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Let me sleep... 2/?Category: OCs
Friday, 18 January 2013
06:32:11 PM (GMT)
Felix smiled gently to himself as he turned the page, the complex notes of his music
dancing in black over the worn paper of the score.  He raised his bow, his pale, icy
eyes darting over the first few bars as he counted himself in before bringing the
dance to life, animating the wooden viola and bow, and even the world around him
seemed to revolve to the rhythm of his melody.  He played faultlessly through the
'allegretto' movement, finishing with a flourish and a smile teasing at his lips as
claps and a light cheer erupted from the doorway.  He turned quickly, his gaze
settling on her-
/Why is that peculiar...?/
She ran forward, her golden hair ~/the colour of sweetcorn/~ bouncing in curls as she
flung her arms up and around Felix's neck, resting her cheek tenderly against his
collar bone.
"That was wonderful!  I missed your playing..."  Celeste said, looking up at him with
shining chocolate eyes ~/not the colour of mud/~ that seemed to radiate warmth and
inflict it upon anybody in the near vicinity.  In response, Felix lifted her
slightly, twirling her around briefly with a laugh before setting her down, running a
lock of her hair through his fingers with a wistful smile, "It's so good to see you. 
I've been waiting all morning!"  ~/good to see you/~
"I know!  Time of all times for the trains to be delayed!"  Celeste agreed, rising
onto tiptoes to carefully press her lips to his.  She was always hesitant of doing
so, but he never objected.
"How was your competition?"
"I won!  I got a perfect score, I just couldn't believe it!"  She squeaked, overcome
with refreshed excitement, "I wish you could have seen it!"
Felix nodded, "I'm sorry I couldn't come... I will next time though, I promise!"  He
smiled down at her ~/she looks like sunshine feels/~  and held his lips to her
forehead for a moment, "I'm sure you'll do brilliantly next time too!"
"Maybe if I stop daydreaming in training...!"
Felix chuckled fondly, "Maybe you need a constant alarm clock in your ear, telling
you to wake up!"
Celeste's smile faltered for a fraction of a second, her eyes losing their brightness
in a flicker.
"Celeste?  Are you alright?"  Felix's brows drew together in concern as her legs
buckled, and he caught her around the waist, lowering them both to the ground so that
she wouldn't fall.  She wouldn't fall.  Not while he was around.  "C-Celeste..? 
Please Celeste, stay with me..."  Felix stared into her eyes in panic as they drifted
shut.  He shook her slightly, causing her head to drop back in his arms, and he
froze, shifting so that he was holding her properly.  "N-no... Celeste...  Stay
here... Stay with me, Celeste, PLEASE!"  He shouted, unable to prevent a large tear
rolling down his cheek and landing on hers.  "Stay here, Celeste, stay...  Don't WAKE


The hearbeat moniter beeped irregularly, causing Felix to raise his head from where
it had been resting against her hand.  "C-Celeste...?"
As expected, really.  Not many people emerged from a fall resulting in a broken neck
within a day.  A part of Felix was glad for once that he couldn't see her hit the
ground, but the sharp, sickening crack remained on a sinister repeat through his
He worried his bottom lip, drawing patterns on the back of Celeste's hand.   It was
cold.  Colder than usual.  He swallowed, dropping his head and letting his lips
linger on the inside of her wrist.
"Please wake up soon, Celeste... please stay with me..."

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‹defineMANIAC› says :   18 January 2013   837635  


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