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Shissou, EnglishCategory: (general)
Friday, 27 November 2015
01:09:22 AM (GMT)
Ey, this is mostly just for me so I can find it later for a cover I'm doing. These
are the lyrics to the full English version of Shissou, the ending song to the anime
Ouran High School Host Club.

I run and run a thousand miles
And I am barely breathing
Only the fuel of a passionate heart
Keeps this body strong and moving forward

But could it be I've found a place to rest?
How far until I'm okay?
Trees of the town reveal the time has come
Once again to shift our shade and colors

The world always changes around us but weakness will always remain
Through all the pain
Believe in
Who we are right here and now

Raise one hand to the sky
Raise them both lift them high 
And you'll cut through the darkness
Make it go

The time to start is now
And I can show you how
Start with me and the world will be even bigger than ever before~

The road that's gonna take me home tonight
Is just the same as always
Led by the brink up all along the way
Of the flicker from the streetlamps fading

The town's falling down all around me
Yields to a breeze I felt before
And now I'm sure
It's blowing at my back
And guiding me

In my heart will be where
I will lead this despair
'Til the tears all dry up and finally stop

No goal has been found
But we're not turning around
I'm tearin' through that 'ol wind I knew
Running and not slowing down

Those bitter days are calling
For you and me to love
Do you not want to open
The forbidden box that holds our dreams?

You can choose to go first
You can choose to go last
Just as long as you move you'll be okay

And we'll still let you go
And you can bet I know
But where and how that is learnt til now is leading each step of the way~

Raise one hand to the sky
Raise them both lift them high 
And you'll cut through the darkness
Make it go~	

YuriTatsumi says:   27 November 2015   652814  
Vics version of this is amazing :3
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   27 November 2015   744166  
Ooh, I loved his version! He has such a nice singing voice uwu I wish
he'd do a full version though instead of TV size
YuriTatsumi says:   27 November 2015   872675  
agreed  that's why I live some of his dongs on my phone 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   27 November 2015   786600  
Hehe, yup! I love his True Light from DN Angel, and Brothers from the
original FMA anime. Both of which I'm thinking of covering sometime
YuriTatsumi says:   27 November 2015   334008  
you know i'll listen to them if you do 
I do prefer nothing I wont give to brothers though, personally haha 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   28 November 2015   142242  
D'aww, thak you!
What's that from?
YuriTatsumi says:   28 November 2015   551882  
brothers was for FMAB whereas nothing was for FMA 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   28 November 2015   512279  
Do you mean the other way around? Brothers was for FMA- But yeah,
I'll check into the other song
YuriTatsumi says:   28 November 2015   793169  
oh I heard brothers was for FMAB
nothing I wont give it definitely FMA though its like perfectly
written for/by ed, vic understood the character so well 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   28 November 2015   840190  
Nope- Brothers is majorly an FMA theme. It's everywhere in the
original anime
Oh, he wrote it then?
YuriTatsumi says:   28 November 2015   453334  
fair enough
nothing I wont give? yeah  
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   28 November 2015   793687  
That's awesome!
YuriTatsumi says:   28 November 2015   438809  
I thought so ;3
you should really like it 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says:   28 November 2015   389630  
I'll look into it c:
YuriTatsumi says:   28 November 2015   293437  
let me know what you think :3 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says :   28 November 2015   642154  
I will c:


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