? I don't know 880. Do you enjoy talking about gross, disturbing things? Not really 881. Are you a necrophilliac? ew no 882. Are you incestual? NO! 883. Is your room messy? not really 884. Do you make fun of other people? yes 885. Do you respect your body? eh 886. Are you arrogant? eh.. no 887. Do you have low self-esteem? kinda 888. Are you unique? very 889. Are your hands clammy? no 890. Are you short? no c'; 891. Are you freakishly tall? no 892. Do you like Simple Plan? nope Beliefs 893. Do you believe in God? Not really 894. Do you believe in magic? Yes 895. True love? Yes 896. Heaven? no? 897. Hell? Idk 898. Satan? sure 899. The Lord and Lady? Uh…what? 900. The Goddess? Yeah? -IF YOU HAVE READ ALL THE WAY TO HERE. I LOVE YOU 901. The Greek Gods or Goddesses? Uh.. 902. The Pagan Gods or Goddesses? no? 903. Are you an atheist? No 904. Agnostic? No 905. Do you believe in fairies? no 906. Dragons? yeah 907. Unicorns? yes! 908. Gollums? No? 909. Santa? He's my other boyfriend. 910. The Easter Bunny? No 911. The Tooth Fairy? No 912. Pixies? no 913. Phoenixes? eh 914. Elves? yes 915. Dwarves? yes lol 916. Mermaids? sure 917. Karma? Yes 918. Immortality? No 919. Do you believe in the Aztec Gods? No 920. Mayan Gods? No 921. Incan Gods? No 922. Do you believe that each different belief creates a new reality? What? 923. Do you believe in life on other planets? Yes 924. Do you believe in parallel universes? sure 925. Do you believe that black holes are time portals? idk 926. Do you believe in Eternity? yes 927. Do you believe in evolution? Yes 928. Do you believe in life after death? Nope 929. What happens to us after we die? I don't know. 930. Do you believe in superheroes? no 931. Super villains? no 932. Do you believe in Fate? Yes 933. That everything has a purpose? Yes 934. Do you believe that everything revolves around money? no 935. Sex? no 936. Love? eh 937. Success? uh 938. Making yourself happy? No 939. Making others happy? not really 940. Religion? no 941. Politics? No 942. Do you believe in miracles? Sometimes 943. Angels? no 944. Demons? eh 945. Ghosts? Yeah 946. Do you believe there's a someone for everyone? yes 947. Do you believe in true, selfless happiness? Yes 948. Do you believe in selflessness at all? yes? 949. Do you believe that wishing for something can make it happen? Sometimes 950. Do you believe that the means justify the ends? eh 951. Do you believe that anything can happen? erm... This Or That 952. Pie or cake? Pie 953. Pie or 3.14159...? Pie 954. Chocolate or vanilla? Depends 955. Black or white? Black 956. Ceiling or floor? Depends 957. Couch or bed? Bed 958. Cough or sneeze? Cough 959. On or off? On 960. Closed or open? Closed 961. Brush or comb? Brush 962. Long or short? Short 963. Big or small? Big 964. Wet or dry? Dry 965. Under or over? Over 966. Top or bottom? Top? 967. Fly or fall? Fly 968. Smile or frown? Smile 969. Tears of joy or tears of sorrow? Joy 970. Hot or cold? Cold 971. Warm or cool? Warm 972. Rough or smooth? Smooth 973. Cat or dog? Dog 974. Snake or bird? Snake 975. Shark or T-Rex? T-Rex 976. Past or present? Present 977. Science fiction or fantasy? idk 978. Dull or sharp? Sharp 979. Live forever or die young? Live forever 980. Books or television? TV 981. Jump or skip? Skip 982. Fast or slow? Depends 983. Run or walk? Walk 984. Guy or girl? Depends 985. Disney or Warner Brothers? idk 986. Belle or Jasmine? ohh... 987. Gaston or Cruella Deville? Cruella Deville 988. Food or friends? Food 989. Colors or black and white? Colors 990. Cute or pretty? Pretty 991. Good or evil? idk 992. Fruits or vegetables? Fruit 993. Milk or juice? Juice 994. Hot chocolate or gingerale? idk 995. Beer or wine? Wine 996. Movies or cartoons? Cartoons 997. Pillow or blanket? Pillow 998. Moon or stars? Stars 999. Sky or sea? Sky LAST QUESTION...THANK YOU 1000. Explode or implode? Explode YAAAY! I'm done!

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